Top 15 Best Chai Tea Reviews 2020 – Good Tea For Those Who Loves Sweet

When referring to the best chai tea, we have to mention the chai tea that originated from India since the 1870s, the traditional chai tea includes spices and black tea. In Hindi, “Chai Tea” also means “Masala Chai”, and also known as "Mixed Spice Tea". The main ingredients are: Black Tea, Cinnamon, Ginger, Cardamom, Cloves and Anise. To mix with the spicy flavors of cinnamon and other spices, drinkers often add milk to the tea so that the flavor will become richly sweet mixed with a little fat, which is worth a try.

Masala chai or chai tea is a healthy beverage with a history that is quite interesting and has great health benefits. This article will summarize the best chai tea, the best chai tea bags and the best chai tea brands for you, as well as add some information about chai tea that you may not have known.

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Top 15 best chai tea Reviews

best chai tea

It’s quite true to say that this is  the best loose leaf chai tea in the world. This is one of the costly items in the most preferential category. If you can't go to San Francisco and find teahouses to officially enjoy it, don't worry. Because Rishi Tea produces masala chai tea from organic ingredients and ingredients always come from the same origin - including a spicy and sweet blend of Chinese black tea, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, black pepper and cloves. You can order it online at your convenience. Before serving, be sure to dissolve the sugar in the water before filling the tea bag to make sure all the best portions of the tea don't sink to the bottom of the glass. Note: it can be taken with milk to increase deliciousness.

best chai tea

Considered to be the best chai tea bag, a tea pack like this is an incredibly aromatic blend of 100% herbal. This is a black tea with a vanilla flavor and rich flavor mixed with aromatic orange peel and warm sweet spices. It blends with spices to create a full tea with the sweet flavors of nutmeg & cardamom.

Each tea bag is individually wrapped in foil pouches so that you can retain the top taste, freshness and aroma to enjoy wherever you go! Today, Bigelow is still 100% owned by the family company.

To make it the best chai tea bag, remember this way: (you will need a sieve and some honey) first put the honey in an empty glass then pour the tea bag in and add hot water and stir well. Now get ready to indulge in this blissfully sweet-tasting liquid.

best chai tea

Do you believe it? This is a rare concentrate that we recommend in our list. This is the best chai tea brand trademark of Oregon company. Still like other teas. It has also been distributed to a number of other stores. Someone uses it when they drink it with steamed condensed milk if they like it sweeter (or with almond milk is also great, if you are a fan of almonds). You just need to prepare a cup to make tea with hot water, this black tea latte is generally not too sweet so you can drink it immediately, either with milk or with ice. Just add milk and the flavor has been raised to new heights. You can optionally add milk to make the viscosity more concentrated, or add a little honey, sweetener or vanilla. Use this 1 cup of tea to satisfy your tea latte cravings anytime.

best chai tea

The name tells everythings.  It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that it is the best loose leaf chai tea in this review. Don't hesitate to buy because its quality will keep you from feeling regret about your life choices. Each ingredient in Fantastica Tea's Masala Chai Loose Leaf is organic herbs and plants. In terms of taste, you will find its taste also full of familiar names if you are a tea addict: A mixture of cinnamon, cardamom, coriander, ginger, black pepper, cloves and a little bit of black tea native to India and Africa.

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Tea that has a spicy taste is a rather strange feature of chai tea. With the advantage of a spicy flavor and comforting but not overwhelming tea, Tea Forte has both a ginger and cardamom flavor which is quite spicy. If you are curious, you can experience this taste especially from Indian tea house owners when they are ready to pour it for you. Pro tip for home tea makers: boil some of the chai tea together with a mixture of half milk and half water. Just take a sip of your tea and you'll notice that your tea has an incredibly rich taste and milky white color like those in store milk boba tea cups, but the surface is always not too thick.

best chai tea

The winner of the 2019 Silver Sofi Award, the Tea Category! The authentic taste of Blue Lotus Chai will make you fall in love from the first sip. You can completely enjoy this authentic Indian tea without the need for any other sweeteners or milk powder. The bottle of Blue Lotus is a blend of 100% certified organic herbs powders that are fully dissolved. Making this tea is easy, because you only need to wait a few seconds - just add hot water, milk (if you like) and sweetener and enjoy!

