Top 15 Best Temperature Control Kettle Reviews 2020

Kettle used to be very popular in countries where people love hot beverages like tea and coffee. Nowadays, it has become an essential in the kitchen all around the world. And thanks to the technology revolution, we can now easily get a high quality kettle without paying too much. Looking for a kettle that helps you to control the water temperature? You are in the right place! We will bring you a close look at 15 best temperature control kettle in 2020.

Temperature controlled kettle is also called variable temperature kettle which could be used not only to boil water but also to heat water to different temperatures. This appliance is perfect for drinks that do not need boiling water, such as herbal teas and coffee.  

You could have to pay more; however, isn’t it such a great experience when you can precisely set the water temperature you want? You will get the most from your favorite drinks when they are brewed at an ideal temperature! Moreover, the temperature setting is also helpful in preparing several instant meals.

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Top 15 best temperature control kettle Reviews 2020

Rozmoz Electric Gooseneck 0.8-Liter Kettle

[amazon box="B0876TBRF6" ]

The Rozmoz kettle is a full-body stainless steel construction that does not have any plastic. This might be a plus for someone who really cares about BPA-free. Its gooseneck design and balanced insulated handle allows precise pouring.

It has 6 temperature settings from 158 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit with adjustable button. There is a Keep-warm function so that you can keep the water at a desired temperature after heating. The 1000-watt output power enables you to boil your water in 2 minutes only. The LCD display on the base of the kettle will show you the real-time water temperature, allowing you to monitor the process easily.

This kettle comes with 3 security protection functions, including an anti-dry and an automatic shut-off function. These will ensure your safety by immediately shutting off when the water is boiled or when there is no water inside.

Cuisinart CPK-17 1.7-Liter Kettle

[amazon box="B003KYSLNQ" ]

This recent kettle from Cuisinart might impress you with its performance by time. It has 6 preset temperature options coming along with 6 buttons, which are super easy to use. This appliance is also able to hold water at an accurately fixed temperature. Its “Keep warm” feature can keep the water at a set temperature for even 30 minutes, meaning that you will not have to reheat the water again and again to prepare your beverages.

Its blue LED indicator lights allow you to easily monitor the heating process. The 360-degree swivel base is provided to enable cordless convenience. Especially, you will not have to worry too much about cleaning since its scale filter is removable and washable. The kettle comes with boil-dry protection by which it will automatically shut off when no water is detected.

With its 1500-watt output power, we found out that it does not take too much time for this kettle to boil water, so you can save your time and effort. This easy-to-use kettle comes with a three-year warranty so that you can feel more secure. This is much more generous in comparison with other kettles with similar prices.

OXO BREW Adjustable Temperature Electric Pour-Over 1.7-Liter Kettle

[amazon box="B074KHPS7F" ]

This good-looking gooseneck from OXO has the ability to boil water quite fast, in comparison with other similarly priced kettles and even the more expensive ones. It takes only 3 minutes and 18 seconds to boil a liter of water. Its gooseneck design is particularly useful for people who ofen overpour their water.

Its control interface helps you to adjust the water temperature from 40 to 100 degrees Celsius and it is very accurate to the degree. This kettle has the memory function which allows remembering the last temperature you set, so it might be easier for you in the next use. There are temperature suggestions for popular beverages like oolong tea and coffee printed on the base of the kettle, helping to remove the guesswork. Besides, you will be immediately notified with a beep when your water is ready to use.

This appliance is equipped with a screen display which shows real-time water temperature in order to help you to follow the heating process if you want to. This OXO product also has the ability to hold the water at your desired temperature for up to 30 minutes. And there is one feature that you can rarely find in any other kettles: it has a count-up timer for you to adjust the duration as well as the speed of the pour.

KitchenAid KEK1565ER 1.5 Liter Kettle

[amazon box="B07HBPC3MD" ]

This kettle from KitchenAid is one of the premium kettles in the market these days. This kettle might not look very attractive to you, but it has many features that can impress you. First of all, it can heat your water to any temperature you want, from 50 degrees Celsius to the boiling point - 100 degrees Celsius. 

