To Have A Wonderful Cup Of Coffee Need The Best Commercial Espresso Machine Small Coffee Shop

We think that everyone knows about coffee. Someone likes and someone doesn’t like it. But for someone who likes it, coffee is an unnecessary drink. And the best commercial espresso machine small coffee shop will give you the tasty cup of coffee.

We usually follow traditional brewing with coffee filters. Of course this way still gives us the best result. However in coffee shops, both small and big one, the bartenders can not use this way. If they use the coffee filters and wait, they create each cup of coffee, the time is so long. Customers will be tired of waiting drinks and then they will leave.

To solve this problem and help small coffee shops work more effectively, inventors have created espresso machines. This machine not only helps them make coffee quicker but also gives them better results, making the recipe be more wonderful than what they think.

And here are products for the best commercial espresso machine small coffee shop we have found. You can watch these recommendations and select one which is best suitable with you. Let’s start with us right now.

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The Best Price Of saving some recipes in the machine program.

The Best Price Of easy to use

The Best Price Of 2 highlights of 2 products above.

The Best Price Of clean easily

The Best Price Of operation fast and effectively

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Top 13 best commercial espresso machine small coffee shop Reviews 2021

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Which is the first product we found? It is Saeco Xelsis Super Automatic Espresso Machine SM7684/04. the features of this machine will make you ‘fall in love’ with it.

It was designed with refined ergonomics. This design helps the front-access water tank and the spouts can be adjusted, and the drip tray can resist scratch. So that the durability is leveled up a lot.

The xelsis was installed as the premier programming. With this function, users can program everything, from dose of coffee and milk, temperature for drinks, etc.

Your work will be easier with the touch screen control.

 You can control accurately with this screen.

Moreover, the quality of coffee is also improved by purifying water. The AquaClean design allows water to pass a long path before coming in the filter. Therefore your coffee taste will be more delicious.

The AquaClean also prevents the water circuit of the espresso machine from building up scale. You don't need to replace the filter regularly. In normal, this commercial espresso machine small coffee shop can create up to 5000 cups without descaling.

Specially, it has 6 customizable user profiles. With these profiles, you can save the way you make some types of coffee, some recipes. From that, each time the customers call that drink, you can quickly make it by pressing the button.

Such a perfect item for the best commercial espresso machine for small coffee. The features can not be skipped.


  • The screen touch control.
  • 6 customizable user profiles.
  • Perfect AquaClean filter.
  • Create up to 5000 cups without descaling.


  • I can not make hot drinks like the description of producers.

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Breville is the next brand we found a good product to recommend for you. And this time it is the Breville BES920XL Dual Boiler Espresso Machine. Let’s watch its features together.

This espresso machine was made from dual stainless steel so it is more durable than the others.

Beside, it also has dual Italian pumps. These pumps help you extract and steam espresso simultaneously. From that you can save time in one stage of work.

Its special point is the electric PID temperature control. This installation will give you the precise needed temperature of water.

With the LCD screen displays, you can know and adjust it to be suitable for the best cups of coffee. The screen also shows you the time it took that shot. You will know the time you need to wait and do something in that time not to waste time.

Its features are really not bad. We think that it also ought to be tried once.


  • Easy to program with LCD Display.
  • Micro-foam milk texturing.
  • Durable material.
  • 2 years limited warranty.


  • The espresso machine cannot hold consistent pressure by itself.

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The next one was found which still comes from Breville. And the product which is a suitable competitor in this list is Breville Barista Touch Espresso Maker.

This espresso machine was designed for easy use. Thanks to the intuitive touch screen display, you can make you coffee simply in easy 3 steps: grind, brew and milk.

And to make it easier in every coffee brew, users can create and save up to 8 your own recipes. In small coffee shops, they can save types of drinks that many customers like to make drinks for them faster.

Furthermore, the bartenders can also create micro-foam to enhance the taste and artistry of coffee. To be able to do this, bartenders will use the automatic micro foam milk texturing of the machine. It not only helps you have better cups of coffee but also gives you more beautiful decorations of coffee.

