The 17 Best Tea Infuser Travel Mug For The Coming Journeys And How To Choose One For You

Well, I am just a big fan of tea and want to bring tea with me everywhere I go. A normal mug works just fine but an infuser travel mug is a life saver for me. In the quest for the best tea infuser travel mug, I have lost and found several mugs to find the one (and only!) for me. 

Here is a quick but comprehensive review and buying guide from me and other editors of Talbott Teas so you can pick up the best travelling mug for the next coming trip. 

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Top 17 Best Tea Infuser Travel Mug Reviews 2020

UEndure Glass Tea Infuser Bottle

[amazon box="B00TNDCK80" ]

UEndure is a growing firm founded by a young woman with passion for tea. It has been gaining love from customers with its stylish yet functional and practical travel mugs.

The one we are going to introduce to you is one of the best tea infuser travel mug you can find on the Internet. It is made of BPA free double glas, allowing you to watch your tea brew and have control over the taste as well as color. The material is also lead free, eco-friendly and durable. It does not bring any harm to your body and our earth as well, that is why it is the first item in our list!

Checking its performance, we see that it can hold up to 14oz (around 0.5 liter) - a reasonable amount to bring with you to work, gym or on travelling. In another way, it is just perfectly enough for on the go tea, coffee and juices.The inside infuser is made of fine grain mesh and stainless steel, which is highly suitable for loose leaves tea.

UEndure also gives you an additional sleeve which increases its convenience.
In general, this is a bargain at the price less than $30 with versatility and durability.

Original Bamboo Tumbler with Tea Infuser & Strainer by LeafLife 

[amazon box="B01B68BCO2" ]

This travel mug attracts my attention due to its original and environment-friendly exterior design. This tumbler is made from wood, creating a special texture when you touch it. The interior is made from 18/8 Food-Grade Stainless Steel, which guarantees the safety of your drinks whether it is hot or cold. All the material is non-toxic for both humans and the environment, containing ho harmful components at all.

An exceptional feature of this tumbler is the Vacuum Insulated Technology. It can keep your hot coffee for up to 12 hours and icy cool juices for up to 24 hours. With the capacity of 17oz (0.5 liters), this travel mug can go with you on long journeys, keeping you hydrated all the time!

One more benefit is that LeafLife gives you two detachable pieces: Tea Infuser and Tea Strainer. A tea infuser is best for herbal tea and loose leaf tea, while the strainer should be used for fruit juices.

Overall, though slightly more expensive than the UEndure one, I still consider this tumbler one of the best tea infuser travel mug with unique design and multi-functional use. 

Teabloom All-Beverage Tumbler

[amazon box="B07GDXF6L2" ]

Another highly aesthetic tumbler is the one produced by Teabloom. Besides the elegant exterior design, this mug is high-quality in terms of uses and material.

Made with 100 percent natural bamboo outside and double-wall borosilicate glass inside, the Pathfinder is earth-friendly, non-toxic, stain-resistant and odor-resistant. The lid is also made from natural bamboo. All these features are fit in a compact, portable design, which fits all car cup holders.

One significant benefit from this flask is the stainless steel two-way filter. It can be used for brewing hot and cold tea, cold-brewed coffee or fruit-infused water. The 0.5mm infuser is able to filter any kinds of loose leaves or coffee beans, making it a great partner for your coming trips.

In addition, it also comes with a neoprene sleeve which increases the insulation levels and makes it easy to carry around.

To sum up, this compact and durable tumbler is one of the best tea infuser travel mug I really love. It works well as a travelling friend and a gift to my friends (also travellers).

Pure Zen Tea Tumbler with Infuser

[amazon box="B01MA1WWQN" ]

100% made from glass, this travelling mug has a classy and splendid look. With a simple yet eye-catching design, it appears to me as a durable and elegant choice. And it is!

This tumbler can hold up to 13oz but feels light, easy to grip and carry around. This feature stems from the fact the used glass is double walled odor free glass, consequently, it will not sweat or leak inside your bag. The lid is also a considerable plus point. It is airtight, keeping the flavour for my herbal tea and juices after quite a long time.

