The Best Tea Tumbler For On The Road Drinks 2020 Editors’ Choice – Comprehensive Review And Buying Guide

To put it simply, I’m addicted to tea and cannot skip a day without drinking tea. When my friend gave me the best tea tumbler, it’s just the best gift I’ve ever received. It saves my life when I go to the gym, get out of the town and have a business trip - all the times when I cannot carry a kettle to make tea in my bag. 

I gather my best editors at Talbott Teas and together we build up the list of the best tea tumblers based on our own experience. Keep reading to find what tea tumbler has won our heart together with a detailed how-to-buy guide.

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Top 15 best tea tumbler Reviews 2020

Vibrant All in ONE Travel Mug – Tea Infuser Bottle 

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Coming in a sleek modern design, Vibrant all in one travel mug is a famous name in the thermos section. It is highly recommended as a travel mug to take with you on long trips and everyday use. You can make fresh tea and coffee on the road with it and keep the flavor  fresh for a long time. 

The tumbler is manufactured with 100 percent stainless steel, which is a high-quality insulation material. It also features double-layer vacuum insulation, guaranteeing the temperature as well as the taste of your drinks. It can hold the temperature hot for 12 hours and cold for 32 hours which is beyond expectations for a travelling tumbler. Furthermore the material is BPA free and non toxic, containing no harmful elements for your body. 

It can hold up to 16.9 oz and arrives in a compact design that can be brought  with you anywhere. It fits in any cup holders and can be put comfortably in your backpack,This tumbler performs consistently over a long period of time.

DOUNGURI Bamboo Tea Tumbler Mug with Strainer Infuser

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A tumbler completely made from nature bamboo has soothing beauty.  This tumbler is beyond your expectation of a tumbler to carry around and give your friends.

The material of natural bamboo creates unique gradients and texture. The interior is made of stainless steel, which is the high grade 18/8 quality. Thus, the tumbler feels light and stays durable. The material is BPA free, containing no toxic elements at all.

.The tumbler is also manufactured with vacuum double walled technology which makes it possible to preserve the temperature of the beverage for a long time. To be specific, it can hold hot tea for up to10 hours and cold for up to 24 hours. What’s more is the airtight lid along with a fine strainer basket. It is extremely useful to keep the loose tea leaves inside when you enjoy your tea. 

DOUNGURI offers us a wide range of different capacities including 12, 14 and 18 oz capacity. Furthermore, the brand gives us a 1-year warranty which covers any manufacturing defects.

Mira Stainless Steel Tea Infuser Travel Mug

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Founded in California, Mira is famous for high-quality vacuum insulated products for our kitchens. The Mira Stainless Steel Tea Infuser Travel Mug  is the best tea tumbler considering its innovative technology and smart design. 

Manufactured with 18/8 stainless steel, Mira tea infuser travel mug is a durable, safe and convenient product. The interior was built with excellentMiraguard technology, which uses vacuum insulation to preserve temperature. There's additional cooper coverage to upgrade the quality of heat retention. The stainless steel tea infuser has a fine mesh to keep the loose leaves. All the materials are BPA free, easy to clean and contain no toxic chemicals at all. 

Finding more about Mira Vacuum insulated products, we conclude that Mira is the best name when it comes to heat retention.  It can hold your tea hot for 12 and keep it cold for up t0 24 hours, which is beyond our expectation. One more noteworthy feature is the capacity of 18 oz - one of the largest tumblers available  on the market. 

The mug features spill-proof design. The lid fits tightly with the main body, which is covered by a durable material to make the tumbler scratch resistant and non-slippery.

Libre Tea Durable Glass Infuser Bottle

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Established in Canada since 2006, Libre Tea prides itself on the most convenient and stylish tumblers ever. Looking at the appearance of all its products (and this one in particular), it's just true. 

Considering the exterior design, you can choose from five options: Black Brush, Garden Dance Pink, Lively Leaves Green, Purple and Starburst Teal. The main body is made of hi-temp glass protected by a strong poly Tritan exterior. The glass can not be broken easily and the exterior is non-toxic and easy to clean though we recommend hand-wash only.  However, not many tumblers can let you watch the whole process of tea leaves, fruit juices blending together - which is a considerable plus point.  

