Patchouli Tea: You Should Try To Enjoy

If you are looking for a tea for your family or yourself I would recommend Patchouli Tea.  This is a good quality tea that has received positive reviews on commercial websites.

It is not only a tea for you to enjoy but also has effects on the health and well-being of human beings.  It is not only effective in relieving stress but also has benefits in improving health in many aspects such as cough cure, sinusitis, digestive and so on.

It would be a pity if you ignore such a good product.  Although the quality and benefits are very good, the price is reasonable, not expensive.  In this article I will put information about this product for you to understand more about it.

You will get the following useful information in the article:

  • Things to consider before buying to a good quality tea
  • Patchouli Tea Review
  • The benefits that Patchouli tea brings to human health
  • Some other great alternatives to Patchouli Tea
  • In conclusion

Things To Consider Before Buying To A Good Quality Tea

Dried tea is difficult to distinguish between good and poor quality, but if based on some of the criteria below, I am sure you will make the right choice for yourself.  These criteria are very important and necessary because they are the basis and foundation for evaluating and evaluating the quality of tea.  Whether you are a tea connoisseur or not, you can still choose a quality tea based on the notes to be mentioned.

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In general, there are two forms commonly used in tea processing: the CTC (ie Crush, tear, curl) and the Orthodox method (i.e. leaving the leaves almost intact, usually in the form of long leaves).

For the CTC method, the tea leaves, after being washed, are put in a cutter to tear them apart and form small pellets.  The cutting machine will have a roller with hundreds of sharp teeth to crush, tear and roll the tea leaves like small hard tablets. This method is often used to manufacture convenient tea bags.  This method will usually take away a bit of its original fragrance.

For the Orthodox method, try to keep the tea leaves long and avoid breaking as much as possible, even though it’s quite difficult.  Each batch of tea leaves will be handled with the utmost care, precise wilting, rolled and oxidized in the best way to preserve the flavor of the tea leaves, a job usually done by experts.  Tea leaves when processed in this method are rolled up, this helps the tea keep its aroma and flavor to be complete, not degenerated.

I advise you to avoid heavily crumbled tea leaves or in tea packs with stalks and wood chips because it is certain that its taste has been affected by a lot of flavor.  Since the tea is soaked, the tea leaves will burst or break loose slowly.


The high quality tea leaves will often look quite smooth and sturdy.  When you leave it in your hand if it feels as light as holding feathers, it is one of the signs of leaving the tea leaves too long or the tea leaves during processing are too dry.  You should not crush it, but hold it gently so that the tea leaves will not crumble.  When soaking the tea leaves, it will feel smooth and smooth to the touch. Tea leaves, even if they are dried, need a certain amount of weight.


It is obvious that each type of tea will have a distinct flavor.  For example, green tea has a mild grass scent, a faintly pleasant feeling, while black tea has a sweet scent of earth and flowers blending.  You only need to smell a little to be able to recognize the poor quality tea, the tea usually does not have a bad smell or musty smell, equally difficult to drink, if many flavors still have a headache, etc, turns dull or cloudy, with a lot of residue.  Drinking water has an acrid taste. After drinking it, I often feel a crack in my neck. The tea is often full of flavor and has no taste.


The tea of ​​good quality and properly processed will bring a strong flavor and delicious taste to enjoy.  When you sip slowly, you will feel the tea taste on the tip of your tongue, it brings a refreshing feeling, the taste is smooth, bright, there are some teas that will give a stronger and stronger flavor.  Good quality teas will stimulate your taste buds and make you continue to sip them while poor quality teas will feel smelly and musty, difficult to recognize, difficult to enjoy, even some of them.  We can also feel the unpleasant chemical smell.