The innovative ThermaJet heating system was upgraded. So that it reaches the maximum extraction temperature quickly - just in 3 seconds. This can also be an advantage of the best espresso machine for small coffee.

What do you think about this product of Breville?


  • Intuitive touch screen display.
  • Automatic micro-foam milk texturing.
  • 8 personalized coffees.
  • Easy to use and clean.


  • When grinding, the coffee grounds tend to fly everywhere.

[amazon box="B07RRRCHZW" ]

Now another is coming, it is De’Longhi. The name of the product we selected for you is De’Longhi Dinamica Automatic Coffee & Espresso Machine ECam35020B.

This espresso machine was installed in the true Brew process. The process really delivers you the iced coffee which is more full-bodied and smoother. Because it brews coffee at the lower temperature, the result is better than the others.

But if you want a hot cup of coffee, this machine can also make it for you. Before it brews, it will heat up in only 40 seconds. And then customers will have hot coffee like what they want.

This espresso machine also has the ability of foaming like the others. You can customize the levels to suit each drink. The foam created in this way will still be long-lasting, rich and cream without needing to have experience.

The point makes it become the product which is chosen by many customers is its ability of removing units. So that users can quickly clean it in the simplest way. It will help you save more time than the other competitors.

In your opinion, do you think De’Longhi Dinamica Automatic Coffee & Espresso Machine ECam35020B can be the best commercial espresso machine small coffee shop?


  • Customized one-touch drinks.
  • Give you smooth and full-bodied iced coffee.
  • You can adjust levels of steam and foam.
  • Easy to clean.
  • 2 years warranty plus 1 additional year if you register your product.


  • The manual that came with the machine was not very good, you should download the manual from the web.

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Such a good brand. We looked for another item of De’Longhi again. This product is called De’Longhi La Specialista Espresso Machine EC93350M.

This product is one of the most modern espresso machines. It owns new technologies. The first thing is the sensor grinding technology. It helps you grind precisely and consistently. Your effective work is better.

Combined with the smart tamping station, after grinding, you can tamp coffee easily. You just need to pull the lever, the machine with a tamp and give you the wonderful results.

Different from the other products, La Specialist was equipped with 2 independent heating systems. One is used for extracting coffee and the other one is used for frothing or steaming milk. You will ensure that you can use both of them one time to beverage drinks immediately.

Because of the separate hot water spout, customers can quickly brew hot coffee without waiting to heat up. Both you make hot or cold coffee, you also save time, and have good results for every cup of coffee.

Thanks to all wonderful features, this is a good selection for the best espresso machine for small cafes.


  • Separate hot water spout.
  • Exclusive sensor grinding technology.
  • Operate fast thanks to an advanced second heating system.
  • Warrant 2 years plus 1 additional year for registering your espresso machine.


  • The tamp arm feels flimsy and weak.

[amazon box="B00H1OUSD2" ]

Now we come to the sixth item of this list. It is Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine.

This machine was designed with a strong linear. The strong linear was made from an iron frame. Combined with the side panels is stainless steel, the durability of this product is superior to other traditional machines.

To have excellent heat stability and high quality extraction, the espresso machine was built with the commercial grade group of Rancilio. Thanks to it, the machine's effective work is better so much.

The porta filters used in it are Rancilio's. With the size is 58mm and the ergonomic design, Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine has a perfect extraction.

It also owns the 0.3 liters single boiler which is made of copper and is plated with chromium. Not only the technology but the material itself also helps it produce amazing power.

And users can control and adjust that power via the steam knob. So that for each type of coffee, you can choose the best suitable power to create the best result.

This is really a not bad selection, right?


  • Superb heat stability.
  • Comes with a plastic tamper, a 7 gram coffee scoop and two filter baskets (one single and one double).


  • You need some knowledge as a barista to use it the right way.

[amazon box="B00CH9QWOU" ]

Breville is really popular. Here is the third product from this brand. This time is Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine.

With this espresso machine, the uses can control the coffee bean dose per grind. There is no fixed dosage of the machine so you can grind it or as much as you need to use. 

This helps the drink made from the ground coffee will taste better. You can also grind more seeds to blend in a new flavor.

