Tea is a universal drink with universal appeal. The beauty of the beverage is that no matter where you happen to find yourself on the globe you can experience tea time. Although the way you experience tea can change vastly depending on your geographical location, all tea experiences and expressions are united in their ability … Read more


Tea is a beloved beverage across the globe; and there are just as many uses for it as there are varieties. Get creative with your tea consumption with these unique uses for tea! Spa Day Secret Weapon Although relaxing, a trip to the spa often comes with a hefty price tag. Save some green without … Read more


We love parties! Mostly because they’re filled to the brim with a few of our favorite things. Friends, good vibes and general merry-making are all at home at a tea party. However, nothing says “party” quite like presents. Whether it’s an extravagant gift, a small token of appreciation, or a swag bag, days are always … Read more

Green Tea Indulgence™ Loose Leaf Tin

Enjoy a new green tea experience with this blend enriched by real strawberry pieces. Shane’s Notes Not your everyday green tea. I blended the naturally sweet Sencha leaves with real strawberry pieces. Far from the grassy tasting stuff most people associate with green tea. — Shane Talbott, Tea Blend Master Ingredients Natural premium ingredients: organic … Read more

Chocolate Lover’s Collection Gift Set

Sleek striped keepsake gift box with three tins of premium, natural loose leaf tea: Chocolate Almond Allure, Caramel Sundae Escape, and Chocolate Strawberry Temptation, with tea filters and honey straws. Contents Sleek striped keepsake gift box with embossed Talbott Teas logo 3 tins of gourmet loose leaf tea: Chocolate Almond Allure, Caramel Sundae Escape, Chocolate … Read more

Blissful Blueberry™ Loose Leaf Tin

With rich and fruity flavors, this tea is a natural served iced and in cocktails. Shane’s Notes I LOVE blueberries! I wanted each sip to taste like a mouthful of blueberries. This is a natural fruit blend and is naturally caffeine free. This tea inspires me to make iced tea and cocktail blends. — Shane … Read more