Considering the performance, it lives up to my expectation with the stainless steel infusion filter. This filter is especially helpful for herbal tea or loose leaf teas. It also keeps ice cups or fruits inside while you are enjoying your beverages. Thanks to the high-quality glass, it does not matter whether my drink is piping hot coffee or icy cool juices, the temperature varies just marginally after a long time travelling.

It is rather more expensive compared to others, but if you want a long-term investment, this is the best tea infuser travel mug for you.

Zojirushi SM-JTE46AD Stainless Steel Travel Mug with Tea Leaf Filter

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Zojirushi, as you know, is japanese multinational corporation with expertise in making vacuum flasks, beverage dispensers, and consumer electronics. Zojirushi products are loved primarily thanks to its usefulness, reliability and durability.

This Stainless Travel Mug has all these features from outside to inside. Examining the outside coat, it feels sturdy and solid with the stainless steel. The interior is made of easy-to-clean nonstick material. Compared to other Zojirushi mugs, this one has a slimmer shape, easier to fit in your backpack and your car or carry around. The lock is also a noteworthy feature. It is a sturdy, leakproof and simple lock that we can trust that not even a single drop of water will leak out. All we need is to close the lid, switch the lock into position and we do not have to worry about anything, even if we are running or driving fast.

Checking its performance, it works well with all types of beverages. Zojirushi uses advanced vacuum insulation in this tumbler, preserving the temperature and flavour of all beverages. The air lying between two thin layers of stainless steel (the outside and the inside) is removed, creating a vacuum with no air. The temperature cannot travel outside, thus keeping the heat stable.

With the full flask of 16oz, the temperature does not vary widely in 6 hours, which is a wonderful feature, especially if you are on a car trip.

Moreover, it has a tea leaf filter for stopping tea leaves from flowing out while drinking. The filter can be taken out, cleaned and replaced, thus the quality is consistent over a long time.

Zojirushi has tried its best to keep the price under $30 with all these impressive characteristics, as a result, this is my favourite travelling mug of all times.

Zojirushi Stainless Mug, 16-Ounce

[amazon box="B00HD4LPVO" ]

If you want to save a few more bucks, Zojirushi offers you another travelling mug. This travelling tea mug is still a compact, portable and useful product.

It has virtually all of the outside and inside features of the mentioned Zojirushi tumble. It can hold 16oz of beverage and keep the temperature stable in 6 hours. It has a functional and effective lock guaranteeing no water will be leaked.

The only exception is the tea leaf filter. In this travelling mug, you have an infuser for multi-functional use rather than just for tea leaves. It works best to keep ice cubes, fruits and tea bags inside while you are drinking your beverage. However, we are not sure about the loose leaf tea.

We highly recommend this travelling mug if you are a big fan of juices and iced drinks. 

DOUNGURI Bamboo Tea Tumbler Mug with Strainer Infuser

[amazon box="B07FYZ8CV3" ]

This is another travelling tea mug made from nature, particularly bamboo. It is a pleasant, soothing flask with aesthetic appearance and functional uses.

The outside look catches our eye owing to its natural texture of bamboo. The interior coat is made from 18/8 stainless steel (18% chromium and 8% nickel), non-toxic and rust-free. It means that no poisonous chemical will leak into your water. The bamboo material is also easy to clean and carry around when you are in the mood for exploring.

This one has vacuum double walled material, which is effective in preserving the temperature and flavour of your beverages. It is able to maintain the hot coffee for up to 6 hours and the iced juice for 16 hours. Additionally, it has a built in infuser to stop tea leaves while drinking or pouring. The lid is spill resistant, once you close it, it is impossible for any water to get leaked out.

Dounguri offers you several options about sizes: 12, 14 and 18oz and the color of the lid (green, white). With the similar price as the Zojirushi while offering more options, it is certainly the best tea infuser travel mug if you favor variety in choices.

MIRA Stainless Steel Insulated Tea Infuser Bottle for Loose Tea

[amazon box="B07SR81RZM" ]

Mira is a young California-based company known for sustainable household products. It is competing tirelessly to bring us the best tea infuser travel mug!