To match the location of the best commercial espresso machine small coffee shop, it also allows users to change the grind size. For each type of coffee bean, you can choose its size each time you grind.

It has precise extraction capabilities installed. You can digitally control the temperature for each recipe of drink. This will ensure that the effect received between shots will not change significantly.

Moreover, the micro milk-foam texturing helps you create a micro milk texture. You can use it to flavor your drink. It can also be used to create artworks for cups of coffee.

We think that you should not skip this recommendation.


  • You can choose the grind size.
  • Precise espresso extraction.
  • Micro milk-foam texting.


  • You need to clean it regularly.

[amazon box="B08H287T9J" ]

If you are tired a little, relax and go with us to the next product. Its name is Hanchen Super Automatic Espresso Machine.

The first thing we can see from this best commercial espresso machine for small coffee shops is its 2 dual color screens. It has one touch screen which is 5 ”large, and another one is the display screen - 2”.

With the touch screen, you can adjust the temperature, the amount of espresso, the amount of foam (for latte and cappuccino), the amount of hot water (for Americano), etc. After trying it once, you may not want to use the control button again.

Italian water pumps operate at higher pressures than other types. Because of the better performance, it helps this product be easy to extract cream from the ground. From that, the result of the coffee will be smoother.

More specifically, this machine can automatically clean. When you turn on or turn off, this commercial espresso machine will start cleaning the system inside by itself. This function ensures machine cleaning and drinks between dispensing.

It is worth being the best commercial espresso machine for small coffee shops.


  • Smart dual color screen: 5.0” touch screen and 2.0” display screen.
  • Auto clean system.
  • 1 year warranty.


  • (almost don’t have anything weaknesses to be talked)

[amazon box="B000N2YKQ0" ]

De’Longhi may be the strongest competitor in this list with Breville. It also has many products for the commercial espresso machine small coffee shops. And this time, we found out De’Longhi ESAM3300 Super Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine.

The DeLonghi ESAM3300 was made from stainless steel. Therefore its durability is higher than other competitors. For some customers, this is really an advantage for them.

This commercial espresso machine small coffee shop was designed for easy use. Users can control and program the menu with the panel quickly which has a spin button and a button.

The "Direct-to-Brew" system is compact and easy to clean. This is the system which helps you to grind the coffee beans instantly whenever needed. When using, the makers advise that customers should use it to grind medium-roasted, low-oil seeds so that the life of the machine lasts.

Most especially it was equipped with the ability of shutting off automatically after 3 hours not being used. For someone who is forgetful, this is a perfect function. You need to be worried about wasting energy because of forgetting to shut off the machine after each time using it.

Like other item of this brand, it should be tried once.


  • High durability with the material is stainless steel.
  • Easy to use with a rotary and push button control panel.
  • Simple to clean and handle.
  • "Direct-to-Brew" system.
  • It will automatically shut off after 3 hours.


  • Because of the small water reservoir, you need to refill regularly.

[amazon box="B07RQ3NL76" ]

This is one of the last products we introduce to you. We will come to the Gaggia RI9380/46 Classic Pro Espresso Machine immediately.

Solid stainless steel casing is designed. As creating a perfect armor layer to keep the internal apparatus safe.

The container has a capacity of up to 2.1 liters. Thus, each time you use it, you can create many cups of coffee at the same time, no need to split many times.

For some coffees that require a fine foam, this machine will help you with that too. Thanks to the steam wand, you can texture milk for a velvety micro-foam. Using it, users not only make the cup of coffee taste but also make it be more eye-catching for customers.

All functions are controlled easily with a rocker switch. You can choose, change the program you want each time using the espresso machine only by the convenient rocker switch.

Why don’t you try it?


  • Durable material
  • Rocker switch is easy to control.
  • Versatile machine.


  • (we didn’t find out anything worth mentioning)

[amazon box="B00472MMXK" ]

BUNN - 33200.002 VPR-2EP 12-Cup Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer Plus 2 Easy Pour Commercial Decanters is the next one we recommend to you.

This machine was made from stainless steel. All elements in it are made from this material. Therefore, the strength and durability of it not only comes from the solid, it comes from inside equipment.

