Top 15 Best Jasmine Tea For Relaxing Your Mind And Keeping Your Body Healthy- 2021 Editor’s Choice

Jasmine tea is one of the best traditional Chinese tea. The best jasmine tea is made from a mixture of finest tea leaves and jasmine flowers. As a result, jasmine tea can bring you several health benefits as it contains high levels of antioxidants. The upgraded version of jasmine tea is made with green tea leaves. The best jasmine green tea does wonders in strengthening the immune system for our bodies. Adding jasmine tea to your daily life can significantly improve your physical conditions including your digestion system. 

We  Talbott Teas have checked and established a list of  the 15 best jasmine tea you can find everywhere. Get your cups and kettles ready to make your own cup of jasmine tea.

best jasmine tea
best jasmine tea
best jasmine tea
best jasmine tea
best jasmine tea

Best Dragon Pearl Jasmine Green Tea

Best alternative for a cup of coffee

Best Classic Tea

Best Affordable Bagged Tea

Best Jasmine White Tea






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Top 15 best jasmine tea Reviews [Year]

best jasmine tea

The first thing to notice about Teavivre Pearl Jasmine Green Tea is the tea leaves arrive in a ‘pearl’ arrangement. These are small, hand-rolled balls of tea that expand when put in hot water. For Teavivre Jasmine Green tea, it is perfect whenever you make it with hot or cold water. 

The tea is produced in Fujian Province of China, where the most suitable land for tea is available all around. Thus the green tea leaves of Teavivre are often of the finest quality, with soothing fragrance including a subtle smell of jasmine flowers. It has a delicate and pleasant sweetness, which means no need for sugar or milk. However, if you are a sweet drinker, you can add a bit of sweetener. 

All of these details make Teavivre the best jasmine tea for a sophisticated drinker who wants to enjoy subtle taste everyday.

best jasmine tea

Tea Forte Green Jasmine Tea is composed of Chung Hao tea leaves, a type of luxury green tea, scented with jasmine blossoms The tea leaves can be identified by their regal silver tips and the jasmine petals are filtered out after the drying process, leaving behind only their finest flavour. Thus, you can smell the floral scent clearly from this tea and the color is bright: often golden yellow or light green. 

The best thing is that Tea Forte keeps this tea at a very affordable price to win the market for the best jasmine green tea. 

It also provides tea makers clear instructions for making the best jasmine tea: the ideal time to steep is from 2 - 4 minutes. It is shorter and easier to make compared to jasmine pearls required as the tea is standard loose - leaf. 

best jasmine tea

You may have known Numi Organic Tea already, it is famous for producing the best herbal tea in the US. Its organic jasmine green tea does not disappoint us, too. It is one of the best jasmine tea at a very affordable price. 

Numi Organic Jasmine Green Tea is made from tea leaves in Jiangxi Province with a unique fragrant smell. The leaves are picked with a highly - controlled process so that no dust or fannings are left in the containers. The tea leaves are then scented three times with jasmine flowers, accordingly, the tea has a strong smell of flowers. The taste is robust, waking you up in the morning. 

The tea is rich in bioflavonoids and medium in caffeine, so it can be used as a healthy alternative to coffee. It goes well with sugar, milk and can be used to make milk tea or bubble tea as well. 

best jasmine tea

We simply have to put Sunflower’s Jasmine Tea here because it is a classic, long - standing brand in the field of the best jasmine tea. It is existent in every Chinese house for over 30 years and the quality is consistently high. If your grandparents are tea lovers, Sunflower’s is a suitable choice with its vintage traditional package. 

It has a strong green tea foundation and an amazing aroma of jasmine flowers. The tea tastes somewhat ‘classic’, simple yet familiar. Or expressed in a rather poetic way, it tastes like our cozy homes. The brew is subtle and delicate, leaving us the reminiscence of fresh jasmine flowers. 

It may not be suitable for you if you are looking for a strong flavor and aroma. If you still want to have Sunflower’s Jasmine Tea for your cup of tea, we recommend you brew it longer to get a more robust taste.

best jasmine tea

Yamamotoyama is a company based in American yet has acquired the expertise to produce high - quality Japanese tea since 1975. It gives us the best jasmine tea in bagged teas, very convenient and still keeps the first - class ingredients. 

It is very affordable for all of us (just around $5 for a package of 16 tea bags) while the quality is exceptional.

Yamamotoyama tea is made from fine souchong tea (smoked tea leaves) scented with jasmine petals. The tea is delicate and elegant, with a typical smell of both green tea leaves and jasmine flowers. The smell is stronger compared to the mentioned tea, but still very soothing and relaxing for drinking at night. The taste has some Japanese vibes with a smoky and earthy flavor. 

