Top 17 Best Loose Leaf Green Tea Reviews 2021 For Your Healthy Heart

Green tea is a familiar drink of many people because of its aroma and purification. Green tea is a brand that is familiar to many people and has many wonderful effects because it is a healthy drink and brings many health benefits of all ages. Sipping a cup of tea helps to rejuvenate and relax the spirit, and rejuvenate the skin as well as age. It's easy to understand when people are always looking for the best loose leaf green tea because this is a kind of tea that is convenient for everyone including the busiest ones.

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Top 17 best loose leaf green tea Reviews [Year]

best loose leaf green tea

One of the tea's ingredients is nettle, which is considered a dialysis agent because it aids the liver and kidneys in detoxifying the body in the most gentle and simple way, according to the manufacturer. More specifically, for women, if you have hormonal imbalances and other menstrual problems, then using this tea is a great choice. Stinging nettle helps to reduce the amount of menstrual bleeding a lot and at the same time it can also reduce the severity of cramps when you are approaching month. This tea has achieved 100% organic certification in the United States. In addition to making tea, one can use the remaining tea grounds to wash hair. Nettle leaves will help regenerate hair strands and make hair healthier. Strongly recommended! Many people reported they are having more energy and feeling healthy from drinking one of the best green tea leaves like this product. Its taste is quite palatable.

best loose leaf green tea

These are loose leaf BUT the taste and color are amazing.

It is loose leaf and very good quality as any other fresh leaf and originated in Shizuoka Prefecture, where delicious tea is produced.

Instructions for making Japanese sencha green tea: boil the water to about 170F, rinse the teapot with hot water and drain, then put the tea in the kettle and wait for 30 seconds then use. If you can stir it through a few rounds it will improve the flavor. The whole taste is said to be much better than the tea bought at the US grocery store. Light, sweet, tea-like flavor from American sencha brands (grown in South America, not Japan). If you're looking for a tasty yet cheap powdered tea flavor, this is a good match. If you choose to deliver from Japan it will take 5 weeks, so plan if you want the best and most delicious tea supply.

best loose leaf green tea

As a certified organic tea company, it has a long shelf life and because it is a Classic Tea the taste is strong, unforgettable, and clear. The manufacturer has directly sourced the product to bring back for processing at the factory. It has a natural green tea flavor and note that it contains caffeine. Also you should know that this tea is not in pill form, compact, beautiful, like some other teas. The taste stands out for its price and can be mixed with cool boiled water and just boiling water. If you mix it with boiling water they will taste very bitter. Remember, green tea must be mixed with water to cool immediately after boiling as the water has cooled down and the bitterness of the tea reduced. Never mind the dead bodies of tea leaves and tea stalks mixed with tea powder. Also it is very reasonably priced.

best loose leaf green tea

There is also a mix of exotic green tea and strawberries with pineapple to create a mild sweetness, which also contributes to boosting metabolism. Green tea and oolong tea work to help suppress appetite and boost metabolism, helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle. For a delicious drink, use hot tea or iced tea, brew as usual or add sweetness with honey / sugar. This variety of flavors is sure to suit all tastes and lifestyles of all customers. Compared to some other brands that I have tried, their quality is not as good as this brand. Also, I have tried brewing tea in both hot and cold brewing and it feels very full. If you are fat-minded then this is your diet tea. Let’s try it for the best loose leaf green tea!

best loose leaf green tea

Jasmine green tea is a wonderful drink loved all over the world because it has natural antioxidant and uplifting effects in the morning. Green tea is always the best drink that is very good for those who are on a diet and want to lose weight, and it improves mood, stimulates brain activity and helps to sleep easily. If you are really a tea lover then you will know what a good tea flavor is when using this product.

Warm tea for winter and cool for summer. This is the gift of nature bestowed to everyone, with few side effects. Want to give gifts to friends? This is a great option that you should consider.

best loose leaf green tea

You can instantly smell the scent of jasmine while mixing it with hot water and drinking it! This will be the delicious and quality jasmine tea you've ever tried and its scent is one of its best. Its taste is really pleasant, with no other grassy smell in it, and with a pleasant fruity taste but not too strong in both aroma and flavor, you will enjoy a premium cup of tea. .

