How To Make Corn Silk Tea For Everyone

A well-brewed hot cup of tea can warm any tea lover’s heart and soul, but an improperly brewed cup of tea can turn out to be disappointingly bitter or tasteless. Luckily, it is not difficult to make a delicious cup of tea. Choose the tea you want to make and whether it comes in loose leaf tea or a filter bag. In this article we will show you how to make corn silk tea. Heat water and pour it into tea. Wait for the tea to infuse for the right amount of time, you can enjoy pure hot tea or add milk and sugar.

Specifically, it’s good for digestion and gut health, just like yogurt. So if your stomach is already troubling you, a sip or two of roasted corn tea can be the remedy. Now, let’s learn how to make this Korean special drink!

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In this article you will understand:

  • Raw materials prepared
  • How to make corn silk tea at home
  • What are the benefits of corn silk tea ?
  • Combined with other medicinal herbs
  • A few things to note when using corn silk tea
  • Tips for Cooking Delicious Corn Beard
  • Q&A

Raw Materials Prepared

50g Corn Stubble

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The corn plant is a herbaceous plant, about 1 meter to 2 meters tall on average. The trunk is quite thick, shaped like a burning bamboo but thinner, consisting of many sheaths together. The leaves are big, the village is quite wide. Leaf edge has many rough bristles.

Cornflowers are green, the flowers are quite long, cylindrical. Corn has its own male and female plants. Females usually grow in leaf nachs, forming a very large flower, surrounded by many bracts around the membrane. Filamentous pistil, yellow, clustered, about 15 cm long. The pistil has a slightly dark purple brown color.

The corn is elongated egg-shaped, with many soft, dense seeds, which are arranged tightly together to form pretty hard and shiny seed strings. When green is milky white, the older it will turn shiny yellow.

Normally, corn stubble is used by women as well as mothers in rural areas.

Corn stubble is also known with other popular names such as maize beard along with some other names such as jade, mussel, corn, maize, cheeks li.

Corn stubble has the scientific name Zea mays L, belongs to the family of Lua (Poaceae). Medicinal materials are also known as the stigmatic part which is used and processed a lot to make medicine, bringing many effects on health.

Corn stubble is a part of the corn plant – The plant is 1.5 to 2.5 meters high, the herbaceous has many segments like the trunk of a bamboo tree, each of which is 25cm apart.

Leaves are rough, broad, large and long. Male flowers are green, female flowers are yellow. The fruit is egg-shaped, closely arranged, with many seeds. The seeds of the ball and hard, have a variety of colors, the most yellow.

Corn stubble is easy to find, easy to maintain, easy to use and especially brings a lot of health benefits. In addition, corn stubble is also a mixture of many vitamins and micronutrients in their natural form necessary for the body to fight antioxidants better than any other tonic.

Corn stubble with large content of vitamins A, K, B1, B2, B6, flavonoid, sitosterol … Corn stubble is effective in preventing kidney stones, diuretic, stabilizing blood pressure, and effectively clearing heat. Especially when combined with sugar cane, grass roots, psyllium … This cool water also works to cure cough, tracheitis, phlegm, hypoglycemia, detoxification and support for acute nephritis. The ingredients are easy to find and the simple way to do it, you will have a cool drink that is great for your body.

2 Liters Of Water

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If you just want to make a cup of tea, pour in a kettle more than one and a half times the amount of water needed for a cup of tea. If you make a teapot, fill the kettle with water. This is to subtract the amount of evaporated water. To maintain the best tea taste, you need to use water that has not been boiled.

Use a kettle with a boiling water alarm or use an electric kettle that turns off automatically when the water is boiling, too hot water can spoil the taste of some teas, so be sure to heat it to the right temperature tea is brewing. You can take a measurement with a thermometer or watch out when you boil the water to know when to turn off the heat. 

Although the water will heat even more evenly when heated in a kettle or saucepan on the stove, you can also heat it in the microwave by filling it 3/4 cup full and filling the cup with ice cream or familiar wooden skewers. Heat the water for 1 minute or until the water starts to bubble, the wooden cup will prevent the water from overheating and possibly exploding.If you pour hot water into a kettle or a cold cup, the water temperature will drop significantly and the tea will not infiltrate properly. Rinse the teapot by filling 1/4 or 1/2 full of hot water teapot or cup.

Leave it on for 30 seconds, then pour it out.If in a hurry you can skip this step, but the tea will be hotter and tastier if you rinse the teapot with hot water.

50g Sugar


Sugar is familiar in the human meal long long time ago. Sugar comes in many different varieties, however, white sugar and brown sugar are the two most common types.

Depending on your personal preference, which one should you choose for your menu.

Sugar is capable of energizing the body to function throughout the day, however, it is recommended to consume in moderation and in moderation.

