We love parties!

Mostly because they’re filled to the brim with a few of our favorite things. Friends, good vibes and general merry-making are all at home at a tea party. However, nothing says “party” quite like presents. Whether it’s an extravagant gift, a small token of appreciation, or a swag bag, days are always brightened when goodies are exchanged. Make the most of your next tea infused bash with these creative ideas for tea favors. Your guests are sure to love them!

Cozy On Up Tea Mug Cozy Cotton Beige: Handmade

Do you know what’s better than enjoying your favorite cuppa tea in the comfort of your own home? Being able to transport it with you while on the go! Surprise your tea guests with a handmade tea cozy! Not only is this gift a practical present for a tea lover, but it ensures that your gal pals will always keep your friendship top of mind while drinking their favorite warm beverages. This knit tea cozy craft is perfect for carrying around your favorite tea on brisk fall days.

Illuminating Gift

DIY Gift Idea: How to Make Vintage Teacup Candles

Light up the lives of your party guests with a simple and thoughtful candle diy! Do it yourself candles are a unique and cost-effective gift that will have your friends glowing with excitement.

Learn how to make your own candles with these detailed instructions from Hello Natural.

Presentation is key. We recommend catering these tea favors to your friends and their personalities. Go the extra mile by pouring your candle crafts into vintage teacups and create signature scents for each of your besties. Little details will be sure to impress!

Get Personal

Personalize the place settings at your next gathering with a double duty gift. Create tea-riffic placeholders for your party guests by writing their names in calligraphy on beautifully patterned cardstock cut in unique shapes that play to your party’s theme. Attach the cardstock to a gourmet sachet of Talbott Teas using a delicate bow made from your favorite piece of ribbon or lace.

We also suggest using these name tags to label your holiday gifts! Not only will this small token add a pinch of customization to your next gathering; it will also give your guests the sublime gift of a luxurious sachet of tea.

Scented Surprise

Lavender Chamomile Tea Soap | Tea diy, Homemade soap recipes, Diy soap

There are many unique uses for tea, but this may be our favorite one yet! Pamper your nearest and dearest with a tea infused soap bar! Infuse your guests’ sudsy surprises with your tea party’s signature tea blend. Each time they lather up with their new gift, they’ll be instantly reminded of delightful teatime memories.

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