This is actually a tea that synthesizes all the aromas of many teas. Especially the scent of both green tea and jasmine. Whenever I open this box, the aroma hits. The aroma of the tea comes from jasmine and the benefits of jasmine are indescribable, especially for human health from pure green tea. This tea is very smooth, very fragrant and has a sweeter taste than normal green tea. Buy yourself a tea box to evaluate its effectiveness!

best loose leaf green tea

If anyone has ever liked to drink black tea and has a habit of drinking tea, especially cinnamon tea, this is the tea that satisfies your taste buds. It is of very good quality indeed. It is very different from black tea even though it looks like black tea. The most favorite thing about this tea is that when drinking, you do not need to add anything to drink together, you can feel its deliciousness very fully. Many people believe that they prefer loose leaf tea because of its flavor and quality over the sachet. Just boil the water to a gentle boil then remove it from the stove and pour it into the tea pot and let the tea steep for at least 4-5 minutes. Long or short soaking time will produce a strong or light tea depending on the taste of each person. This tea has the added advantage of no sweeteners! This tea may seem strange when it comes to ingredients, but its deliciousness proves all your doubts. I'm sure a lot of people will love this best loose leaf green tea!

best loose leaf green tea

The manufacturer harvested the tea leaves and then kept them in a refrigerated warehouse in China to keep it fresh.

Once classified as Grade A and Grade B, tea is transported by plane to Amazon Warehouse every month. Sometimes they will ship from China to the US by land to keep its quality fresh.

Special flavor: including LongJing green tea, the strange aroma of fried beans and when made, it is very smooth and tender. This tea taste is very specific because it has a sweet sweet smell, blends the bitterness of green tea, is not too acrid, after drinking it can still feel the sweet and cool tea taste. Remember not to soak for too long as this will cause the tea to taste bitter. You should use water at about 100 ℃ to brew and just wait about 1.5 minutes and then drink the tea at a delicious level.

best loose leaf green tea

The wonderful blend of green tea with mint leaves creates an uplifting, alert, feeling great drink at any time of the day. If you are a tea connoisseur, you should definitely try this tea, buy a box for the kitchen to add sweetness and flavor.The rolled tea leaves are small enough to soak in warm water and produce a good quality cup of tea, but they are also large enough that when mixed with warm water the tea grounds remain in the tea bag. Your cup of tea will have excellent transparency. 

This tea is very soft, tasty, rich fragrant and brings depth to the user. It also causes the tip of our tongue to curl up in a curve so that we can fully enjoy its taste. Obviously its taste will become richer if we put the tea leaves in boiling water and stir for about 10-15 seconds then remove from the stove, cover for 5 minutes and wait. This method of making tea is almost identical to the Indian brewing method because in part it is a tea originating from India. If you want a better cup of tea, share this kind of best green tea leaves with breakfast. Bon Appetit!

best loose leaf green tea

The tea leaves are very light, processed entirely by hand and soak the sweet fragrance of jasmine into each tea spoon as you brew. Short time then enjoy.

The healthy active ingredients in tea are obtained from natural tea leaves without the use of agricultural chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers or colorants. The manufacturer guarantees to supply you with the highest quality products in hand and makes your experience very important.

best loose leaf green tea

The main ingredient of this tea is none other than green jasmine. Private Selection of green jasmine tea is expected to be one of the favorites of anyone who loves tea and loves to drink tea, especially the scented tea. It has a very aromatic and bold flavor, its taste is quite strong compared to the green teas you usually see.

How to prepare fast for busy people: Put fresh boiled water in tea and wait for 1 minute to cool. Pour water slightly above the level of tea in the jar and soak for 1-2 minutes, not too long. If you want your tea to be clean, you can use a sieve to filter the tea after brewing. The tea will turn green with no residue.

The composition of this tea is made from all the green tea leaves grown on the highlands, so you will hear the fragrance of jasmine buds.

best loose leaf green tea

This is a very special tea not only because its name is kept intact as the Chinese name but it also means that the tea leaves were harvested before April 5 every year - a special holiday for Eastern countries . A pretty good way to use tea from the Chinese experience is to use a glassware to make tea, then it will give a very delicious taste. Just make tea with 150ml of water at the temperature of about 80 ℃ to have 1 cup of strong tea. You can also drink ice, as long as you wait 1 minute after making hot tea.

best loose leaf green tea

What is soursop? Do you know what it looks like and what it tastes like? If not, try a soursop flavored tea that is native to the Americas. This tea is also gaining popularity in Asia as it is a familiar fruit. Soursop-flavored green tea has a mild aroma, fresh fruit flavors like oranges and tangerines, very delicious! Revealing to you, this tea can treat indigestion. In addition, tea also helps support users to have a peaceful sleep.

Rest assured that this is a genuine soursop tea, not flavoring to create a fake smell - that's what makes us count on that delicious taste.

best loose leaf green tea

If you are looking for a premium tea, here are the suggestions for its rich flavor and color.