This tea also brews fast, making it perfect and convenient for a busy person from day to night.

best jasmine tea

Rishi Tea Jasmine Tea is composed of hand-rolled green tea buds that were harvested in spring in Yunna, China. For those who do not know where Yunna is, it is where a type of high - end, gourmet tea originated. That is why Rishi Jasmine Tea has a naturally sweet taste, a perfect match for the scent of fragranced jasmine. If you are a strict tea drinker, this one will definitely match your requirement to be the best jasmine tea you have ever enjoyed.  

The tea leaves are scented traditionally with jasmine petals picked in late summer. They are laid out on the top of tea leaves and infuse the aroma of jasmine into the tea leaves at night. Accordingly, this tea smells different from others, a subtle yet lingering scent in our rooms.  

Due to the highly sophisticated process of picking and processing, the price of Rishi Tea is slightly more expensive than the average price. If you are a beginner in the tea world, you should consider carefully before making your decision. 

best jasmine tea

Different from all mentioned tea, this tea uses a white tea base. White tea tastes less strong compared to green tea and only grown in the mountainous areas of China's Fujian Province. Most of the tea leaves are hand picked and maybe the least processed one in this list. 

Consequently, this tea has a taste of freshness and rawness. It has high levels of antioxidants and other healthy properties including vitamins  as well as minerals. It is rich in aroma as well: the scent of jasmine blends beautifully with white tea leaves, creating an unparalleled impression. The taste is mild and gentle, some customers may complain that it tastes like nothing with hot water. However, it is recommended to brew it in a longer time than usual to fully appreciate the elegance of white tea. 

Another plus point of this tea is the low level of caffeine. This gourmet tea is a reasonable choice with health benefits if you are looking for an alternative to caffeinated drinks. 

The only negative side here is the price: it is slightly more expensive compared to others, however, it is obvious that with these high - quality features, it is well worth your money. 

best jasmine tea

Harney & Sons has seen the demands in the market for the best jasmine tea, thus joining the field with its experience in tea production. Its jasmine tea quickly gains lovers despite the higher - than - average price.. 

The tea comes in various options, loose-leaf or bagged form. The tea leaves have a darker color and a strong fragrance as well as taste. The tea can be made with either hot or cold water, without losing any of its exceptional quality. The taste is typical of fresh green teas, with a touch of sweetness. 

Although Harney & Sons offers us several options for jasmine tea, we recommend you try the pearl leaves version of Jasmine Tea, trying and observing yourselves the brewing process. The leaves unfold naturally in hot water, creating a wonderful smell of jasmine and green tea. Its smell is especially calming and relaxing for autumn and winter, or after an exhausting working day. 

best jasmine tea

Ito En is a tea producer based in Japan and uses tea leaves grown by Japanese farmers in their tea. The Jasmine Matcha Green Tea has its own advantages when it comes to the best jasmine green tea owing to its matcha taste. 

It has a grassy, floral aroma with a combination of matcha and jasmine petals. It does not have any added color or flavorings, consequently, it brings the feeling of freshness whenever made with cold or hot water. 

If you care about the benefits of tea, this tea is rich in antioxidants, amino acids and Vitamin C from matcha powder. Paired with green tea leaves and jasmine, it also supports losing weights and controlling blood pressure. 

Nevertheless, we do not recommend this to a tea drinker who prefers strong - flavored beverages. It can taste very mild if you add too much hot water. It seeps better in cold water and you can add milk if you prefer something sweet.

best jasmine tea

Bigelow Tea prides itself on using only hand picked tea from Italy and processed in the US. It has been in the tea industry for 70 years and always one of the strongest competitors for the best jasmine tea. 

Its Green Jasmine Tea is made for strong tea drinkers. Its green tea leaves are infused with jasmine flowers at a balance ratio, blending two ingredients nicely. When made with hot water, its aroma is impressive and can linger for a long time. In spite of that, its scent is floral, soothing and relaxing. The taste is clearly basic green tea with no feeling of sugariness. You can add orange rinds to upgrade both the flavor and the taste. 

It goes exceptionally with breakfast, giving you a vigorous boost before an energetic day. But you should be careful not to forget your cup of tea  as it can get bitter after a long time.  

best jasmine tea

If you just want to quickly try jasmine tea, Taylors of Harrogate is a cheap option to pick. Taylors of Harrogate is an independent company in the UK, most of its ingredients are grown in the Yorkshire region, China and India. 

For the price under $10 with 50 tea bags, its taste is better than our expectation. Once you open the tea bag, the earthy aroma is very clear. The smell of tea leaves and jasmine blends well together. The taste is fresh and comfortable. Moreover, it seeps quite fast (in around 2 minutes) with either hot or cold water and does not get bitter even after a night if you forget it. It is extremely suitable for both morning and night drinkers. 