The one we are talking about here is the Stainless Steel Insulated Bottle for Loose Tea. It is made from 100 percent stainless steel, BPA free and durable. It will not get rusty or broken and stay strong in all situations. Further, it will not sweat inside our bag or when we are holding it. Another benefit of stainless steel material is that it is very lightweight and portable, together with the compact shape, it makes an amazing partner on every journey.

Considering the interior features, the innovative vacuum insulation will maintain the quality and taste of your beverages after a long time (around 6 hours) travelling on the road. The tea infuser is also made of stainless steel mesh that is ideal for making loose leaf tea or herbal tea. The convenient mesh filter can be replaced and easy to clean. The opening contains a flip-lid and wide mouth, which increases the convenience for us.

As a whole, this stainless steel bottle is an affordable, basic and functional tool to bring tea with us.

The Lotus Glass Tea Tumbler Travel Mug & Stainless Steel Strainer Infuser Bottle for Tea

[amazon box="B01GG187S8" ]

The design of this bottle is delicate and simple and artistic with the minimal lotus illustration outside.

The material is made of double walled glass, which is lightweight, insulated, durable. It comes with a bamboo lid as well as a tea infuser and strainer. You can either use the strainer alone and brew tea in the bottle to give your leaves plenty of room to expand, or you can combine the strainer with the infuser and keep your leaves separate. It can hold up to 15 oz. of liquid and the lid is leak proof.

However, it is not a recommended product for long journeys, especially in mountainous areas or climbing trips. The glass is not shatter proof and can get cracks easier than our expectation. The lid is not dishwasher safe and needs to be hand washed.

Considering the price, it can be concluded that this one is more suitable for a short picnic in the park or to the gym. 

25 oz Multi-Function Travel Mug and Tumbler (Here and Now)

[amazon box="B07S46BQWZ" ]

Here and Now presents us a modern and stylish travel mug for our next trip. With many features, this model is a strong competitor for the best tea infuser travel mug. Be it visuals, material or functions, it gets an A for every aspect.

It is a huge double-wall stainless steel insulated water bottle that is able to hold up to 750 ml / 25.3 oz. Despite the large capacity, it is lightweight and mobile in order to go with you to anywhere. The stainless steel material is eco-friendly and BPA free, making it an beneficial choice for both your health and our earth. Moreover, the material is heat resistant, thus, the bottle can maintain beverages hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours.

Another benefit is the large capacity infuser that can filter more tea leaves and/or fruit pieces than other bottles. In other ways, it can be used to make a wide range of beverages with considerable amounts.

Last but not least, the producer provides us with an guidance e-book to help us take the most use of the bottle. It is also willing to answer any question with fast replies.

With the cost around $30, there’s no doubt that it is the best tea infuser for a group travelling!

The Love Bamboo Tea Tumbler with Strainer and Infuser

[amazon box="B078VK4JLM" ]

This Love Bamboo Tea Tumbler is one of the most elegant travelling tea available in the market. For yoga lovers, it has a beautiful hand drawn design and a mantra 'Only Love' to inspire you to begin a chilling day.

This tumbler is made from natural bamboo and 18/8 stainless steel with no harmful plastic, chemical, or toxins, accordingly, it will stay with you for years. The vacuum between the outer and inner layer exists to stop heat travelling outside, therefore the temperature varies within a small range even after around six hours. To be exact, it can maintain the quality of hot drinks for up to 12 hours and iced beverages for up to 24 hours. The airtight lid is also useful in keeping flavour, particularly for juices.

It has a large capacity of 18 oz but still has a high level of mobility thanks to its excellent material. Its material also plays a vital role in building strong resistance to turbulence.

Furthermore, it has a strainer to capture loose tea leaves and an anti-slip rubber sole, helping it stand strong on your table or shelf.

As a whole, it is the best tea infuser travel mug if you are looking for an elegant zen design and functional features. 