The temperature controls panel is right next to the temperature display and is very easy to read, allowing you to quickly get used to the unit. 

Like many other temperature controlled kettles, this 1.5-liter kettle can keep your 1.5 liters of water at a set temperature for up to 30 minutes. There is also a display on the handle’s top which shows you how the process is going. You might notice that its lid opens not as gently as others' do. Some people find it enjoyable but some do not. As almost all of the premium kettles offer the same range of options, this tiny touch might affect your decision.

Smeg KFL04 BLUS 1.7-Liter Kettle

[amazon box="B07937HBB7" ]

This retro design from Smeg comes with different colors for you to choose from. Rated 4.8 stars on Amazon, this 1.7-liter kettle might satisfy you with its persistent performance. It has a soft-opening lid and an anti-slip feet 360° swivel base, meaning that you can easily approach it from different directions.

This appliance is equipped with a LED display which shows you the water temperature. It also brings you various temperature options by which you can have a 5-degree increment from 50 to 100 degrees Celsius. 

In addition, this unit is easy to clean as it comes with a washable and removable limescale filter. Its audible acoustic alarm, which is very elegant and cheerful, appears both when the cycle starts and ends. One more thing, this kettle will be auto shut off at selected temperature and especially when no water is detected. So you could feel much more secure. However, you could have to consider its price tag since it is not really reasonable.

KitchenAid KEK1522CA 1.5-Liter Kettle

[amazon box="B00CT9XQ7Y" ]

Here is another product from KitchenAid on our list of best temperature control kettle! However, you might have to consider its price tag before deciding.

It comes with a stunning design and 4 different colors so that you can have more choices for your kitchen. If you like a dual wall body and a soft grip handle, have a look at this product! Its temperature slider covers from 50 to 100 degrees Celsius in order to cover your needs. 

However, some people have complained about the noise it makes during the heating process since its lid keeps popping up. You will be alarmed with a very elegant chime once when you turn the unit on, and once when it reaches the set temperature and shuts off. It can hold a lot of water, too, even more than 1.5 liters as described.

Fellow Stagg EKG, Electric Pour-over 0.9-Liter Kettle

[amazon box="B077JBQZPX" ]

If you are searching for a gooseneck variable temperature kettle, this product from Fellow Stagg could be a good choice. It is able to impress you not only by its stylist look but also by its wide range of functions. You might feel really comfortable pouring your water with this appliance, thanks to its well-designed handle.

Its 1200-watt output power can boil your water in such a short period of time. It is remarkable that this unit can keep the water at a favoured temperature for up to 60 minutes, much more than many other premium kettles can do.

You will find it easy to regulate the heating temperature by choosing a temperature between 135 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. You can quickly switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa with only one touch. The water temperature will be shown on the LCD screen on the base for you to monitor. 

With a built-in stopwatch, this premium kettle allows you to time your brewing to get the ideal taste! Stagg EKG was even used in many barista competitions in the US. This stunning design kettle does not come with a low price; however, it comes with a 1-year warranty so that you can feel much more relaxed.

Proctor Silex Electric 1.7-Liter Tea Kettle

[amazon box="B008J8MM1U" ]

Here comes the best temperature control kettle on a budget! This appliance is really reasonable but has a large capacity of 1.7 liters. The temperature settings located on the button of the kettle would allow you to quickly adjust the water temperature to make your favorite beverages, from the minimum temperature suitable for green tea, the higher temperature up to boiling point for other drinks like oolong tea and black tea.

The 1500-watt heating element can shorten the period of boiling. Meanwhile, boil-dry protection function will shut off the kettle immediately when no water is detected, in order to prevent the kettle from overheating or burning. 

There are two water-level windows on two sides of this kettle for you to easily control how much water you have filled into it or how much you have left. You will know when your water is done or not by looking at the light. Its cordless lifts off base helps the pouring become easier and more convenient.

This inexpensive variable temperature kettle comes with a 1-year warranty that is really impressive compared to others with similar prices.