The only drawbacks is that the packaging is not protective and attractive enough. Sometimes, delivery over a long distance affects some tea bags, so that be careful when picking the product in your market.

best jasmine tea

Davidson’s made great efforts to create the best jasmine green tea by using tea leaves grown in Wuyuan, which resides in the Jiangxi Province of China. The tea leaves are processed in a method to re-create Mao Jian tea - a type of sweet green tea which is famous in China. To be more specific, the tea leaves are baked (which created a nutty flavour) and then infused with jasmine petals. They used traditional methods invented by Chinese farmers, consequently, the tea leaves fully the jasmine scent. 

As a result, the taste of this tea is unique with nutty and floral flavor. It can be too sweet for people who are used to soft jasmine green tea and people who prefer classic, traditional jasmine green tea.

best jasmine tea

Choice Organic Teas Green Tea offers you a classic jasmine green tea brew. Choice Organics has farms around the world to choose the finest tea leaves, thus you do not have to worry about the safety (it is Non-GMO Project Verified,  Organic Certified and USDA certified if you want to know more). 

It has a delicately sweet taste paired with jasmine blossom aroma although it can go bitter after a long time brewed. Its flavour feels organic and relieving. It is the best jasmine tea whether you make it with hot or cold water, for your winter cozy tea cup or summer drinks. 

An extra point for Choice Organic goes for its environment - friendly package. The tea bags are unbleached natural fiber tea bags coming in a 100% recycled box.

best jasmine tea

Gold Moon invests a huge amount of effort to make the best jasmine: it uses Yin Hao or ‘Silver Tip’ tea leaves to create the foundation for its jasmine green tea. The leaves are processed to wait until Jasmine season. The petals are naturally infused into the tea leaves in a 7 - day process. This process preserves the flavor of green tea leaves as well as gives a strong smell of jasmine without using any artificial flavorings. 

Consequently, it has a more  gentle aroma of jasmine compared with others. It tastes mildly sweet with hot water and stronger when brewed with cold water. The tea is also rich in antioxidants like catechins and aids in building a strong immune system. Especially with hot water, Golden Moon Organic Jasmine Tea does wonders when you are in a cold. 

Its package is highly convenient as the servings arrive in a resealable airtight bag and can be used as a gift, too.

best jasmine tea

If you are a coffee drinker and want to try something new, this is a perfect option for you. With high levels of caffeine and a strong flavour, Positively Jasmine Green Tea gives you a robust wake-up in the morning. 

The ingredients are a combination of Chinese green tea and downy-needle jasmine blossoms. They blend and balance pleasantly in your cup whether you use hot water or cold water. You can add milk, sweeteners, and ice to make bubble tea and it tastes amazing. 

In terms of nutritions, this tea gives a significant number of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. They are all valuable, contributing to lose weights, control blood pressure and relieve stress.

Important criteria to pick out the best jasmine tea

Quality and price

best jasmine tea

Jasmine tea is often available in three forms: pearl tea, loose leaf and tea bags. While pearl tea is the most expensive, tea bags are much more affordable. However, it is not 100%  guaranteed that pearl tea is always better than tea bags. Some pearl tea needs hot water and long brews, creating a soft, gentle flavor rather than a strong taste. 

Tea leaves, especially those picked and processed in China and Japan, are handled and prepared in a variety of methods. Each province of China has its own traditional way of picking and processing tea, accordingly it comes at different prices. For example, Yin Hao or ‘Silver Tip’ tea is usually more expensive than others. 

Furthermore, read the ingredients label thoroughly to make sure there are no allergic herbs or the level of caffeine, afterwards, you can receive all the healthy properties from jasmine green tea.

Brewing style

best jasmine tea

Some tea can not be brewed with cold water and some tea can. Some tea requires a longer time of seeping than average time. Reading reviews is beneficial as some packages do not instruct us clearly whether to use hot or cold water. And we can learn some tips to upgrade our cups of tea by adding some home ingredients such as mints or orange rinds. 

It is also important to check whether the tea can get bitter after a long time. We do want to waste a cup of tea just because of our forgetfulness, don’t we?

Origin and Process

best jasmine tea

Most tea producers have a global network of farms, mostly located in Asian. Usually, the high quality jasmine tea comes from Taiwan and Fuijian province of China. Sometimes, the tea comes from India and some Southeast Asian countries. It is important to examine whether the imported tea has been Organic Certified and USDA certified or not. 

If possible, it is useful to investigate the process of making jasmine tea. Different producers have different methods to infuse jasmine flavor into tea leaves. Some use a natural, organic process but some companies will take advantage of some additives to boost the scent to suit the taste of strong drinkers. 

Conclusion: For Best Jasmine Tea

Afterwards, it is important to understand your own preferences before picking out a brand. The best jasmine tea for you is the one that suits you best in terms of taste, aroma and even package. 

Here is our quick conclusion of all the reviews: 

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