The basis of good or poor quality tea is through the four senses (sight, smell, touch, and taste). This is the simplest and fastest way to recognize. I will summarize the things to keep in mind when buying tea:

  • In terms of appearance, the tea leaves, when dried, should not be too crushed or have many crumbled bark
  • Do not choose a tea that is too light because it is a sign of being left too long
  • The scent must be characteristic, if there is a bad smell or musty it is a poor quality tea
  • For patchouli tea, its taste is mixed with a slightly spicy and sweet taste, the bad quality tea often has a slight taste in the neck, very uncomfortable when finished drinking, even some of them have no taste.

Patchouli Tea Review

Patchouli is a plant in the mint family, native to the islands of Southeast Asia.  This plant is widely used in many countries in both Asia and Europe.  It is processed in many forms, one of which is patchouli tea, which is loved by many people and used by its useful effect.

The leaves of this plant are used as herbal teas, to help strengthen the human immune system, so colds will no longer be an obsession.  Patchouli is harvested then the leaves are washed and dried.  The leaves of this plant will be fermented before being steam-distilled.  After a processing process, good quality tea packets will be produced.

Patchouli is a scent of herbs mixed with the scent of the sap on a typical wooden scent, bringing a sweet and passionate, very seductive feeling.  The scent of patchouli brings a sense of relaxation, has the ability to reduce stress, and helps balance emotions very well.  If it is the first time exposure to this tea, you will find it quite strange, feeling the mind of reaching the magical remote lands.  Perhaps that is why it is used a lot in ceremonies.  The scent has sweet flavors of earth and musk.

The taste of patchouli tea has a slightly spicy and sweet taste, has warm properties, so it is especially useful in pain relief, antiemetic as well as desensitizing.  Perhaps for some people when starting to drink tea they will find it strange, but if used for a long enough period of time, you may have to drink it every day without stopping.  It gives you an unforgettable impression from the first time you enjoy it.

This tea can be combined with a number of other useful plants such as red clover, oat straw and licorice for maximum effect.  When making tea, you can add a little honey if you are a sweetie or a little lemon to taste.  The flavor will become richer and more delicious to enjoy.  If you form the habit of drinking this tea every day, you will definitely have a healthy body.

The Benefits That Patchouli Tea Brings To Human Health

Patchouli is a plant in the mint family (Lamiaceae).  It is grown all over Europe.  Patchouli is used to make tea because it is easier to use in the form of a steam or a wine soak.

Treatment of vomiting due to low internal welding

The simple way is that you bring tea mixed with just enough warm water, once a day is enough to improve the nausea that always causes discomfort.

With a complicated but effective method, make a little patchouli tea every day, drink one cup a day until the symptoms are gone.  You can prepare tea to drink with other herbs such as semi-processed, bare, and cloves in a small amount of about 2 grams to speed up the effectiveness of this tea.  Alternatively, you can combine patchouli tea with 10 grams of semi-low with bare skin and cuticles with just 6 grams, which is the best way to improve lower gastrointestinal inflammation.  You can also combine it with ginseng, sausage, magic, post-sketch about 10g each, bare skin, sell 5g each, licorice 3g, and add three slices of fresh ginger (it would be better to bring  it is excellent), I recommend drinking it while it is still hot.

Treatment of hypersensitive low welding

Patchouli, spread of 10g each taste also excellent for drinking water.  Of course the simple way is still just brewing tea with a little warm water like other regular teas.  It still ensures the most effective healing effect.

You can also combine patchouli with other herbs to speed up the effect.  You can bring to the water the herbs that are great skin, half-hearted khong with 10g each, white angel, kumquat, post-mortar, 6g of birth, 5g of ceiling, licorice 3g, apple 10g.  I know it will be a bit complicated and it is not easy to buy all these herbs in one go.  The second and equally effective remedy is to combine patchouli with a spread of 10g each, also excellent for drinking water.  This remedy is suitable for treating colds, severe headaches, chest tightness, nausea, and anorexia.  The evil diseases that affect your daily life will no longer be an obsession.

