How Does Cordless Electric Kettle Work? The Indispensable Companion Of Every Kitchen!

The cordless electric kettle is one of the household appliances that should be in every home today because of its great advantage of being able to boil water extremely quickly in just a few minutes. Thanks to that, the super speed kettle helps users save a lot of waiting time. How does cordless electric kettle work become so popular?
To learn how does cordless electric kettle work and is it safe to use it for your family’s health? This article is very helpful for you!

Cordless Electric Kettle Structure


Made of glass, stainless steel or plastic. Does not oxidize, does not rust, does not release harmful substances in the process of boiling water and withstands high temperatures.

Kettle lid

Made from high-quality plastic with heat insulation, electrical insulation, and heat resistance. At the same time keep the water from spilling out and keep the body clean.

Relay system

Automatically disconnects the power when the water boils, the kettle runs out of water or is boiling but the user lifts the kettle off the base. This feature helps to ensure safety and save power consumption.

Power base

This is the part that connects the kettle body to the power source, which heats and boils water.

Switch and display light

The indicator light will light up when you turn on the water heater switch; When the water boils, this indicator light will turn off.

Power cord

Used to connect the base and the power source.

How Does Cordless Electric Kettle Work

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When the heating element installed at the base of the machine receives a voltage of about 220V, the super kettle will start working. At this time, the electricity from the power source will supply energy to the heating plate and then convert it into heat energy.

All this heat will be transferred directly to the water, thereby heating the water & boiling water in just a few minutes. The boiling time of a super kettle will depend on 2 main factors: kettle capacity & capacity. The larger the capacity, the faster the boiling time will be, usually the boiling time will fluctuate between 3-7 minutes.

When the temperature in the water reaches the required boiling point, the steam that rises will pass through the duct and blow the hot steam into the heater. At this time, the heat rod will bend up & act on the switch. The switch of the kettle will automatically turn off and disconnect the heat source connected to the kettle to ensure optimal safety during use.

If the kettle switch is off, it means the water has been boiled, within a period of 20-30 seconds the user will not be able to turn the kettle back on. Because at this moment the heat bar is still hot & cannot return to its original state.

What Are The Benefits Of Cordless Electric Kettles?

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High utility in household appliances of cordless electric kettle: you can heat water quickly. The speed of boiling water is many times faster than normal boiling of water. Saves you a lot of time as well as fuel to boil water.

High-quality wireless electric kettles now have built-in temperature control modes in the water when boiling, making it easy to adjust the water temperature to suit your needs.

The neatness and cleanliness of the super-speed kettle: with a neat design, the 360֯ rotating base is easy to use and clean, the color and design is simple but no less luxurious.

Safe for the family when using the kettle: the automatic shutdown in super kettles helps you cut off the power when the water is boiling or running out

Some kettles have insulated plastic covers that will also help you and your family avoid getting burned during use or accidentally touching the kettle body.

The function of keeping warm and locking the faucet against overflow is very convenient in temperature control and safe to use.

Diversity of models and prices for you to choose freely

How To Choose Cordless Electric Kettle?

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Choose the capacity of the cordless electric kettle that suits your needs

The electric kettle has a large capacity, and the electric energy consumption is also larger. Based on the number of family members and the actual needs of each person for you to choose a cordless electric kettle with an appropriate capacity, popular electric kettles have a capacity of 2.2 – 5 liters.

Choose the kettle material

Today’s cordless electric kettles are mainly manufactured from good plastics (such as melamine…), strictly following production processes, so they do not cause toxins. When choosing to buy, you should carefully review product information before buying, especially plastic components. When using, you should also follow the instructions for use of the appliance.

 Electric kettle with plastic shell material: light, durable, beautifully decorated, but easily scratched.

Electric kettle with glass material: luxurious and clean, can see the water level inside, heavy and fragile.

Stainless steel container: good strength, easy to clean and store, allows for fast boiling, ensures food safety and hygiene. However, during the cooking process, the pot will be very hot and easy to burn to the touch.

2-layer design: Plastic body, stainless steel inner layer, fast boiling, anti-scalding, insulation and long-lasting heat.

The power base and the heat base are an important factor to consider carefully

There are 3 common types of grounding (thermostat/thermostat) base:

Universal base (jiatai/fada): This type meets electrical safety standards, is durable for standard manufacturing, and has a moderate lifespan. Mid-level power base (Sunlight): Super kettles with medium-sized power bases usually meet the standards of electrical safety and durability for production, capable of withstanding a higher number of operations than the common ones.

 High-class power base (Strix/Otter) The electric kettle has a high-quality base of safety and durability from Germany, extremely durable, with precise temperature control.