The manufacturer blends with bergamot herbs to enhance the unique flavor of the Earl Gray brand.

Such a box of tea is reasonably priced and has a very fragrant aroma and a strange taste. Many people expressed satisfaction when buying this product because unlike other canned tea, this tea when packaged was filled with full of tea rather than just half poured into the box like other types. What are you waiting for without trying this best loose leaf green tea!
best loose leaf green tea

We believe this is the best green tea available from the Organic India brand. Described for its delicious taste, it would undoubtedly be a must-have in the tea collection of everyone who loves tea. The finished tea looks very rich and smooth with no residue mixed with it, along with the aroma that can be described as delicate. Overall, this is a high quality tea that everyone wants to try once.

best loose leaf green tea

Surely if you are a tea lover and knowledgeable about tea, you will know that green tea is one of the oldest teas among teas. Green tea exists in the hearts of tea lovers because of its many wonderful properties. Among them, the health benefits are the most important. Of course green tea also has different levels of caffeine, but overall, the caffeine content of green tea is not too high, still can keep you awake but not too addictive. In terms of packaging, these tea leaves still retain their flavor even though they have gone through the production line. Please rest assured to buy to invest in the health benefits.

best loose leaf green tea

With 100% tea leaves dried thanks to advanced technology, the tea leaf drying process takes place with 2 closed stages, no smoke and environment friendly. If you are a lover of the environment and need to find an environmental brand, then this is the best tea for you. Another great thing is, this is a very effective weight loss tea because it boosts metabolism, burns many calories but can reduce appetite. This is a safe and natural tea that detoxifies, but is very effective.

Energize your new day with 1 cup of tea from this yerba mate brand!

How To Choose The Best Loose Leaf Green Tea For Your Health And Beauty?

Essential information about green tea plants

best loose leaf green tea

The green tea tree has the English name camellia sinensis. This is a perennial plant, living in bushes, with many leaves. Normal green tea leaves will be 3-15 cm long and 2-6cm wide. Green tea leaves are green in color, their color darkens from top to bottom. The edges of the tea leaves are serrated. Usually, the buds, or young leaves, are harvested to be able to make the best teas.

It is a little yellow in color, about 3cm in diameter, with an average of 6-8 petals per flower. The seeds in the flower can be pressed to get essential oils.

Where is the green tea tree?

Green tea originates from China, the Hunan region, and Yunnan China. There are many large tea hills here. Later, the tea tree was imported to other countries in Asia such as Japan, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam ...

Wonderful benefits of green tea you may not know yet

best loose leaf green tea
  • Protect heart health

Green tea may protect our hearts from ischemic damage. The anti-inflammatory compound in green tea is catechins that can reduce inflammation and reduce oxidative stress on the heart. And getting rid of bad cholesterol reduces the risk of atherosclerosis.

  • Support for treatment of oral diseases

With green tea's antimicrobial properties, it will remove unpleasant odors in the mouth, return natural breath and prevent tooth decay. In addition, according to 1 study, green tea can also significantly reduce the loss of tooth enamel.

  • Clear heat, eliminate toxins

Green tea reduces the body's ability to store water. Get rid of excess body fluids. Both discharge toxins and have a cooling effect on the body.

  • Cure sore throat

Boil about 100ml of boiling water for green tea and add about 10g of licorice and continue boiling for 5 minutes. Filter the water, then boil it again, mix 2 times the water, drink 4-5 times a day. Drink it continuously for 3-5 days, you will see results.

  • Reduce the risk of gallstones

The compound EGCG and polyphenols found in green tea work to prevent abnormal cells from growing and reduce the risk of biliary diseases.

best loose leaf green tea
  • Treatment of bloating, flatulence and vomiting

Green tea braised with water, add a few flower buds or apricots. Leave for 5 minutes to soak in water and then drink, once a day while still hot.

  • Diuretic

Drinking green tea helps to inhibit the absorption of the kidney tubules. Stimulates the motor center of the blood vessels thereby having a diuretic effect

  • Lower blood pressure

More than 4000 active ingredients in green tea are good for lowering blood pressure, so it is especially good for people with high blood pressure.

  • Against aging

Thanks to the different vitamins and amino acids present in green tea, it is effective in preventing the deficiency of vitamins A, B, C ... Drinking green tea for a long time can both help prevent disease and prolong life. .

  • Anti-anxiety and mental relaxation aids

According to a few proven studies, the thiamine in green tea has a calming effect on nerves, stress and stress.