There are two types of sugars: added sugars and natural sugars. The natural sugars found in foods such as fruits, vegetables, rice, and whole grains are healthy foods that contain water, fiber and other micronutrients. Added sugar is the main ingredient in candies and in many processed foods like soft drinks and cakes. The most common added sugars are plain sugar (sucrose) and fructose corn syrup. To optimize health and lose weight, avoid foods containing added sugar.

Researchers from the American Heart Association (AHA) say that the maximum amount of added sugar per day for men is 150 calories (about 37.5 g or 9 teaspoons of sugar), for women 100 calories. (about 25g or 6 teaspoons of sugar).

How To Make Corn Silk Tea At Home ?

Wash Corn Stubble, Drain

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Boil water, put corn stubble in a pot, boil over low heat for about 20 minutes, add sugar alum, stir well to dissolve the sugar, then turn off the heat.

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Use a sieve to remove the corn stubble, get water to drink

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Corn stubble has a cool sweet taste, can be used in the summer to cool down and cool the body. Each time use 20-60ml corn stubble water, 2 times / day, use 3-4 hours before meals.

What Are The Benefits Of Corn Silk Tea ?

Many people have wondered if drinking corn silk tea is good? It is no coincidence that doctors recommend and are used by many people to be so effective. So what is the effect of corn stubble tea? Corn beard tea to help lower blood pressure is the answer that causes many surprises, right?

Corn stubble, also known as corn stubble, contains ingredients such as fiber, vitamins A, C, K, vitamins B1 – 2 – 6, fatty oils, essential oils, many essential trace elements and other mineral salts. Corn beard tea helps to lower blood sugar while helping to prevent blood clots from flowing. In particular, the content of potassium and calcium salts in corn stubble helps the body avoid losing the amount of mineral salt, effectively supporting low blood pressure.

Supplement With Vitamin C

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The effects of vitamin C have been shown to be effective in preventing the risk of eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts.Taking vitamin C in combination with vitamin E will help reduce the amount of protein in urine in people with diabetes. This is a great effect because people with diabetes often experience protein loss leading to lack of nutrients, weakness.

Vitamin C is also shown to reduce the amount of cholesterol lipoprotein in people with high cholesterol. In addition, this vitamin also helps to convert more than 80% of cholesterol into sulfate dissolved in water and excreted out. For people with fatty blood status, diabetes, if properly supplemented with vitamin C will be very good for the condition.

Eating a lot of food groups containing vitamin C is a very healthy way to lose weight without the side effects. In addition, many studies also confirm that, when combining vitamin C with vitamin E at the right ratio will help improve muscle strength.

Reduced Sugar In The Blood

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Support To Reduce Gout

If you are suffering from gout pain, try drinking corn stubble tea. In this category there are many good effects, helping you to relieve pain with just 3 drinks per day. However, if your condition improves, re-reduce the amount and frequency of intake to avoid undesirable side effects.

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Repel Bedworm

Bedwetting is a fairly common problem that everyone sometimes faces. According to folk medicine, corn stubble tea is quite effective in overcoming this situation. Therefore, before going to bed, drink a cup of tea and check the effect.

Help To Improve Kidney Disease

Corn stubble is also one of the home improvement remedies for kidney patients. This drink is effective in the treatment of kidney-related conditions, including urinary cramps, urinary system inflammation, kidney stones.

Promotes Digestion

Corn stubble tea is quite beneficial in enhancing digestion as well as helping in the treatment of problems in this part. Many studies have shown that this drink can stimulate the liver to excrete bile, helping to process food most thoroughly.

Control Bleed

A benefit of using corn stubble tea, it helps to provide your health with an adequate amount of vitamin K. Vitamin is very important for bleeding control, especially for people who are about to get sick. go through the birthing process.

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Diuretic Corn Beard Tea

Corn stubble tea has many good effects on kidney patients. This ability lies in the drink will stimulate the toilet process, helping you prevent many kidney diseases because of harmful substances will be effectively eliminated from the body.

Corn Tea Contains Many Nutrients

The few foods that contain most of these good compounds make tea from corn stubble a healthy drink that you cannot ignore.


Besides, tea also helps reduce itching or pain, scratches thanks to its vitamin C, which help prevent infection.

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Support Weight Loss

Weight problems stem from a number of factors, such as genetics, weight gain caused by excessive water retention in the body, as well as toxins that accumulate in the digestive system. When drinking tea with corn stubble, you will feel the need to go to the toilet increasing, thereby stimulating the elimination of excess water, making the body feel lighter and more comfortable.

Combined With Other Medicinal Herbs

Initially, corn stubble was found to have originated in the Americas. Distributed mainly in mountainous and lowland areas and used for food. Later, medicinal herbs were widely cultivated everywhere.