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Feel free to buy and try this chai tea because it is a new favorite by tea lovers around the world. Among the packaged teas, their favorite is still the Chocolate Chai from Harney & Sons - one of the best loose leaf chai tea. (The name Chocolate Chai is pretty cute though!).  The main ingredient combines the flavors of a classic chai with rich chocolate and vanilla. It also has a very clear taste of delicious milk and sugar or all alone - one doesn't forget to add ground ginger to the milk before adding hot water to tea brewing - that will help the nutrients in the tea take full advantage of using.

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A box of these best chai tea bag is a combination of many ingredients of a traditional tea bottle, in addition the manufacturer has added a number of new ingredients to give you certain emotions up and down, a "magic" in your cup of tea. The ingredients of this tea are a blend of unique organic flavors such as black, green, white, Pu-erh, rooibos, herbal, & turmeric teas. This is a product with reputable certified organic ingredients.

Numi Tea uses the base herb of real fruits, flowers, & spices. If you are sensitive to these herbs then you should consider it. If you are easygoing, buy a box right away. Although a box of this tea bag does not have many small bags inside, they are always at the forefront for quality.

best chai tea

The aroma spreads in this Twinings branded chai  tea bag.

Online shoppers and especially tea lovers will surely know Twinings. And we can understand why that is! Such a box contains 50 tea bags/ packs, which contribute to the good value of our bodies when compared to similar chai teas in the same price segment.

If you want to be a connoisseur, keep in mind that this tea should be left to its original black color or can be mixed with a little milk if you like sweet. Additional Info: This tea has a rather simple combination of black tea, cinnamon and ginger. Together, these things create a warm, warm feeling, with a rather spicy aftertaste. Of course, you can substitute for a sugary food when you crave sweetness but want to lose weight!

best chai tea

Refreshing taste, relieves your thirst and sweet cravings.

This best chai tea brand and best loose leaf chai tea has been made from wholly organic ingredients and is also proprietary. As you drink it, you'll realize how premium these tea leaves taste. The tea leaves are completely hand-picked by the workers, so the taste of the tea remains intact and even outperformed when compared to the majority of the tea bag brands you see online.

An eye-catching yellow tea container, the purpose is to make everything around it fresh and crisp, and at the same time, this tea box also helps to preserve the intact taste of a bottle of tea. This box will even be reused as a household appliance in your kitchen or to hold other items that interest you!

best chai tea

Delicate Chai Tea Flavor - sweet and cool.

The reason we put these chai tea bags on the list is not only because they save preparation time and make things easier, but also because tea lovers and tea connoisseurs can be creative while using this product. Plus, it is a good chai black tea for Stress Relieving & Enlivening, Immune Support and for Vegan people. By adding ingredients yourself and then blend into a cute cup of tea containing a lot of delicate flavors and of course there will be a little spiciness - rest assured, its taste is not as spicy as you think!

best chai tea

The taste of this Home-made Chai Latte brand has completely won the trust and appreciation from customers.

Although this powdered tea product is not really chai tea, we do not hesitate to admit to you reading this article: if you want to make your own Drink delicious and beautiful, do not forget the tea you can make at this Drink Me restaurant. If you like, you can mix hot milk in a glass to achieve the flavor you've always craved, or create a new flavor from the comfort of your own creative kitchen.

Sugar - although it's not entirely healthy, according to many scientific reports - we welcome adding sugar to your tea so you can feel all the sweetness of it. this product.

best chai tea

Most of the tea or chai tea brands  are very rarely caffeinated drinks, so it's always safe to advise you: don't hesitate to go to the kitchen and make yourself a cup of this delicious vanilla flavored tea. . If you want to drink hot, just add hot water or hot boiled milk. If you want to drink it cold, you can add a little ice. So, no matter what, there is good tea to drink!

E-commerce sites allow you to order this brand-by-box, but if you find yourself in love with the aroma and flavor of vanilla, Amazon has a combo of such delicious chai teas brands for you to have some in your kitchen.

best chai tea

A brand of chai tea that is leaf-free - great for a tea lover like you.

Vahdam brand's original loose leaf chai tea is a special box of tea because it can stimulate your appetite when you know how to use it properly. We have found out that this is a chai tea brand that has a pretty good blend of spiced black tea leaves with rich spices. Simply measure up a large scoop of this masala bottle and place it in a sieve to filter out dust - or put it in your tea maker and just relax and wait and see what happens in your tea just in some minutes!