There’s also a removable filter making it the perfect choice for every beverage  - teas, fruit juice. It can be used as a shaker for protein shakes, or even some cocktails! It is easy to carry around, fit in your hands and cup holders in your cars. It is the best tea tumbler for your hot or cold tea.

Pure Zen tea tumbler with infuser

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This Pure Zen tea will impress you from the first sight with a  stylish appearance. It will give you an enjoyable experience drinking tea with a smart built-in infuser. This tumbler is sturdy and best suitable while traveling within the city or off to faraway places. It has a strong, convenient and eye-catching design together with portable, lightweight size. It is the best tea tumbler to get in your pocket for the next trip. 

It can hold up to13oz, which is a reasonable amount for a couple of cups of tea. The tumbler features an airtight flat lid, which prevents spilling and leaking well. You can open the lid on both sides. With a removable strainer, you can make loose leaves tea as you like: the mesh on the strainer is of high-quality material, BPA free and non-toxic. The strainer holds the loose leaves inside while you are drinking your tea. 

This mug is manufactured with double-layered construction. There will be no strang odor even after a long time. There will be no sweat whether your tea is hot or cold. It just sits nicely in your cup holder and your backpack, causing no problem at all.

The Tea Spot, Double-Walled Everest Tea Tumbler

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The Tea Spot is a tumbler producer based in Colorado which is a reliable brand when we need the best tea tumbler. It is made by a tea lover and an aesthetic designer, which is why so many people love this tumbler. 

The tumbler is manufactured with 100% stainless steel, giving a sturdy and durable feeling. And it is!  The stainless steel is completely non-toxic, BPA-free and rust-free: it will certainly stay with you for a long time. The tumbler also uses a double-walled design to preserve heat for long hours (6 hours for hot beverages and 12 hours for cold drinks)- a perfect choice for long journeys.

It can hold up to 22 oz - one of the biggest tumblers you can find. It features a wide mouth which you can put slices of fruits and ice cubes inside. The strainer allows us to make loose leaves tea as well. In addition, the airtight lid guarantees us there will be no spillage and leaking at all.

Zojirushi SM-KHE48PT Stainless Mug, 16-Ounce, Lavender

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You probably know about Zojirushi - a Japanese firm famous  for its precision and quality. Zojirushi SM-KHE48PT is a compact travelling tumbler which is loved by lots of customers. Coming in an elegant lavender color, this is the best tea tumbler for someone who prefers something portable and stylish. 

This tumbler is made with 18/8 superior stainless steel, which is the most favourable material for a tumbler. The material is heat resistant, rust free and scratch free, which make the tumbler highly durable. The wide mouth opening allows you to make different types of drinks with this tumbler. You can put ice cubes, cut fruits inside without any troubles. It is also convenient to clean. 

The tumbler has a capacity of 16 oz with a compact exterior design so it can be brought with you to anywhere. With a vacuum insulated design, it can preserve the heat for long hours.The spill-free lock keeps the liquid safe inside while you are exploring the world. 

Furthermore, this tumbler has a smart inbuilt tea infuser for tea lovers. The mesh in the infuser is made of high-quality material, so that you can let the leaves blend well into water and prevent the leaves from passing onto your drink at the same time.

Zojirushi SM-JTE46AD Stainless Steel Travel Mug with Tea Leaf Filter

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Another model from Zojirushi is the SM-JTE46AD Stainless Steel Travel Mug with Tea Leaf Filter. It is loved thanks to the convenience and durability character of the tumbler. It is no doubt that when it comes to travelling tumbler, Zojirushi is always a competent company. 

This tumbler is manufactured with stainless steel, which guarantees excellent performance, easy to carry around and durability. The non-stick coverage is scratch resistant and rust free. The tumbler arrives in a sleek and compact design, which basically fits in anywhere: your backpack, your cup holder, you name it.  

The tumbler can hold up to 16oz with 6-hour heat preservation capacity. It will  keep the flavor of your drink the same for hours. The lid is airtight and spill-free: it will stay nice and clean in your backpack even after a long journey.

