A little about Japanese tea culture

Whilst visiting Japan in August this year, we had the chance to experience Japanese tea in various surroundings on several occasions. Tea, specifically green tea, is everywhere in Japan: tea flavored drinks, sweets, ice creams, and pastries are widely available, with tea shops and tea houses everywhere.

Bestseller No. 1
Buddha Teas Japanese Cherry Blossom Tea - OU Kosher, 18 Bleach-Free Tea Bags
  • Ingredients: Cherry Blossom Flower, Black Tea
  • Steeping Instructions - This tea best extracts in water with temperatures of 200°-205° F. Allow the tea to steep for 3-6 minutes for a full, flavorful cup.
  • High quality, fresh herbs and tea leaves are important for experiencing the true taste of tea. Buddha Teas crafts all teas from fresh, organic or wild harvested plants that have been gathered and packaged with conscious care.
  • The tea bags used are made from the cellulose fibers of the abaca plant and are 100% bleach-free.
  • Buddha Teas’ “Tea for Trees” campaign creates a sustainable model that restores one of our most precious resources while offsetting the paper used in our products. We’ve partnered with the National Forest Foundation to support their campaign to plant 50 million trees in our National Forests.
Bestseller No. 2
Genmaicha green tea with Matcha, roasted brown rice tea, Low caffeine, Japanese Tea, 3g×60 tea bags【YAMASAN】
  • ✅Genmaicha green tea with matcha is a Japanese tea made from green tea and roasted rice. We carefully selected the sencha loose leaf green tea and 1st harvest matcha from Kyushu and blended them well with Japanese roasted rice. It has a good balance of the astringency of green tea and the nutty flavor of the roasted rice. You can enjoy the nutty aroma of roasted rice, the fresh flavor of green tea and also the vivid green color of matcha.
  • ✅We carefully selected the sencha loose leaf green tea, 1st harvest matcha from Kyushu and Japanese roasted rice. All the ingredients are produced and manufactured in a long-established tea factory under international standard quality management with IOS9001 certified.
  • ✅Roasted rice doesn’t contain any caffeine. However, since it is blended together with green tea, there is only a small amount of caffeine contained in genmaicha. It is low in caffeine and has an aromatic roasting aroma which helps relax your mind, reduce stress-related symptoms and improve sleep quality.
  • ✅This Genmaicha Green Tea With Matcha helps support your healthy lifestyle as it contains vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers. It is suitable for children, the elderly and all ages.
  • ✅HOT BREW & COLD BREW - Two most common ways to enjoy Genmaicha with matcha are hot brewing and cold brewing. Both methods can enjoy its roasting aroma and the refreshing taste of Genmaicha with matcha.
Bestseller No. 4
Ito En Tea Oi Ocha Green Tea, Unsweetened, 16.9 Ounce (Pack of 12)
  • WHOLE LEAF TEA: Oi Ocha Green Tea is brewed from first flush whole green tea leaves grown in Japan not from tea powder or concentrate; using the whole leaf means our teas don’t lose any of the health benefits that are naturally present in green tea leaves
  • CLEAN AND REFRESHING: Oi Ocha Unsweetened Green Tea has is natural clean tasting and refreshing; putting our iced green tea in a convenient ready to drink bottle means you can have your hydration on the go; it makes a great alternative to traditional sodas
  • LOW CALORIE: ITO EN's Oi Ocha Green Tea has no sugars or artificial sweeteners, making it a delicious, substitute for your usual sugary soda or flavored coffee at only 5 calories; try our naturally vitamin and antioxidant rich tea, and you may never look back
  • ANTIOXIDANT RICH: brewed from premium Japanese loose tea leaves, Oi Ocha provides natural catechin tea antioxidants and other healthy goodies; a key to good health, happiness, and wisdom, green tea is the perfect refreshment for your health and well-being
  • NO ADDITIVES: ITO EN teas are brewed with no artificial colors or flavors so you can be confident that the only things in our bottles are delicious, healthy green tea and natural flavors; it's a refreshing beverage you can always feel good about drinking
Bestseller No. 5
Japanese Sencha Green Tea with Cherry Blossom Leaf and Flower Bags, Fragrant Tea (2g x 10 Count) 0.71 Oz
  • Teabag type: High quality Sencha tea combined with Sakura (cherry blossom) petals and leaves. It is a fragrant tea with a faint sweet scent of cherry blossoms without using any artificial fragrance. Can be served by cold water also.
  • For your health: Sakura (cherry blossom) contains a large amount of vitamins, such as A, B, E, and more. These vitamins will keep your skin healthy. In addition,Sencha is also recommended for health-concious people due to its low calorie profile. The gorgeous scent of Sakura will treat you great in any special occasions.
  • For your break time: With a sweet of your choice, or as it is, this tea will perform a enjoyable and wonderful break time for you.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and do not place where it has a high temperature or a place that can be exposed to moist.
  • Content: 20g (2g x 10 packets) / One bag makes about 2 cups.
Bestseller No. 6
Organic Oolong tea loose leaf tea,100% authentic made in Japan, (100g)【YAMASAN】
  • ✅Naturally grown Japanese Organic Oolong tea with 100% Japanese Oolong tea leaves JAS certification.We purchase genuine Japanese Oolong tea leaves directly from contract farmers. Manufactured using organic tea leaves from "Gokase Town, Miyazaki Prefecture".
  • ✅Organic tea leaves that do not use any pesticides or chemical fertilizers become fragrant oolong tea. You can enjoy oolong tea whose taste changes by using it repeatedly for the first, second, and third times.
  • ✅Oolong tea is a refreshing tea with a unique bitterness and fragrant aroma. Oolong tea is one of the beverages originally drunk in China and has been a favorite drink since ancient times. The production of Japanese oolong tea is small and very valuable.
  • ✅To drink oolong tea deliciously, pour hot water at 90 ° C to 95 ° C and steam for about 1 minute and 30 seconds before serving.
  • ✅Oolong tea is 0 Kcal, so even those on a diet can drink it with confidence. Oolong tea contains minerals such as potassium and vitamins such as folic acid. Manganese and vitamin B2 are the most abundant ingredients in oolong tea.
Bestseller No. 7
Japanese Black tea -Wakoucha 2.5g x15teabags -Made in Japan | Japanese Tea KIMIKURA
  • Japanese Black tea -Wakoucha 2.5g x15teabags -Made in Japan
  • Japanese tea leaves are thoroughly fermented to produce Japanese Black Tea, which is known for its fresh aroma and mellow sweetness.
  • This tea is milder compared to Black Tea produced abroad, and is loved by many Japanese regardless of age.
  • You can also enjoy this tea by adding honey, sugar, milk or lemon.
Bestseller No. 8
Japanese Tea Assorted Variety Pack + Tea caddy -Lucky Bag from Japan | Japanese Tea KIMIKURA (3 kinds tea + Tea caddy)
  • Lucky Bag/福袋 -Japanese Tea Assorted Variety Pack -Japanese Green tea + Tea caddy
  • These lucky bags are based on Shochikubai (Pine, Bamboo and Plum blossoms) which are known to be auspicious and bring good fortune.
  • The thing to which we assign the word Sho (松:Pine) is the supreme thing, Chiku (竹:Bamboo):the superior thing, and Bai (梅:Ume plum): the regular thing in many cases in Japan.
Bestseller No. 10
Tea Forte Presentation Box Presentation Box Tea Sampler Gift Set, 20 Assorted Variety Handcrafted Pyramid Tea Infuser Bags (Asst Tea Tasting)
  • TEA TASTING ASSORTMENT with ten varieties of our most popular tea blends - Black Currant, Organic Earl Grey Tea, Organic Green Mango Peach, Organic Jasmine Green Tea, White Ambrosia, White Ginger Pear, African Solstice, Organic Chamomile Citron, Organic Ginger Lemongrass, Raspberry Nectar
  • DIVERSE, SUBTLE FLAVORS from only the finest whole tea leaves in the world, blended with aromatic fruits, spices and herbs
  • DELIGHTFUL TEA GIFT SET offers a variety of premium gourmet teas, a most welcomed hostess gift or gift for tea lovers
  • PRESENTATION BOX tea sampler has 20 assorted pyramid tea bag infusers, handcrafted to allow the delicate leaves to luxuriantly unfurl in hot water, producing a deliciously aromatic, flavorful cup
  • WRAPPED IN ELEGANT, embossed pattern gift box with a satin ribbon, open the lid to reveal a tea tasting menu with blend descriptions