The Tea Spot Everest Tea Tumbler

[amazon box="B07GJTQ7VF" ]

The double-walled, vacuum-sealed stainless steel insulation bottle is able to maintain 22 ounces of beverages at excellent quality after a long time. The material is BPA-free and leak-proof. It is hard not to fall for its classy, chic appearance with 16 color options. This tumbler is also distinctly voted by users thanks to its smart and function design. The innovative screw-top and sipping mechanism keeps the lid close to the bottle when you are drinking. No more worries about lids tumbling down on the road, falling under your car seat or getting lost somewhere!

Additionally, the exterior is non-slippery and easy to carry around.

The wide opening makes it possible for ice cubes, fruits, tea bags to get easily. The water infuser will keep them in while you are drinking or pouring your favourite beverage out.

At the cost just over $30, this tumbler is just a bargain, a suitable partner in your mountain-climbing trips.

The Tea Spot Voyager Tea Tumble

[amazon box="B07HS2GXHZ" ]

A slightly smaller model by the Tea Spot than the Everest model, The Voyager also gains favours from customers.

With the capacity of 16-ounces, ability to preserve your beverage hot and fresh for up to 6 hours, it is suitable for short trips or going to the gym. The sleek, thin and urban exterior design catches my attention quickly. It is also made of high quality stainless steel and has the smart leak-proof lid, similar to the Everest model.
A water infuser is also incorporated into the bottle, suitable for herbal tea and fruit juices.

However, there are certain negative sides. Some customers report that this bottle is easier to get scratches and sometimes the lid does not work as expected.

In general, it is still a recommended tea infuser mug for short commuters.

Glass Tea Bottle Double Layer Glass Tea Infuser

[amazon box="B07VR9G14C" ]

This may be one of the most stylish glass tea bottles listed in this review. It is minimal and basic in design, yet still providing us many beneficial features.

This tea bottle is a strong and solid one made of excellent-quality material. The main body is made of double-layered borosilicate glass to both preserve the heat and build up an aesthetic appearance. The lid is made of non-toxic silicon and the plastic parts are of ABS quality (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene - impact resistant, chemical resistance). In addition, a silicone seal ring around the bottle makes sure there will be no leaking and dripping.

This bottle is able to carry 14 oz (350 ml) in its sleek exterior and can be put in your car cup holder. The borosilicate glass will not disappoint you in maintaining the flavour of your drinks: the temperature varies in a small range after 6 hours. The airtight lid also keeps the aroma and taste of herbal teas and fruit juices just as tasty as when you make it.

The inside tea infuser will be extremely useful if you are in love with loose leaf tea and herbal tea. It is also able to stop ice cubes and fruit slices from flowing out when you are enjoying the beverages. 

1A2B3C Tea Tumbler

[amazon box="B071ZDPPN8" ]

This double-walled glass tea tumbler has the capacity of 16-ounces (slightly larger than others), comes with a stainless steel strainer, and a protective case made from food-grade PC. Thus it will not crack if you accidentally drop it and you won't burn your hand. The high quality material also guarantees that there will be no leaking or sweating when you put it inside your backpack. The compact, portable design allows it to fit in your cup holders and easy to go with on any journeys.

It has a leak-proof lid, able to preserve coffee hot for seven hours and iced drinks cold for eighteen hours. It also has a built-in cup that you unscrew from the bottom of the bottle.

Another noteworthy point is that the stainless steel filter is located in the mouthpiece rather than in an infuser basket. It can be used for a wide range of infusion methods using loose leaves, tea bags, coffee or fruit pieces. However, it works best for long tea infusions.

With the price less than $20, it is the best tea infuser mug in terms of capacity and functional values.

Vibrant All in ONE Travel Mug - Tea Infuser Bottle

[amazon box="B01964SMTQ" ]

With a modern exterior, Vibrant All in ONE is the best tea infuser mug in the thermos category. It can brew tea and coffee on the road and maintain the flavor for long hours driving. It can also be used as a daily mug.

Designed with a comfortable-first mindset, the bottle has a powdered matte finish surface, which is non-slippery. The shape stays put in the hands, can be put in a backpack or a cup holder.

