About Our Tea


Talbott Teas offers an exotic and extensive array of gourmet tea flavors to suit any mood or occasion.

  • Our premium tea blends consist of green tea, black tea, rooibos tea, and herbal tea. We strive to use the finest premium tea leaves and botanicals available to provide you with a cup of tea like no other.
  • Talbott Teas Founder Shane Talbott, nurturing a lifelong fascination with tea, is a Level 3 Tea Master as designated by the Specialty Tea Institute.
  • His quest for a luxurious experience has led him to work with premium whole leaf tea and ingredients that deliver an indulgent cup of tea. Sourced from around the globe, each ingredient must meet Shane’s approval to be included in a blend.
  • Select blends are organic certified. Currently all six blends in Talbott Teas’ signature pyramid sachets are organic.

Read more about our collection of teas.  For seasonal and exciting information on entertaining and tea recipes please read our blog.