Summer iced teas

The warm and sunny days should continue. We’ve waited all year for this to happen, but we now find it too hot. So here you go, a little something will get you through the heatwave.

Iced teas are a great alternative to sugar-packed canned sodas and will cool you down in a second. So this summer, we have come up with a great bundle offer for you to enjoy some of summer’s simplest pleasures; it includes three tea bag cartons: English breakfast, super berry, and revitalized, for the price of only two packs!!

Why the cold brew?

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Cold-brewed teas are never heated, unlike usual iced tea, which starts hot and is left to cool. We are in favor of this technique because there are manifold benefits of slowly infusing your tea in cold water:

  • the delicate and high flavor notes are selectively extracted
  • the tea does not become bitter, tannic, or astringent
  • the level of antioxidants is higher
  • the caffeine content is lower
  • the process is eco-friendly and effortless

So off the boil, everyone!

How to make cold-brewed teas

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9 refreshing iced tea recipes

Make our iced teas in cold water by steeping our tea, either in loose-leaf tea or tea bag format. We suggest leaving it to rest in the fridge for 12 hours – the easier way is to prepare it before going to bed, so it’s ready in the morning! Below is our step-by-step iced tea recipe:

  1. Put 250g loose-leaf tea or 10 whole-leaf tea bags in a 1tr jug
  2.  Pour cold water over it
  3. Could you place it in the fridge?
  4. Could you leave it to infuse overnight?
  5. Strain the tea leaves or discard the tea bags
  6. Add some ice cubes
  7. Garnish with fruits to taste
  8. Serve and enjoy!

When it’s hot, they all have it cold

Cold brew are so easy-to-make they are everywhere. Our customers have been trying them out this year; some have used our iced teas and some others created their own special recipes. Among many are MUD – an independent coffee shop in Tooting, Tebay – a family run motorway service station, as well as The Diner – an American-style diner. Make sure you pay them a visit. 

At your next garden party, why don’t you replace your jug of Pimm’s with some healthy and flavoursome iced tea. It is guaranteed to please your guests.

A third of our selection of [iced teas]

your bundle deal includes a black tea for a classic lemonade, an infusion tea for a fruity cooler, and a supporter for a revitalizing mix.

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Classic iced tea     

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A delicious cool take on the nation’s favorite. Our whole-leaf English breakfast was cold infused with fresh lemon.

Super berry cool            

Packed with fruity flavor, this is the perfect caffeine-free, calorie-free refreshment made of all-natural orange peel, rosehip, hibiscus, and apple pieces.

Revitalize summer cup          

This super tea packs a punch with a cooling mixture of lemongrass & licorice flavor. A nice, fresh, and caffeine-free pick me up.

Visit this page to chill out with a cool glass of iced tea.

Summertime is a great opportunity to experiment with new flavors of tea, especially iced teas. This guide provides recipes for some delicious summertime iced teas that you can make with your friends and family. In addition, you can take some pictures for the Instagram story maker of fun and engaging stories about your iced tea adventures. We hope you enjoy these recipes and have a blast making memories this summer.

Feel free to share your iced tea moments on our various Social Media platforms or email us at for more information.

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