Treatment of rhinitis, sinusitis


Patchouli is also effective in treating rhinitis and sinusitis.  The tea leaves have been dried with a little warm water to drink.  It is best to drink once or twice a day in the morning and at bedtime.  Drink it continuously over a period of three weeks, your condition will be clearly in remission.  As you know sinusitis leading to asthma always makes it difficult for patients to breathe, especially during cold winter days.  You should remember to drink at the right time and use it continuously without interruption because it will slow down the effect of patchouli and even have no effect and cause a waste of money and effort.

Treatment of indigestion, bloating

Patchouli is considered to be a panacea in the treatment of indigestion and abdominal discomfort, and can be said to benefit the digestive system.  If you have problems with indigestion, bloating, stomach upset or stomach ache, you can make patchouli tea to drink.  You can also combine patchouli with herbs that are even, burnt grapefruit peel, 10g powdery jelly and blended together.  Each time you use 5g to mix well with warm water and drink about 20 minutes before each meal is best.  After only a short time this disease will be significantly improved and even cured, you do not need to drink other bitter herbs but just sip patchouli.

Treatment of bad breath

As everyone knows patchouli has inherent antiseptic properties and is especially useful.  You can drink patchouli tea instead of rinsing your mouth with other mouthwash to freshen your breath. Patchouli has the effect of destroying bacteria, removing plaque in the oral cavity extremely well.  What could be more wonderful if you just drink tea every day but the mouth is fragrant, leaving no bad smell after every night.

Relieves cough symptoms


Drink patchouli tea every day to help people with coughs recover from their illness.  If you have a specific respiratory problem such as a cough, you can take patchouli or you can combine it with some familiar spices like ginger, a little lemon, and sour tamarind leaves, each about 15 grams is enough.  about 500 ml of water mixed in.  After a while you will see a noticeable improvement in the disease, no discomfort or itching in the throat area.  Usually after about 1 week the sign will be noticeably better.  This is a particularly good method that is safer than high-dose western medicines – it tends to give you a bit of headaches, fatigue, and drowsiness.

Reduce stress and depression

In the noisy and busy life today, people are always swept into the maelstrom of their work and crazy about their occupation, which leads to stress and anxiety that seriously affect the health and spirit of people.  According to the latest research, the proportion of people suffering from depression and those who frequently feel pressured in their life increases dramatically over the years. To mitigate this problem many ways have been proposed, of which a fairly simple and useful remedy is to enjoy the tea simply like that, I want to specifically mention here patchouli tea.  Every day you make a small teapot and drink it every morning before going to work and drink some tea in the evening when you finish your work, it makes you relax and relax your mind, you feel good.  see all the stress and pressure of today relieved.  It helps you to do a good job effectively without generating negative emotions.

To summarize, patchouli has many benefits, it helps us improve our health in many aspects.  Drinking patchouli tea not only helps you cure many diseases but also helps you prevent many diseases and this is also a measure to relieve stress.

  •  Gastrointestinal illnesses include heartburn, diarrhea, and flatulence
  •  Respiratory diseases include bronchitis and asthma
  •  Gout, headache
  •  Urinary tract diseases including kidney stones and pain, swelling of the bladder
  •  Stress, stress, anxiety, and epilepsy

 When combined with other herbs, patchouli is used to treat nerve pain and anxiety.

Some Other Great Alternatives To Patchouli Tea

In fact, there have been many cases where shoppers want to order patchouli tea to drink, but unfortunately it is out of stock or currently unavailable.  If you encounter such a situation, you can consider a number of other products that are equivalent to their quality and use.  I researched several other teas and compared them to patchouli and felt that they were not a bad substitute.  I would recommend the following three specific products that I think are worthy of equal to patchouli tea.


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Detox tea is a very popular tea currently in the market from Total Tea, it has received positive reviews for its effectiveness.  At the beginning when it was first introduced to the market it was considered suitable only for doctors and orthopedic specialists, but up to now almost anyone can use this tea, especially suitable for those who wish to lose weight, dream of a balanced, slim physique.  This tea is said to be keto diet friendly.

There are 25 small tea bags in all in one big box.  The product is completely natural flavor, not artificial flavor like other types.  It also contains no colorants or preservatives and gluten.  Detox tea is a tea with a combination of cinnamon and oranges that is very healthy for both men and women.