In addition to growing for food, nowadays it is also widely used to make medicine because of the benefits that it brings to health.

– Thatched Grass Root

Thatched grass is a perennial plant with long spreading roots and deep underground. Leaves are standing and stiff. The leaf shape is narrow and long, the upper surface is rough and the underside is smooth. The sharp leaf edge can cut off the hand. Flowers are white cotton fibers, mace shaped.

– Plantain Leaf

It is a herbaceous plant and a perennial plant. This is a plant that has the function of regenerating, regenerating in many ways, especially by branches and sometimes with seeds, and especially the trunk has a height of about 10 – 15 cm.

The plant can be easily seen by the leaf blade shaped “spoon”, sometimes shaped like an egg, the leaves are arched along the leaf line and all converge at the tip and base of the leaf.

Psyllium has a sweet, cold taste: the main effect of this plant is to treat diabetes, long-term cough, bronchitis, cholera, dysentery and some other diseases that sometimes cause eye pain. Or there are symptoms of red eye pain, watery tears, causing diuretics, or making the bar of phlegm … Parts used as a medicine: dried or dried psyllium seeds are called distal money; the whole tree with roots removed or dried is called far grassy; the leaves are left fresh or dried or dried.

– Dry Humiliating Label

The alum sugar has the scientific name of Saccharose, also known with a strange name: sugar cane, the chemical formula of alum sugar is C12H22O11. Like sand sugar, rock sugar is made from sugar cane juice, sugar beet, and some other ingredients such as palm sugar, sweet sorghum. Sugar contains Saccharose and some trace elements help to break down into fructose and glucose. In beverage preparation techniques, rock sugar is used very popularly because when cooked in liquid form, it will bring a pleasant sweet taste.

It is known that the label of humiliation is a precious drug in the longan containing many ingredients such as: 0.85 water, 1.26% tartaric acid, 29.91 glucose, 0.22% sacharos, fats, tannins and elements. Other micronutrients … longan is used as a remedy used to treat many different diseases, support health promotion, specifically, logan has the following uses:

The label contains Vitamin C, which is very good for synthesizing collagen, making skin beautiful and healthy, in addition, the label is also combined with some other medicinal ingredients in oriental medicine to improve pigmentation on the skin.

Did you know that there is a lot of iron in the label to help replenish blood for the body to ensure your body works stably and prevent anemia.

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A Few Things To Note When Using Corn Silk Tea

The characteristic of corn stubble is very cool, you can use it regularly but should not be too overused. Please pay attention to some notes when using the following

For corn stubble tea

Temporarily avoid using cornstarch tea for pregnant and lactating women, as there is no safety evidence for mothers, fetuses and babies when drinking this tea.

Limit the consumption of corn stubble tea to those who are taking medications to treat conditions such as diabetes and diuretics. Because the medicinal properties of corn stubble tea will reduce the effectiveness of the drug.

It is advisable to consult a doctor before use, as it may make the condition worse for people with a history of liver and kidney problems.

For Other Corn Stubble Drinks

Should drink corn stubble including corn beard tea about 10 days / month and avoid consuming too much with each drink.

Choose to buy clean corn stubble and wash it several times with cold water to remove the chemical compounds in pesticides, growth drugs.

It is recommended to use fresh corn stubble than dry corn stubble, because of its higher nutrient content.

It is possible to combine the use of corn stubble with herbs to treat diseases, but it is necessary to consult a specialist, to avoid causing side effects and affecting current health.

Stop drinking corn stubble immediately if the body develops unusual symptoms and consult a doctor, or go to the medical facility most needed for treatment.

A Few Things To Note When Using Corn Silk Tea

Do not use corn stubble tea instead of water

Corn stubble has a diuretic effect that increases the amount of urine 3-5 times, increases bile secretion and reduces the amount of bilirubin in the blood. Especially for children because it can cause the body to urinate a lot, causing dehydration. When dehydrated, you can fall into a state of fatigue and poor concentration. Children who drink too much corn stubble can easily affect electrolyte imbalances and cause poor absorption of micronutrients, should only use corn stubble as a supplement with a small amount for children to drink.

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Do not use corn stubble tea for people with blood clotting disease

Do not use it for people with blood clots or post anticoagulants because corn vegetables have good hemostatic properties, increasing the process of blood clotting of the body.

Pregnant women drink corn mustache tea very well but must also limit it

Pregnant women drink corn stubble water is also very healthy because in the first few months, pregnant women often have heat. To overcome this situation, pregnant women can use cool herbs such as corn stubble, sugar cane, and plantain. When using corn stubble in combination with sugarcane, pregnant women should note that corn stubble has strong diuretic properties, if drinking too much will lead to excessive urination and amniotic fluid.