Bonavita Variable Temperature Electric 1.0-Liter Kettle

[amazon box="B005YR0F40" ]

With a reasonable price, this kettle from Bonavita is a combination of various features and good performance. It enables you to heat your water to precisely a temperature you need for your favorite drinks.

It has the capacity of 1 liter and a heating power of 1000 watts, so it might take longer to boil water compared to premium kettles. The heating temperature can be adjusted in 1-degree increments from 140 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The kettle can hold the water at your favored temperature for up to 60 minutes, which even better than many premium kettles can do. The digital display shows the water temperature, not the pre-set number. Besides, there is a timer displaying how much time is left until the preset temperature is reached. The precise pouring control helps you to prevent over pouring.

Additionally, there is no BPA plastic used. This nice kettle goes together with a 1-year warranty.

Queen Sense Electric 1.7-Liter Kettle

[amazon box="B07DK5J7JJ" ]

If you are looking for a powerful variable temperature kettle with large capacity, this Queen Sense kettle might be a good choice! It has 5 temperature settings and each of these settings is recommended for specified beverages like green tea, black tea and coffee.

This appliance can keep your water warm for up to 12 hours, meaning that you can immediately make your favorite coffee after waking up in the morning. Its 1500-watt power is able to heat water in a short period of time. It will stop heating when the desired temperature is reached as well as when it runs dry. Hence, you can feel much more secure.

This stunning design comes along with a blue LED indicator, that will easily fit your place. There are no non-safe materials used! A built-in stainless steel mesh filter and durable borosilicate glass might be a plus. Its 360-degree placement on the base allows you to approach it from any direction. This kettle is accompanied by a 2-year warranty and exchange.

Chefman Digital Electric Glass 1.5-Liter Kettle

[amazon box="B07TYGG2S3" ]

The Chefman kettle gives you 2 options of capacity: 1.5 liters and 1.7 liters. Many people have given compliments to its preset temperature settings. It has even 8 preset temperature settings that can perfectly meet your needs when making various kinds of tea and coffee. These settings are also useful for any other hot water need like making instant meals.

This kettle is equipped with a digital touch display so that you can quickly get used to the way it works. There is an option to keep your water warm for up to 60 minutes, so do not worry too much about refilling your beverages. 

The removable tea infuser is included to brew your favorite tea or coffee directly in the glass kettle. It is very easy to clean, too. Safety feature which is a boil-dry function is added to ensure your safety. Last but not least, this kettle comes along with a 1-year warranty so you can purchase worry-free.

Fellow Corvo EKG Electric 1-Liter Kettle

[amazon box="B07DTMZL56" ]

This is another functional kettle by Fellow on this list of best temperature control kettle. It comes with not only a stunning design but also a wide range of features. Its 1200 watts of heating power will save you from waiting for the water to be done. 

The dial on the base is used for adjusting the temperature from 105 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, and it is simple to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit settings. You can keep the water at your favored temperature for 60 minutes after heating. 

It has a built-in brew stopwatch so that you can adjust the brewing time accurately. You can view the preset mode along with the real-time temperature through the LED display at any time.

HadinEEon Variable Temperature Electric 2-Liter Kettle

[amazon box="B07HT3FXCY" ]

Still looking for a reasonable kettle? You might want to have a close look at this HadinEEon kettle. Its large capacity of 2 liters might be a good choice for your household.

It has 6 different temperature settings which help to bring out the best taste of tea and coffee. Its 1200-watt output power heats the water very quickly and quietly. And the water can be kept warm for up to 4 hours, meaning that you will not have to worry about reheating again.

It is equipped with safety auto-off and boil-dry protection, so you might feel safe to leave it alone in the kitchen. Especially, you will get a 3-year warranty and 1-year money back with great customer service from the brand. No wonder why it is rated 4.8 stars on Amazon!

Kenwood SJM610 Persona Collection Electric 1.7-Liter Kettle

[amazon box="B00SJLD7MK" ]

You will get a great brewed beverage thanks to this kettle’s 7 precise preset temperature programs. The Kenwood temperature controlled kettle has the ability to hold you water at a favored temperature for up to 30 minutes.