It is different from other detox teas, this tea contains no caffeine, does not contain green tea or any other stimulants, so it ensures a restful sleep.  does not cause sleep deprivation or sleep problems.  Whereas many other teas contain caffeine which causes many people to lose sleep in the middle of the night, not even sleep at night until morning although it is admitted that they are really helpful for those who need to stay awake.  and focus on work.

This tea also helps the body detoxify harmful toxins, soothe and clean the digestive tract to give you a good digestive system.  It really works for you after every meal, especially when you have to eat large amounts of foods high in calories.  Detox tea will help you digest them more easily, avoid bloating, discomfort in the abdomen.  

Another use that I would like to mention is its anti-inflammatory properties.  This is a tea that contains 10 beneficial ingredients that help in cleansing the body.  It has a good effect in reducing tablets in the digestive tract.

Not only that like patchouli, it is effective in relieving stress, helping the mind feel more relaxed and relaxed.  Not only will it help you feel relieved, but it will also help you complete your work effectively.

Enjoying Detox tea is an effective way to naturally and safely recharge with no other stimulants or chemicals.  Instead of eating a lot of food so that your body has enough energy to work, you can replace it by drinking this tea every day, both without harming the stomach and helping the mind and body to keep up with the progress.  your job.

If you are in a weight loss regime or have a desire to then Detox tea is a safe and effective solution.  You do not have to spend a lot of money on inexpensive fitness centers, it is not only expensive but also takes a lot of your time and effort, but now you only need to drink this tea every day to complete it.  its weight loss process without harming the body or work.

In short, the benefits of Detox tea bestowing the human body is enormous.  I will briefly list its uses below:

  • Weight loss
  • Boost energy
  • Help you get quality sleep
  • Detoxify in the body
  • Reduce stress
  • Supports digestive system


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Organic Butterfly Pea Flower Tea is a widely popular tea in the market.  For the European market, it existed for many decades as a medicine to enhance memory as well as reduce the stress brought by life, making the human spirit more refreshing.  

Now the product has improved more over time, improving its uses and making them best possible.  Perhaps the manufacturer attaches great importance to this product, so it often changes the packaging with many different styles.

This tea is suitable for those who focus on beauty because the antioxidants will help preserve the rejuvenated skin a lot.  The skin is smooth and there are fewer facial wrinkles.  It is obvious that you have to use it for a while and use it regularly, not when you drink it sometimes.  

Just drink Organic Butterfly Pea Flower tea every day and you will feel like you are back a few years ago, this is a safe way to protect your beauty without having to resort to expensive drugs.  Another or having to go to beauty centers.

 Furthermore, for those who experience hair loss, this is an ideal product to speed up hair growth.  Nowadays there are many people having this problem, it makes many people become more self-confident when communicating with others.  But now this problem has been resolved.  My advice to you is to drink this tea every day as soon as the signs start to appear.

Life with a lot of pressure always makes people become tired and depressed and not motivated to work.  Perhaps that was causing them to be under a lot of pressure.  So how do we relieve that pressure?  

In addition to the two products I mentioned above, Patchouli tea and Detox tea, the Organic Butterfly Pea Flower Tea is also a great choice.  This tea will help you to become more peaceful in your heart, stay calm in all situations and wise when making important decisions.  For the students who are studying for exams, it is quite appropriate and nutritious.

Organic Butterfly Pea Flower Tea is also very beneficial in improving eyesight.  If you are exposed to a smartphone or laptop with a lot of frequency every day or work involving many devices affecting your eyes, you can drink this tea every day, even at work. 

While comforting yourself brings benefits to your eyes, your eyes will no longer be tired or sore.  Not only that, but this tea also has a very effective effect in fighting inflammation and pain relief to bring you a healthy body.