Do not drink corn stubble tea for women who are menstruating

During menstruation, should not drink too much corn stubble tea will make menstrual pain worse. Corn stubble has the effect of clotting, so it is easy to form a blood clot, the most dangerous one can be.

Elderly people need to be careful when using cornstarch tea.

For the elderly, when using it is also necessary to note that corn stubble has the effect of stopping bleeding, for people with blood clots absolutely should not use. Elderly people with blood fat also limit drinking. Some people with heart disease who are taking anticoagulants also do not use cornstarch tea regularly.


Tips for Cooking Delicious Corn Beard

When choosing corn stubble to cook, you should choose a large, glossy, silky, velvet brown beard. Many people have the habit of using dried corn stubble to gradually replace it like tea, but fresh corn stubble is still the best, containing more nutrients. To increase efficiency and effect, you should combine corn stubble with psyllium, grass scratches, war roots, reed roots, pre-herbs … all.

This is a benign drink, very cost-effective because it only has a few simple ingredients but has health benefits. Currently, corn stubble is often susceptible to pesticides so you need to choose clean ingredients, preferably at home, otherwise you can buy them but remember to soak with salt water before using.

Using fresh corn stubble is best

Many people have the habit of using dried corn stubble to gradually replace tea, but using corn stubble in fresh form is still the best because it contains more nutrients. Choose a beard that is large, shiny, smooth, and velvet-brown. To increase the effect, you can also coordinate with other diuretics such as psyllium, grass, grass roots, reed roots, primrose.

Only drink continuously within 10 days

According to Chinese Medicine and Medicine, using corn stubble as a beverage according to folk experience is a good habit because this drink is relatively benign, inexpensive but very beneficial for health. However, when using it also need to be careful to avoid harm to health. Corn stubble is easily infected with pesticides from the spraying, so when using to boil water, it is necessary to wash it thoroughly.

Many people have a habit of using dried corn stubble to gradually replace tea, but using corn stubble in fresh form is still the best because it contains more nutrients. Choose a beard that is large, shiny, smooth, and velvet-brown. To increase the effect, you can also coordinate with other diuretics such as psyllium, grass, grass roots, reed roots, primrose …

Experts also advise, in case you are taking another medicine to treat the disease, you should not use it with corn stubble tea. Attention should not be taken in conjunction with any other diuretic, consult a specialist. When using corn stubble to treat diseases, it should only be used for about 10 days and then stop using for about a week and then use again, to avoid electrolyte disturbances. Also, avoid using these diuretic drinks too much in the evening, which will make it difficult to fall asleep due to having to urinate a lot at night.

For young children, when using cool water to cool down on summer days, it is necessary to avoid using it continuously, changing filtered water every day, and should only use it for a short time. Long-term use of drugs with diuretics can cause electrolyte imbalance, increase excretion, poor absorption of some essential micronutrients for the body such as calcium, potassium … The amount of use is about 20 grams of fresh corn stubble. again, in the form of dry corn stubble is 10gr. Young children should drink only 1-2 small cups of about 200-300ml per day. The additional amount of water is sufficient when the child’s urine is clear, only pale yellow.

Pregnant women drinking corn stubble water is also very healthy. In the first few months, pregnant women often experience heat. To overcome this situation, pregnant women can use cool herbs such as corn stubble, sugar cane, and plantain. When using corn stubble in combination with sugarcane, pregnant women should note that corn stubble has strong diuretic properties, if drinking too much will lead to excessive urination and amniotic fluid. To be safe, pregnant women should only drink twice a week, women with a limited diagnosis of amniotic fluid should limit their use of this water.

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Did mustache tea with pennywort to cause side effects?

The product does not cause any serious undesirable effects. Hypersensitivity reactions may occur in those allergic to the ingredients in the drug. You should immediately notify your doctor or pharmacist when you notice unusual signs while using the product.

Can pregnant and lactating women use Corn Weed Tea?

Pregnant women should use the product with caution because there are no studies on the harmful effects of the product to both the mother and the fetus. Use the product only when directed by your doctor. There are currently no studies on the effects of the product on breastfeeding mothers.

Can the products be used for drivers and machine operators?

The product does not affect the ability to drive and use machines, so it is safe to use.

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Interaction with other products?

Corn Salad has almost no interactions when used with other products because the ingredients of Corn Salad are quite benign active ingredients.

Should I use Cornea Cornea Tea to get the best results?

The product is recommended to be used continuously for 3-6 months for the best effect. Besides, you need to build a nutritious diet, get enough sleep and actively exercise and exercise to improve both physical and mental health.


With the above sharing, hopefully, you will have more useful information about the effects of corn silk tea and notes when drinking corn silk tea! If you want to find a good corn silk tea container then check out the following products: best iced tea pitcher.

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