In its equipment, the best thing is two sets of heaters. They are set up to control each individually: one above and one below. So you can brew 2 cups of hot and cold coffee at the same time that it does depend on each other.

Moreover, this espresso machine does not require plumbing. So every time you want to move, there is nothing too complicated. But remember each brew needs water as it will not have water available.

With the good careness of the makers via the warranty, you ought to try it.


  • 2 individually controlled warmers.
  • 2 year limited parts.
  • 1 year limited labor.


  • The decanters were made of plastic, not glass.

[amazon box="B07PVCQZ24" ]

The name of the next product we think that can be the best espresso machine for small coffee is SYBO RUG2001 Commercial Grade Pour Over Coffee Maker and Brewer.

The operation of this machine is just like any other machine. More specifically, while it was brewing another pot of coffee, it was still able to keep the previous one warm. Thanks to the mattress of the kettle, this function has become its own strong point.

The cap and spout are uniquely designed by the manufacturer. Therefore, after pouring, the coffee will be put back into the carafe. And also prevents the coffee from falling out, messing or dirty the area around the machine.

Amazingly fast coffee making speed. In 10 minutes it is possible to make 1 full pot of coffee. For small coffee shops, on busy days, this is really the right hand of the barista.

Despite the quick create results, the quality of every cup of coffee is still ensured perfectly. Therefore you need to be worried about so much.


  • Easy and fast operation.
  • Indicator lights show the working status and remind when coffee is ready.
  • 30 days refund/replacement.
  • 2 years warranty new replacement.


  • A lot of condensation collects on the panel.

[amazon box="B01LWUI6B8" ]

And here is the last one for you - Espresso Machine & Cappuccino Maker.

Also made of extremely sturdy stainless steel. The two flaps of the gate filter are also made of the same material. Each time using, users can choose a shot or a dual shot depending on needs and preferences. This is quite a convenient function.

The tank is equipped with a water tank of 1.25 liters, so between brews it is not necessary to add water. The water tank is also transparent so you can easily monitor the amount of water inside. This way you know when to add more water, change water, or rinse the tank.

When customers want a cup of hot coffee, this machine can also meet that demand. The modern Thermoblock allows you to create hot coffee so fast, you don't need much time to wait. It works only in about 45 seconds.


  • Heat quickly for some types of coffee.
  • Water tank was designed for being easy to view and remove.


  • (we didn’t look for any bad points)

How Should The Best Commercial Espresso Machine Small Coffee You Need Be Chosen?

Do you know that to select the best commercial espresso machine small coffee shop depends on many conditions?

The first thing is its function, you need an espresso machine which can both grind and brew coffee or only brew coffee. If you have an available grinder coffee, you only need a brew machine. But if you open a new small coffee shop and need to buy new everything, the best espresso machine for small cafes is a multiple machine. It not only helps you save money but also work more comfortably and conveniently.

Second thing is the design and size of the machine. Depending on the space of your coffee shop, you will choose the machine that has the best suitable size in your space. And also follow the way you decorate the shop, you can find out the espresso machine with the design you want, you like.

Beside that you need to care about many features such as: performance of machine, functions, design, technology, cost, etc.

The best commercial espresso machine small coffee for each customer is different. Depending on your demand, checking the necessary features and then you will get the best one you need.

Commercial Espresso Machine Small Coffee Shop

Conclusion: My Top Pick For The best commercial espresso machine small coffee shop

After a long time looking for it, we of course will have many good results. And in all products we recommended for you, here are 5 perfect products for the item of the best commercial espresso machine small coffee shop.

best for saving some recipes in the machine program

[amazon box="B07QMWZ6PT" ]

best for easy to use

[amazon box="B07RRRCHZW" ]

best for 2 highlights of 2 products above.

[amazon box="B078WMLXXG" ]

best for ability to clean easily

[amazon box="B00I6JGGP0" ]

best for operation fast and effectively

[amazon box="B07G3XYR3R" ]

Don’t worry if you didn’t find out the best product for your demand, depending on the features we talked about, you can also find it soon. Hope this article is helpful for you.

See you in the next topic.

  • Don't forget to share your thoughts about best commercial espresso machine small coffee shop at the comment box below!

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