The strainer inside keeps the leaves inside while you are drinking your tea. The mesh of the strainer is well produced to hold the leaves in the strainer only while mixing well into water  for the best flavor. The strainter is removable and easy to clean.

Teabloom All-Beverage Tumbler –The Pathfinder 

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The Pathfinder is an aesthetic and practical product by Teabloom which is suitable for every user and lifestyle. Teabloom uses excellent material with smart design to compete in the contest for the best tea tumbler.

Manufactured with natural bamboo and high-quality tempered glass, the tumbler is heat resistant, dust free and safe for your body. The outer natural bamboo makes the tumbler non-slippery and easy to clean. The main body is constructed of glass with double-walled design for better heat preservation. All the material is safe with FDA and EU approved, 100% BPA free and lead-free. 

It has a capacity of 15 oz - a fairly large amount suitable for any activities. It features a stainless steel tea infuser which is also made from high-quality material.  The 0.5 mm mesh allows you to make any kind of loose leaves tea on the go. Obviously, this tumblert is a multipurpose mug: more than just loose leaves tea, you can make cold coffee, fruit juices, etc. The flavor and temperature is preserved well in long hours.

UEndure Glass Tea Infuser Bottle and Strainer 

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UEndure is also a common name when we are looking for the best tea tumbler. UEndure Glass tumbler is a stylish good-looking product in the tumbler category. It is highly rated in the terms user convenience and appearance. It can work as a nice gift for your friends and family as well. 

With this transparent tumbler, you are able to see how your tea brews, thus, better control over the taste and color of your tea.  The tumbler is constructed of high-quality glass which is sturdy and solid. The material is BPA free and leads free, implying that it is safe for any type of beverage. 

With the capacity of 14oz and double-walled design, this tumbler is a perfect choice to both short and long trips. It can preserve the temperature the same for hours. This tumbler features a tea infuser made of stainless steel which is suitable for loose leaves tea. The lid can be opened both ways in the top and bottom, convenient and easy to use. 

Moreover, you will have an additional Neoprene sleeve for a better grip, which is extremely useful when you are hiking or camping.

Lavastic Tea Tumbler with Infuser and Strainer

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Lavastic produces its own bamboo made travel mugs with its unique features. With a natural feeling, this Lavastic Tea Tumbler with Infuser and Strainer will not disappoint you. In fact, it is the best tea tumbler considering the high-quality material and convenient functions. 

The interior is manufactured with 18/8 grade quality stainless steel and the exterior is made of bamboo. Together with a vacuum insulated double-walled design, they are excellent at heat retention.  It can preserve your tea hot for 8 hours and cold for 16 hours. All the material used is BPA free and non-toxic.

With an average capacity of 18 oz, the tumbler is a reasonable choice for both long and short journeys.  It features  a 2 piece stainless steel tea infuser and strainer, which makes the tumbler multi-functional. You can make loose leaf tea, coffee or fruit juices with this tumbler. 

Furthermore, this tumbler features a seal proof design that holds your liquid in the bottle while put  in the backpack or car holder. It is turbulence proof and shake proof.  The tumbler is portable, easy to clean and comfortable to use.

Glass Tea Bottle Double Layer Glass Tea Infuser by sweet decorations

[amazon box="B07VR9G14C" ]

Sweet decorations, as its name, gives us a cute and classy travel tumbler. This tumbler is worthy of your consideration owing to its exceptional design and materials. 

This tumbler is -constructed of high-quality material. The main body is manufactured with glass material. It features a double-layered design for better heat retention. The glass is the premium borosilicate which is famous for excellent performance and durability. It guarantees minimal thermal expansion and no heat dispersion at all. 

With a capacity of 14 oz and compact design, it is hard to find a similar stylish tumbler for travelling. The lid is airtight, making sure the temperature and flavor stay the same after long hours.

Moreover, it features a stainless steel tea infuser with a mess filter, which is something a tea lover may look for. The tea infuser allows you to brew tea on the road, whether you love green tea, herbal tea or any other kinds.