  • Reduced chance of diabetes

Polyphenols and polysaccharides present in fresh tea leaves will stabilize and maintain blood sugar at a low level. At the same time, it helps our bodies improve insulin sensitivity, reducing the risk of type II diabetes.

  • Weight loss

The EGCG in the tea leaves helps the body burn fat and calories every day. It also helps stop the conversion of glucose into fat cells, which in turn reduces your weight.

  • Anti-bacterial disease

EGCG and ECG inhibit the growth of many types of bacteria. These catechins link together to form bacterial membranes, preventing bacteria from causing disease.

  • Eliminate foot odor

By soaking your feet in warm green tea every night before going to bed, it both helps eliminate foot odor and makes you feel comfortable after a day of walking a lot.

best loose leaf green tea
  • Beneficial for children

Using green tea to bathe your baby will help eliminate bacteria and your baby will have a smooth skin. Every day for children to drink 1 cup of warm green tea will help fight anorexia and be good for the child's digestive tract.

  • Green tea prevents cancer

The composition of green tea contains many antioxidants, which help to protect the tissues and cells in the body, prevent free tissue, and form cancer cells. Antioxidant ingredients in green tea leaves are also many times more effective than vitamins C and E, helping to protect cells from being destroyed by cancer.

  • Green tea fortified with calcium

High fluoride in green tea helps keep bones healthy, protects bones, prevents osteoporosis, osteoarthritis diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, back fatigue, knee fatigue ...

The correct way to make green tea

best loose leaf green tea

To have a good cup of tea not only depends on the ingredients of the tea, but also depends on how we make the tea. The way of making tea has been compared by many as an art of purity.

Use fresh tea leaves to wash, crush and put in a kettle. Pour boiling water and wait for 5-10 minutes to infuse the tea and drink. Or you can use dry tea in a kettle and then pour water (87 degrees max) and wait for 5 minutes. Then you can enjoy it.

With the way of making dry tea, people often use 2g tea for every 100ml of water (equivalent to about 1 teaspoon of green tea in a 150ml cup) Should be mixed with a warm water temperature of 61-87 degrees Celsius for a period of 30 seconds, if the brake water is too hot or the braking water is too long, resulting in over-releasing of the tannins in the tea, making the tea thicker and bitter.

To have a delicious cup of tea, two techniques you need to be clear are to first rinse the teapot over hot water to avoid bacteria, avoid the tea from cooling, and let the tea leaves in the kettle and then slowly pour more boiling water when drinking.

Note when using green tea 

best loose leaf green tea

In addition to the above health benefits, if consumed incorrectly, all of the best green tea leaves also has the following side effects:

- Because each cup of green tea contains about 24-45 mg of caffeine, if drinking too much a day (4-5 times), it will lead to irritable bowel syndrome, causing insomnia, diarrhea or constipation, ...

- For those who are taking drugs that stimulate the function of the nervous system should not be taken with green tea. Doing so will cause bad nervous system effects such as dizziness, sudden increase in blood pressure.

- Drinking green tea on an empty stomach will cause stomach upset (because the amount of stomach acid increases, creating a feeling of vomiting and constipation, ...)

- Green tea inhibits the body's use of calcium, causing you to suffer from osteoporosis due to calcium deficiency.

Rules to follow when drinking green tea

best loose leaf green tea

- Do not drink too cold tea because cold tea will cause phlegm in the throat and inhibit the trachea.

- Tea that is aged for a long time will be susceptible to oxidation and infection

- Tea should not be reconstituted many times because trace elements in tea will no longer be available.

- Avoid drinking tea before and after eating (drinking before eating will dilute gastric juice, drinking after eating will make the protein in food harden and cause indigestion because tea contains tannic acid and causes depression. with iron and calcium absorption, so it is not healthy).

- Do not use tea to drink with drugs (will affect the effectiveness of the drug).

- Tea left overnight will cause some vitamins to be broken down, causing negative effects on health.

During the days when women reach menstruation, they should not consume green tea as it will cause more blood loss.

- Do not drink green tea before going to bed because it will cause insomnia.

- Avoid drinking tea made too thick to avoid affecting the nervous system.

Conclusion: Best Loose Leaf Green Tea

Above are some suggestions for best green tea leaves and best loose leaf green tea that we just introduced to you. Take a look at all the brands and their effects to choose the best ones. If you are wondering, here are the top 5 brands that we have chosen for you:

We've provided you with a host of useful and basic information you need to know about the best brands of quality tea. Hopefully, the article will help you choose some favorite brands and can accompany you for a long time when you need a nutritious and beneficial drink.

Good luck and be happy!

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