Choose the feature that suits your needs

Most of today’s cordless electric kettles switch off when the water runs out or is boiling, expensive high-end kettles are also equipped with a timer feature, so you don’t have to wait for the water to boil.

But if you are often at home and use water continuously, then you can skip the kettle with this feature, and only choose the bottles with the Reboil button to boil water quickly when needed.

Choose the capacity that suits your needs

Today’s cordless electric kettles have a larger capacity, the faster the boiling time is from 5 to 7 minutes depending on the water flow and capacity. Therefore, the amount of electricity consumed will not be significant.

What Are Common Problems Cordless Electric Kettles?

Faulty on/off switch 

The kettle often breaks the power switch on the handle because it is often affected during use. It is pressed down by the user to power the kettle to start the process of boiling water with the super kettle and being pushed by high pressure hot steam to switch the state from closed to off when the water has boiled.

Faulty lid

The lid becomes difficult to open, popping open while boiling and even failing to open whatsoever. So you need to replace the springs. If the lid is failing to open when you push the button, it’s most likely the springs are causing the problem. You can access these by detaching the lid with a screwdriver, then it’s simply a case of removing and replacing them.

Limescale problems

If you’re having issues with limescale in your kettle the first thing you want to do is give the kettle a good clean. You can prevent limescale from building up in your kettle by using filtered water rather than tap water. It’s also a good idea to regularly descale your kettle and make sure that you empty out the water after every use.

FAQs About How Does Cordless Electric Kettle Work

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What Is A Cordless Electric Kettle?

The cordless electric kettle is a simple appliance whose residential purpose is to cook water quickly. Usually people use the kettle to boil water to make coffee, tea, powdered milk, etc.

They are so handy that you just fill up with water, plug it in, turn it on and in minutes you have a kettle of hot water to use. Convenience and fast are the reason the cordless electric kettle is quickly turning into a popular kitchen item that replaces the heavy gas kettle.

What Does It Mean If A Kettle Is Cordless?

The Cordless electric kettle uses a wall outlet to power the base. Technically, it’s only weird because the water tank sits on the base with no wires plugged into it. 

The base itself requires a cord to conduct electricity from the outlet. The movement of electric current heats up the coil and water, making the water boil faster than with a traditional stove.

How Does The Thermal Relay Of A Cordless Electric Kettle Work?

The thermal relay of the wireless electric kettle used is a mechanical relay device called a bimetallic thermal relay. This is a type of thermal relay with a structure of different double metal plates (bimetallic strips), with different expansion temperatures.

When the temperature in the kettle rises, the bimetallic thermal relay will be bent to one side to trip the device.

The thermal relay of the wireless electric kettle is the most important part of the whole kettle making it convenient, high value for users. The wireless electric kettle thermostat will help the kettle automatically know when the kettle is boiling and automatically cut off the power.

What Is The Capacity Of The Wireless Electric Kettle?

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So you have grasped the structure of the wireless electric kettle. So what is the capacity of the super speed kettle? Currently, the wireless electric kettle market is quite diverse in capacity and has the appearance of different large and small brands. 

But in general, the power of the super-speed kettle ranges from about 1500 – 2500W. The larger the operating capacity, the faster the kettle boils.

Common Mistakes In Wireless Electric Kettle Switches And How To Fix Them

The average boiling time of the super kettle is only about 3-5 minutes depending on the capacity and capacity of the kettle. Therefore, users do not spend too much time waiting for boiling water to use.

Common mistakes in wireless electric kettle switches and how to fix them

One of the common errors in the super speed kettle switch is that the switch is pressed but it does not turn on the electricity. 

The cause of this error may be because the connection of the metal pin on the switch base to the mayso wire is broken or because the switch lever is damaged, not able to close with the base.

In this case, you should disconnect the electric kettle and remove the switch to check. If the connection to the mayso wire is loose, faulty, or damaged, you should reconnect it and check it with an electric meter. 

If the switch lever does not close tightly, you can remove it, squeeze the switch spring and reconnect the latch to the base and check with a power meter.

In case you have checked and everything is normal, it is highly likely that your switch is broken. It is best to buy another electric kettle switch to replace the old one. Wireless electric kettle switches are often sold at electronics stores at a fairly cheap price.

Cordless Electric Kettle Alternatives

Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp 

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Anti-rust design, no accumulation of chemicals when cooking, safe for consumers

The cordless electric kettle is easy to use, you can freely rotate it at any angle, the electric plate can also be connected to the kettle. Compact design, giving you a firm grip.