The tumbler is made of stainless steel and uses vacuum insulation double-layer method. Accordingly, it is extremely effective in preserving heat for both hot drinks and cold beverages. The material is also BPA free, safe for food and drinks and contains no harmful elements at all.

With the capacity of 16.9oz, this tumbler is great for travelling and daily use. It is also shatter proof and shockproof, thus no more worries of crack exist. It has both a steeper and strainer. The steeper will permit you steep loose leaf tea in an enclosed bottle and the strainer is for fruit juices (prevent fruits flowing out).

Contigo Autoseal Transit Mug 

[amazon box="B073WCG838" ]

The Contigo Autoseal Transit Mug is a unique mug with modern, contemporary design.

The lid is leak proof and spill proof with its Autoseal button. The open-access lid flips open for an easy clean and there’s no separate confusing parts that can get lost. The lid also makes it possible for one-handed drinking with the push of a button.

With the BPA free material, it is certain that no poisonous elements will get in your water. The inside drinks can stay hot up to 7 hours and cold up to 12 hours thanks to the THERMALOCK Vacuum Insulation technology.

In general, this is the best tea infuser travel mug if you are looking for something comfortable to use on your car trips. 

Features To Consider When Shopping For The Best Tea Infuser Travel Mug

Certainly, you do not want to be like me: buying dozens of bottles and wasting tons of money. Here are some vital criteria to pick out the best tea infuser travel mug

Size and capacity

best tea infuser travel mug

Travel mugs vary significantly in respect of size and capacity. For short trips, under 500 ml capacity is a suitable option; large-sized mug (over 500ml) is preferable for road trips, long commuters. You can still purchase a small-sized one for long trips if you are sure that you can refill your bottle regularly. After all, the most favourable size is 16-ounce capacity, which can serve a wide range of purposes.

Wider and larger mugs sometimes won’t fit in your cup holders. If you want a multi-function mug, it should have a slim size which can be put in your backpacks and cup holders. The small, light mugs are also easier to carry around. 


best tea infuser travel mug

The material should be non-toxic and BPA. The most preferable material is double-walled glass, borosilicate glass or double-walled stainless steel. If there is any other type of material such as plastic, it should be the parts that do not expose to water regularly. We highly recommend stainless steel because it’s more durable than glass or ceramic, shatter proof and does not get cracks easily. It’s also the best material for heat resistance. 

Heat resistance

best tea infuser travel mug

A mug should be able to preserve a drink’s hot or cold temperature for at least 6 hours (long trip) and 1 hour (short commuters). As mentioned above, stainless steel is the most suitable material for vacuum insulated technology, which is the most effective heat resistance method currently. Borosilicate glass is also a good option if you prefer something transparent to look at though it is less effective.


best tea infuser travel mug

It turns out that the lid is also a vital factor to keep the heat inside. Mugs with broader lids are likelier to lose heat faster, thus if you intend to have a long trip (6 to 12 hours), we recommend small opening bottles.

Furthermore, the material of the lid is also important to pay attention to. Plastic is not favourable and stainless steel, natural bamboo or glass is safer and easier to clean.

Some lids will have additional features, such as for one-hand drinking or airtight lid. If you have specific requirements, be sure to examine the product description thoroughly.


best tea infuser travel mug

To choose the best tea mug with infuser, of course, you need to check the infuser. Some infusers can work with all types of beverages including loose leaves tea, herbal tea and juices. Some are useful for juices and iced tea. 

A long-lasting stylish friend when you are exploring new things! 

Conclusion Best Tea Infuser Travel Mug Top Pick For The Best

After all, we hope you have a clear understanding about the tea infuser travel mug now. If you are still confused, here is a precise summary of our reviews to help you make the right decision - buy the best tea infuser travel mug!

Best For A Gift

[amazon box="B07GDXF6L2" ]

The Largest One

[amazon box="B07S46BQWZ" ]

Best for Yoga Lover

[amazon box="B078VK4JLM" ]

Best For Climbing Trips

[amazon box="B07GJTQ7VF" ]

The Most Stylish One

[amazon box="B07VR9G14C" ]

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