Top 13 Best Japanese Teapot for Daily Use, Tea Party, Decoration and Gift-Giving Reviews in 2020

Japanese teapots have long been a great interest of people all over the world because of its mesmerising beauty and unique design. Teapot is known as the Japanese symbol of traditional elegance, which has evolved significantly over the centuries to fit different tastes and gain in increasing popularity nowadays. So, what are the top best Japanese teapots in the market where you have a wide variety of selections?

Special-looking teapots with many kinds of stunning patterns will be a highlight in your living room. Moreover, it can be a meaningful and lovely gift on the occasion of birthdays, house-warming parties. Keep reading at, we will help you have a quick look at the most highly-rated products that we are going to review. So, let's get started!

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Top 13 Best Japanese Teapot Reviews

Primula Cast Iron Teapot

The blue floral design, which is absolutely delicate,  will attract the buyer's attention right at the first time. The set includes a cast iron teapot with lid, a stainless steel infuser and stuff to clean it after use. Having a large capacity allows this teapot to keep more water inside so that the number of teacups served will be more than four as usual. 

It is an entirely suitable teapot for breakfast, evening tea at home or at the office with colleagues. No matter what kinds of tea you want to brew, this teapot can keep their original flavour and tastiness. The insider of Primula Cast Iron Teapot is coated with an easy-to-clean material called enamel so cleaning liquid is not necessary anymore. 

Hwagui Best Japanese Cast Iron Teapot

Mainly from cast iron, the teapot is so sturdy that it can remain its untouched beauty even after being dropped or damaged by external factors. It also acts as a kettle, which means you can heat it without taking boiled water from another kettle. 

The most noticeable strength of this teapot over other products is that it can maintain the warmness of the tea for a long time. The heat of the boiled water will be rapidly distributed by the cast iron material and produce the tea with great flavour.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that the teapot should be properly dried after use to avoid small rust pots.

Crafted with retro green leaf patterns on the surface which is considered as the symbol of purity, the teapot appears to be a wonderful gift for Mom, Dad, Friends on different occasions.

Cast Iron Teapot Sotya Tetsubin Japanese Tea Kettle

This teapot has a delicate and practical handle, making it easy to pour water into cups. One of its most remarkable features lies in its capacity of 1.2 litres, which may be too much; therefore, it is advised that you should fill it only ¾ of its capacity for everyday use. 

Cast iron material is to break down the elements of Fe2, which is good for drinkers’ health. Besides, this widely-used material can distribute the heat evenly and preserve the tea’s heat for a long time. On top of that, the coat of cast iron prevents the teapot from being scratched. 

It is suitable for a tea party of 3-4 people.

Happy Sales HSCT ABK01 Cast Iron Tea Set

The Happy Sales iron tea set includes one teapot, one trivet and two cups. The interior is coated with porcelain enamel, which makes cleaning easier and keeps it away from rust. The teapot is considered as the symbol of strength and unity because it is covered in a mysterious black.

This teapot doesn’t act as a kettle as some products listed above. However, it can keep the warmness and delicate flavour of tea for a long time without heating the handle. One more thing that doesn’t satisfy customers is the teacups which will get too hot for them to touch if it keeps hot water inside.

Happy Sales HSTS PMR02 RED Calligraphy Tea Set

Next, we will welcome to this list another tea set of Happy Sales, but in a totally different style. It is featured by black calligraphy design on the red bleek surface. This set consists of a teapot with the capacity of approximately 1 litre and four cylinder-shaped cups.

The handle of the teapot is made from bamboo, a traditional material to make crafts, to preserve heat - which is a highlight in the whole structure. The cups are thick enough to serve drinkers with hot and well-flavoured tea and can be washed easily by dishwasher. Interestingly, despite following Japanese style, this set is actually made in China.

Hario Chacha Kyusu Maru Teapot

Having a unique design which is almost transparent, this teapot enables you to see the tea-infused inside. There are a wide range of capabilities for you to select, from 300ml to 700ml for different purposes and occasions. It has a quite good heat resistance, in which you can directly pour boiled water without waiting until it cools off a little. 

Hario Chacha Kyusu Maru Teapot is made by those with nice workmanship and can last for quite a long time. Dishwasher can clean all the dirty stuff on the surface and interior of the teacup. The nutrients and flavour from tea leaves are released up to the hilt inside the pot, making the tea party more memorable. 

If your are searching for a teapot at affordable price then you shouldn’ miss this one!

Miya Japanese Ocean Blue Five Piece Tea set

Japanese Ocean Blue Sea is a traditional and elegant tea set which has five teapots and four teacups with the gorgeous blue ceramic interior and can be a perfect gift for any occasion. No matter what kind of tea you want, you can brew it in this teapot to get a purely-flavoured teacup.

The teapot doesn’t function as a kettle to boil water for infusing tea so you shouldn’t put it on the stove or in the microwave. It is advised to be washed by hand only to enhance the beauty as well as the longevity of the product.

Iwachu Tetsubin Gold and Black Goldfish Iron Teapot 1

On the surface of Iwachu’s Japanese Iron Teapot, there are carved golden goldfish - the symbol of fortune and wealth. It is a very creative way of design and you can see it’s the perfect combination of tradition and modern in one product. It is coated with a layer of enamel material inside which makes it easy to clean and has a removable stainless steel infuser.