The inside of the kettle is easy to clean, you can put your hand inside the kettle to wipe it. The kettle body is made of steel so you can clean it without leaving a scratch

Suitable for people who drink tea, coffee, hot fix, or honey because you can adjust the temperature and then keep it warm in a warm state.

Service quality is well guaranteed, dedicated guidance and answers to customer inquiries as quickly as possible.


  • The design is great, it is super light and durable
  • Heats up very fast.
  • The only thing you do not love is that if you occupy water for a cup it drips a little down the nozzle.
  • Not only does it heat up very quickly, but by regulating the temperature, you will always be perfect for tea or mate. 
  • The construction quality is very good, so highly recommended.


  • For those living in high cities (such as CDMX), water boils at a lower temperature, so you should select 200º fahrenheit instead of “boil”.

Zwilling Enfinigy Cool Touch 

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A product from Germany – the starting place of durable and beautiful technology products

Safe for families with young children by the warm inside design, cool outside. If you accidentally touch it while the kettle is working, don’t worry. That’s not a good thing, so you should limit touching the kettle wall.

Simple design, understanding customers. Other warm products you can open the lid 180°, but this product does not because doing so, hot steam will shoot up and burn the skin.

The product is small, light, easy to carry anywhere. Feel free to enjoy these useful functions because you always have warm water to use.

Great gift for all housewives


  • The kettle is used maybe a dozen times a day
  • The quality of this electric kettle is very good. It is an elegant design, so it looks good in our kitchen. 
  • It boils water well
  • The matte black is gorgeous and the minimalist design.
  • Completely no plastic inside


  • The opening lid is wide enough to clean the inside of the kettle by hand with a gentle washcloth or sponge, without special tools or brushes to reach inside of it.

OXO BREW Cordless Glass Electric Kettle 

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The outstanding point of this product is that it boils water quickly, disinfects and limits scale on the walls of the kettle

The signal light system is clear, helping you to know when the water has boiled or adjust the water temperature you want.

Simple design for users, you can also take it camping, picnic to always have hot water with you

Easy operation, energy saving and safety for users.

You only need a small towel to clean your kettle, the wide warm mouth helps you put your wrists and hands inside to clean difficult places.


  • This kettle isn’t cheap but gives temperature options for tea drinkers. 
  • It looks great on my counter and I love the keep warm function. 
  • I can put the kettle on in the morning and have hot water waiting for me before I leave for work
  • It’s beautiful, easy to use and easy to clean.


  • Remember to leave lots of water in the kettle if you are using the keep warm function. 
  • It could damage the kettle if it ran dry while heating.

COSORI Electric Gooseneck Kettle 

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A product from the US, fancy design attracts all eyes. This kettle looks so different from any cordless electric kettle on the market. If you love novelty, then this is a great product line for you.

The special feature is not only the appearance but also the function of the kettle that allows you to brew tea and coffee for a long time because of the optimal heat preservation mode.

Besides identifying by light on the body of the kettle, this kettle can also be identified by sound. When the water boils, it will alert you

Made entirely of steel, using safe materials that do not contain harmful chemicals. Easy to clean and safe on the go.

Simple design but many improved features help you enjoy leisure moments, just turn on the button, set the clock and start. You’ve got a delicious cup of coffee.


  • The time it takes for the water to boil is very impressive
  • Modern design, operations like using a smartphone, you just need to select the mode on the touch screen.
  • Quality electric kettle, inner surface is stainless steel
  • Fast delivery and well packaged


  • Keep out of reach of small children, when boiling water outside the kettle is quite hot.

Hamilton Beach 

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Large capacity, quick to boil, safe and energy-saving.

Using stainless steel material helps to keep the kettle body durable and during the boiling process does not affect the water quality.

Integrating many features on the same product, from boiling water, brewing tea, brewing coffee to keeping heat. Quick help to save you time doing other things for yourself.

The boiling water indicator light is clearly displayed on the kettle body, you can know when the water is boiling, thereby adjusting the water temperature when needed. Not every dish or drink must be 100 degrees Celsius


  • Both the base and the pitcher stay cool on the bottoms so you don’t need hot pads to protect delicate counter tops or table tops.
  • This kettle is light to pick up and good looking
  • The water does not touch any plastic parts until you pour water out.


  • There is kind of a ridge in the inside of the kettle at the top that prevents emptying the kettle completely


Hopefully through this basic information, you can understand How Does Cordless Electric Kettle Work and give yourself a choice of Cordless Electric Kettle products that best suits you. Besides if your Cordless Electric Kettle is broken you can also rely on the above information to be able to repair your own Cordless Electric Kettle. Good luck!

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