Its LCD display panel with buttons can help you to easy monitor the heating process. There is an elegant audible alarm “ding” every time after the water reaches the preset temperature. However, you can choose to turn it on or off.

Many people have given compliments to this product’s capability to boil water quickly and quietly. You can easily switch the measurement from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa.

The one thing you would have to consider is its price tag, which might not be really cheap without special offers or discounts.

Breville BKE820XL IQ Kettle

[amazon box="B001DYERBK" ]

Rated 4.5 stars on Amazon, the Breville kettle brings you with a 1500-watt output power which shortens the boiling time. It has five preset temperature settings, including 175°F, 185°F, 195°F, 200°F, and 212°F. Each of these settings is suitable for different beverages.

The stand and pitcher are multi-directional so that you can find it easy to use even if you are right-handed or left-handed. Its water-level window is easy to read as it comes with moody backlight. The kettle is able to hold the water temperature for up to 20 minutes.

As there is no audible alarm then you would have to pay attention to the heating process to identify when your water is done. You might want to know that this kettle is not BPA free.

Complete Buying Guide: How To Pick The Best Temperature Control Kettle?

Temperature Settings

best temperature control kettle

15 best temperature kettle in the list come along with different temperature settings. You can have a look and decide based on your personal demands. It really depends on your list of favorite beverages since each drink needs a specified water temperature. 

If you want a kettle which can keep your water at a desired temperature for as long as possible, you should also consider the kettle’s function of keep-warm. Normally, premium kettles can keep the water warm up to 60 minutes or even 12 hours.

Output Power

best temperature control kettle

A high quality kettle should be able to quickly reach your desired temperature. These best temperature control kettle in our list normally have the power from 1200 to 1500 watts, which has the capability to shorten the boiling process.

Capacity and Dimensions

It is very important to know how much hot water you usually need. If you are living alone or with your partner only, a 1-liter kettle must work for you. However, if you are looking for a kettle for your family or office, you might need the one with larger capacity. So carefully consider your demands before making a decision.

You should also pay attention to the dimensions to make sure it fits your counter or even helps to save your space.

best temperature control kettle

Simple Control

You definitely do not want to challenge yourself only to heat your water. So have a look at the kettle’s instructions, control panel and display. The kettle should allow you to simply make your favorite drinks at a short period of time.


Always put your personal requirements on your thought, you will find a product that suits you. For instance, you will need a kettle with a 360-degree placement base for your office where there are left-handed and right-handed people. Or if you are really serious about your pour-over routine, you might prefer a gooseneck kettle which gives you control over the direction as well as speed of the stream.

best temperature control kettle

Safety Features

Before, these features were only added in premium products; however, you can now own a kettle with various safety features without paying too much, thanks to the technology revolution. Do not forget to check if the kettle has auto shut-off function or boil-dry protection. These functions will ensure your safety and allow you to leave the kettle alone in your kitchen.

Easy to Clean

Is the kettle easy to clean or not? Do not forget to answer this question before buying. You would find it more comfortable to clean those kettles having removable tea filter. Kettles that are made from glass are also easier to clean compared to the ones made 100% from stainless steel or plastic.

best temperature control kettle


Since we are talking about the best temperature control kettle, the price tag would be higher than that of normal electric kettles. Therefore, you might be really concerned about warranty. So remember to have a look at the return and exchange policy before making your decision. Almost all of the brands offer a 1-year warranty and only a few of them offer a better one, which could last from 2 to 3 years.


Below is a short video for you to have a closer look at one of our top 15 best temperature control kettle. And don’t forget to go through our buying guide before making your buying decision!

Conclusion best temperature control kettle Top Pick For The Best

Overall, we have come up with our top 3 best temperature control kettle. While the Proctor one is really powerful and reasonable, the Smeg kettle can impress you with its persistent performance, and the Fellow one is worth considering if you are looking for a gooseneck variable temperature kettle. 

There are many premium products in this list of 15 best temperature control kettle. However, we have tried our best to bring you the variety of options to make sure you can select the right choice without having to spend a fortune!

What do you think about our top 15 best temperature control kettle? 

Do you have any other opinions? Please leave a comment below and let us know!

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