An Overview of the History of Tea

An Overview of the History of Tea

Tea is the world’s second most widely consumed drink, after water, and so it’s hugely popular, especially in the UK. It’s estimated that Brits collectively drink a hundred million cups of it every day. That’s roughly one and a third cups for every person in the country! Many people who drink tea aren’t aware of … Read more

How To Make Oolong Milk Tea For Everyone

How To Make Oolong Milk Tea

Referring to milk tea, people often think of black milk tea first. This is a traditional milk tea that is most popular. However, in Taiwan – home of milk tea, oolong milk tea is also very popular with customers. Beyond Taiwan’s borders, oolong milk tea has become a popular beverage, always on the menu of … Read more

Patchouli Tea: You Should Try To Enjoy

patchouli tea

If you are looking for a tea for your family or yourself I would recommend Patchouli Tea.  This is a good quality tea that has received positive reviews on commercial websites. It is not only a tea for you to enjoy but also has effects on the health and well-being of human beings.  It is … Read more