As you know, chai tea is often suitable when served with a little bit of plant-based milk or condensed milk. If you are interested in this flavoral leaf tea, buy it now so you can taste and taste the so-called "authentic chai tea".

best chai tea

This spiced chai tea contains a variety of premium spices in a tea box - allowing you to become a professional bartender in your home. You do not need the charming and expensive tea houses to make these.

What made us decide to appreciate this brand of spiced chai tea filled with this unique and sweet flavor, is because it spices like cinnamon, cloves and cardamom, and it only needs you to add water and wait for just some seconds to drink. You will realize the strong flavor and delicate aroma as interesting as standing right in front of your dream place. We hope you guys - as customers - will love it!

Buying Tips And News That You May Not Know About Chai Tea

The origin of the word "Chai tea" that few people know

According to the Ayurveda medical documents, chai tea is a tea flavored drink, originating in India from the 1870s. In Hindi, masala/ chai tea means "mixed-spice tea."

Explaining the name "chai", many researchers believe that "chai" or "cha" are all words used to refer to "tea", perhaps derived from the word "vegetarian" in the Persian language to mean "tea" - according to Chinese. Whether Chai tea or Masala chai tea has the word (because they all mean: tea), the vast majority of people who know it still call it to distinguish it from other teas in the world.

Traditional chai tea includes only spices and black tea. However, for added flavor, many places add milk to a tea bottle and is called a “bottle latte” or a “tea chai latte” (a latte chai tea).

This drink is also known by the Middle East as "karak bottle".

5 Great Uses Of Chai Tea From India

  • Tea Chai awakens energy:

Because there is caffeine in tea leaves, Indian Chai Tea is a great choice to start the morning or provide a little more energy in the middle of the day.

  • Supports good digestion

Like many teas like South African black tea, Indian Chai Tea is a great choice for regulating the digestive system and keeping your intestines healthy. Ginger is the ingredient that makes up the use. Ginger aids digestion by improving circulation and providing oxygen to organs so that they can function in their best way.

best chai tea
  • Tea helps reduce nausea:

In addition to aiding in digestion, the ginger in Indian Chai Tea acts as a medicine to help relieve nausea and has been used to treat common ailments such as motion sickness or nausea during pregnancy. Researchers have shown that taking 1 - 1.5 grams of ginger per day is effective in treating nausea, fighting inflammation, and soothing an upset stomach.

  • Resistance improvement:

Since it can be combined with many herbal ingredients, some Indian Chai teas will contain cardamom. Cardamom has been the staple herb of Tibetan medicine for centuries, containing high doses of vitamin C and other nutrients that are good for the immune system. According to experts, black cardamom has antiseptic and detoxifying properties while green cardamom can help clear sinuses and detoxify the body.

best chai tea
  • Increases heart health:

Cinnamon, the main ingredient in Indian Chai Tea, has been shown to lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol. These factors will create favorable conditions to protect the health of the heart, preventing bad conditions from occurring, such as atherosclerosis. Every day using 1 cup of Indian Chai tea will help the body healthy and stay away from all kinds of diseases.

Should we regularly drink bottled tea?

best chai tea

The polyphenol content that manufacturers publish on their product labels may not be completely accurate because there are no standards for this that are issued by the government or any organization in the world. . Besides, polyphenols will usually be lost over time with any tea. From the moment you pour hot water to make the tea, the tea polyphenols will slowly disappear over time. Therefore, keeping high polyphenol content in a bottle of bottled tea is extremely difficult or must use a certain method of preservation.

If your need is merely to find a drink that is easy to drink and quenches quickly, bottled tea is a pretty convenient option. However, if you need to drink tea to enjoy and really drink for health, then use the "real" teas. The "real" here are the tea wings grown and produced by traditional methods, with the hands of a farmer or a tea maker, requiring you to make them to feel the unique flavor in each. delicious tea cup.

Conclusion: For Best Chai Tea

After our 2020 Best Chai Tea Detailed Review, here are the top 3 chai tea brands that we think everyone should try once in a lifetime to taste them  as real as possible by your own senses.

The 3 best chai tea are:

Chai Tea is a very healthy tea that warms the body, enhances memory, reduces headaches and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Therefore, after the article summarizing many delicious best chai tea products in the world, along with useful information that you may need to know, we hope you have had important and up-to-date knowledge. to be able to choose for yourself the best bottled tea that you are about to bring to your kitchen.

We hope you are always happy and have meaningful tea parties with your family!

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