Here & Now Supply Co.’s Multi-Purpose Travel Mug and Tumbler

[amazon box="B07S46BQWZ" ]

Here & Now offers us an amazing tumbler to bring on our long trip. The Here & Now Supply Co.’s Multi-Purpose Travel Mug and Tumbler can also be used as a daily tumbler. 

The tumbler is constructed of 18/8 high-quality stainless steel, making the tumbler durable and portable. It features double-wall layering insulation design, which is the best technology in terms of heat retention. To be more specific, this tumbler can keep the temperature the same in 12 hours for hot beverages and cold for 32 hours. The material is BPA free and non-toxic.

With the capacity of 16.9 oz and a smart design, the unit is comfortable to use and convenient to carry around. It features an airtight lid and a strainer. The 8.5 cm strainter is useful when it comes to steeping tea leaves and brewing coffee.

Original Bamboo Tumbler with Tea Infuser & Strainer by LeafLife

[amazon box="B01B68BCO2" ]

LeafLife joins the competition for the best tea tea tumbler with a unique tumbler.  Manufactured with original wood, the  Original Bamboo Tumbler by LeafLife prides itself on the natural appearance and excellent material. 

Manufactured with 100 % stainless steel, this tumbler guarantees long-time usage. The material is durable, sturdy and safe for our bodies. The bamboo coating builds up a distinctive appearance. 

With the capacity of 17oz, it is a convenient tumbler to bring with you to anywhere. It features a spill-proof lid, thus, no more worries about the spillage or leaking. Thanks to the high-quality material, this tumbler keeps your tea hot for up to 12 hours. For cold beverages, the time expands to 24 hours of cold retention.

In addition, this tumbler has 2 pieces of tea infuser and tea strainer, both of which are made of premium material.  It is a multifunctional tumbler for both travelling and daily use.

The Love Bamboo Tea Tumbler Thermos with Strainer and Infuser 

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The Love Bamboo Tea Tumbler has a distinctive appearance with the textured coating and the zen symbol. However, this tumbler offers us more than just a nice exterior design, it is also a functional tumbler for travelling use. 

It is constructed of 100 percent natural bamboo outside and 18/8 stainless steel inside. Accordingly, this tumbler features consistent performance over a long time. It also makes use of  a vacuum insulated design, enabling it to hold the temperature the same for long hours. Whether hot or iced tea, the heat and flavor will be the same. 

It can hold up to 18 oz and has an airtight lid. You don’t need to worry about spillage or leaking while it is in your backpack at all. 

The strainer inside is useful in holding loose tea leaves, which is the best tea tumbler for someone who loves loose leaves tea.

Buying guide to choose the best tea tumbler

To finally make the right decision, below are some criteria to pick the best tea tumbler for your


best tea tumbler

The strong solid material means that the tumbler will stay with you in a long time. The high-quality material preserves heats and resists shock or turbulence better than low-quality one. If you want to carry your tumbler on a long trip, we suggest investing in an excellent tumbler made from 100% stainless steel.

Heat retention

This is one of the most important features to consider. If you always have cold drinks, the high-quality tumblers will keep your tumbler sweat-free. For hot tea, it is obvious that heat retention feature is beneficial: it is just amazing to have warm soothing tea after a long drive. 

best tea tumbler

To make sure your tumbler is heat-resistant, you should look for vacuum insulated double-walled design.


Target for a decent sized bottle but still portable and  easy to carry on any trips. If you search carefully, you will see multiple options available in several capacities. Some prefer a bigger capacity mug to carry on long journeys, while some only need a medium sized tumbler for urban travelling. 

best tea tumbler

If you have already owned some tumblers, it will be easier to estimate the favourable capacity for your own needs. 

Infuser and strainer

If you are into loose leaves tea, it is essential to have an infuser to keep the leaves neat and tidy while preparing your beverage. The strainer works for juices and cold beverages to keep the slices of fruits and ice cubes inside while you are drinking.

Conclusion best tea tumbler Top Pick For The Best

If you have finished reading all our useful reviews and guides, I guess you have made up your mind. If you are still confused, here is our precise summary of the reviews so that you can quickly pick up the best tea tumbler for you. 

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