This organic tea is completely made with natural foods with no harmful color qualities.  Natural blue color extracted from eye-catching pea pea flowers makes it attractive to drinkers.  Just 1 teaspoon of tea mixed with warm water every morning will give you a healthy body.  It is better if squeezed a little more lemon, the color of the tea will change from blue to purple.

The product is 100% USDA organic certified, does not contain any genetic modification or any chemical preservatives or colorants.  There have been many customers who trust the product and use it and of course it completely meets the expectation of the buyer.  This is definitely a great alternative to Patchouli tea.

In brief, the benefits of Detox tea bestowing the human body is enormous.  I will shortly list its uses below:

  • Boost brain
  • Enhance memory
  • Relieve stress
  • Lose weight
  • Anti-hair loss


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The final product I would highly recommend for you for the Patchouli replacement is Hibiscus Tea, a tea from the U.S Wellness Naturals certified by OEFFA.  In addition, the product has also been registered with FDA, ISO 9001, Organic NOP USDA.  

This tea is widely sold on commercial websites and also received a lot of positive feedback from shoppers.  Each tea pack has a USDA organic seal and is strictly regulated.  It is in the top of one of the high quality teas like Patchouli.  Carefully grown hibiscus flowers have high supervision, and there are no pesticides or herbicides that affect the quality of the produce.

 It is mainly grown on the Fayoum oasis because the farmers here ensure that hibiscus flowers are grown in the most appropriate natural conditions.  Nowhere will it be possible to produce the most beautiful and fresh hibiscus flowers from an oasis of fertile soil.

For a long time, hibiscus flowers were chosen as raw materials for tea making.  Bright red tea looks very eye-catching and gives the drinker a fresh and refreshing feeling.  That’s why I think it absolutely deserves to be chosen in case you can’t buy Patchouli.  

When you buy this tea you will see that it is almost left in flower style, the small particles are completely removed and no dust lodges in the tea bag.  Usually people prefer to drink this tea in its cold form, completely different from the teas mentioned above. 

Hibiscus tea contains enzyme inhibitors that help in the production of amylase (an enzyme that helps break down carbohydrates, avoiding excess calories in the body).  Therefore, drinking a cup of hibiscus tea after a meal will reduce the absorption of carbohydrates and help with weight loss.  

The rich amount of vitamin C in hibiscus tea is an excellent herbal remedy that boosts the body’s immune system to fight colds and infections.  In addition, drinking hibiscus tea regularly can also help prevent bladder infections and constipation.

Moreover, it also enhances the health of the liver.  Hibiscus extract contains antioxidants that can help improve liver health.  Obesity increases your risk of developing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.  Consuming hibiscus extract has been shown to reduce the risk of fatty liver disease.

Anti-depressant, stress relief is also a great benefit that it brings.  Hibiscus contains flavonoids such as anthocyanin and quercetin.  If you are depressed, you may consider drinking hibiscus tea to reduce symptoms of depression.  These flavonoids have antidepressant activity and may help reduce depression.

 It is effective against bacterial infections.  The bacteria cause a number of infections from urinary tract infections to pneumonia.  Hibiscus extract has the ability to strongly inhibit E. coli bacteria, a bacterium that causes pneumonia, urinary tract infections and diarrhea.

In brief, the benefits of Detox tea bestowing the human body is enormous.  I will shortly list its uses below:

  • Weight loss
  • Improve immune system
  • Fight off a cold
  • Enhance the health of the liver
  • Fights infections caused by bacteria
  • Relieve stress

In Conclusion

Among the many teas on the market today I would like to introduce to you Patchouli tea – a tea rated well for human health.

It is of great effect in treating vomiting, hypersensitive low welding, rhinitis and sinusitis, bad breath, cough, etc. Such a large useful product has a fairly cheap price, so you can absolutely buy it for regular use, without worrying about costing money.  Each day one to two cups of tea in the morning and at night will help you have a relaxed, not tired spirit.
You can use the best teapots  to get the best cups and enjoy them.  What are you waiting for without buying immediately for your family like a packet of Patchouli tea itself to have a healthy health.

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