The diffuser is wide enough for the tea leaves to unfurl, leading to a big difference in the flavour and colour and the tea. Its longevity can reach a hundred years, and if appropriately cared, it can pass from generations to generations.

It is an ideal choice for a tea party of 1-2 people, so think carefully about the capability of the teapot before buying.

Kutani I Rabbit Pottery Teapot e1598672289513

What a lovely teapot! It is Kinrade style which features high-end designs of gold and rabbits; therefore, it stands out among many teapots having patterns on the surface. Its bright overglaze and delicate colours are favoured by lots of customers who have high requirements for the colour of the product.

This is the perfect teapot for daily, meditative Japanese tea ritual. The craftsmen have devoted a great deal of time and effort to make such a beautiful and functional teapot, which can be displayed in your living room or art corners in your house.

We really hope that in the future the design will vary, not only the features of rabbits but other animals to fit the taste of different people. If it can vary the patterns then it will be one of the best teapots for decoration!

Chado Tea House Banko Yaki Green Teapot e1598676742492

Banko Yaki Green Tea set box has an infuser, a strainer and two teacups in total, which is totally suitable for the tea evening or morning of 1-2 people. Made from porcelain- a popular material used in producing teapot, this product is a wonderful choice for brewing green tea. It also will not get too hot when boiled water is poured in thanks to its thick walls. The highlight in design lies in the unique well-sized spout for the pouring of the tea. Not only can it be used for brewing tea but coffee also, maybe you should try!

Porcelain glazed teapots do not affect the original taste of tea leaves so you'll have a pure brewed tea experience.

Zens Camel White Porcelain Teapot

A very elegant-looking teapot that we want to review is Zens - Camel White Porcelain Teapot. The thick porcelain combined with white-glazed surface makes the teapot smooth when touching and creates a feeling of purity and simplicity. There is a wide range of colours for you to choose, not only pure white but also light blue or grey. 

It is uniquely featured by a bentwood handle which gives the teapot an oriental touch. Advisedly, this handle should be removed before putting it in the dishwasher to make sure that it will not get musty along the time.

If you are addicted to coffee, then you can also use this teapot to make a well-flavoured and tasty cup of coffee every morning.

Sotya Japanese Cast Iron Teapot

As advertised, this teapot is made from high-quality cast iron with great durability and can maintain the beauty for a long time. The iron coat outside can prevent the teapot from being damaged easily by unexpected drops or hits.

The capacity or 900 ml is right for both tea leaves and tea bags, offering you with flavoured tea in the morning or after backbreaking hours at work. There are also a multitude of colours for you to select, from bright colour (light blue, light yellow) to dark colour, fitting the taste of different people.

It can be the best teapots for your living room, your kitchen or gifts for Dad, Mom and your beloved ones.

Guro Cast Iron Terracotta Teapot

Guro Cast Iron Terracotta Teapot 1 e1598674408290

What we are impressed the most by this teapot is its noble way of design with creative patterns on the body. The thick and heavy iron coat with great temperature regulating power, heat distribution and triple-layer porcelain enamel, this is undeniably a must-have item in your kitchen. A stainless steel tea-brewing basket is also included in the set beside the Guro kettle.

As many other teapots, coated with an internal layer of porcelain, the teapot is able to preserve the pure taste of tea till the last minute. Therefore it is entirely one of the best teapots for tea parties at home and outside camping with friends and family members.

Different Materials Used To Make Best Japanese Teapots

Porcelain teapots 

Best Japanese Teapot

Porcelain is one of the most highly-recommended materials for teapots. Thanks to the smooth sides, the smell of previous infusions are not retained and you can enjoy to the utmost the refreshness and tastiness of tea. Porcelain works effectively in preserving fragile aromas, therefore it is totally suitable for green and white teas.

Cast iron teapots

Best Japanese Teapot

Cast iron material is used widely to make Japanese teapot because of its enormous benefit in preserving the warmness of tea for a long time. The cast iron teapots originally come from Japan, and with an inner coating, they can be prevented from risk of rust. 

Glass teapots 

Best Japanese Teapot

The teapots will have an elegant look if they are made from glass. Many people prefer to observe what is happening inside the teapots while brewing teas so they always choose glass-made products. The thin sides of teapots are heat resistant and can endure sudden rise in temperature, especially when pouring boiled water into them. Though they can not retain the heat of tea for a long time, they are really light even in large sizes.

Conclusion: For Best Japanese Teapots

It is very important to choose the right tea leaves and suitable teapot with good features when you want to enjoy well-flavoured and healthy tea. If so, you should examine all recommended products carefully to get a deep insight into the pros and cons of each equipment. We really hope that our review list may be of some help to you.

Here are our three best picks for best Japanese teapot:

A right teapot will bring you great drinking experience and improve your brewing skill. Time spent with tea can help you to release stress accumulated in a day and purify your heart when being exhausted by the busy life.

And if you are wondering what to give Dad, Mom on their birthday or friends on the occasion of house-warming parties, you should take these teapots into account because it is a practical item that each house should own at least one.

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