An ornate traditional “old-style” tea house rises from the center of the tidal pond at Hama Rikyu garden in Tokyo, where we discovered the etiquette of drinking matcha tea. Matcha, a powdered green tea, plays an important role in the Japanese tea ceremony. The tea is served with a wagashi, an extremely healthy and aesthetic Japanese sweet made of bean paste. We were told this little treat should be eaten before drinking the tea to magnify the flavors and make matcha taste even better. We agreed that the wagashi’s sweetness and matcha’s deep taste was a dream combination! We recommend this place for the tranquillity of the tea house itself and the unrelenting beauty of the view.

At We Is Tea, we promote independent and ethical tea producers, believing this focus results in a product of unrivaled quality. Despite this, my curiosity saw me sample tea-based products developed by large manufacturers in Japan. I was fortunate enough to regularly drink bottled iced tea, which was extremely refreshing in the 35°C heat, and also ate food made from green tea, which was delicious. I will make a range of cakes from the We Are Tea Japanese tea once it joins our range.

SaleBestseller No. 1
suyika Japanese Tetsubin Cast Iron Teapot Tea Kettle pot with Stainless Steel Infuser for Stovetop Safe Coated with Enameled Interior 22 oz/650 ml
  • 【TWO USAGES】 The Japanese tea pot full water capacity is 650 ml / 22 oz, and actual use capacity is 520ml / 18 oz, suitable for 1-2 people. It can be used to making tea or boiling tea, Japanese teapots is recommended to use small fire on stove top to prevent water from boiling and protect the coating from falling off. After use, wash with clean water and dry with a clean cloth.
  • 【GOOD FOR HEALTH】 Cast iron teapot let your drink water be healthy. Cast iron teapot can improve the water quality by releasing iron ions and absorbing chloride ions in water. So the water after boiled by our cast iron teapot can be more sweeter and softer, which is suitable for all kinds of tea making or other drinks making.
  • 【BEAUTIFUL DESIGN】 Cast iron teapot - a traditional Japanese tetsubin design. It is a masterful collection for tea lovers. It is the necessary decoration to any kitchen - the best tea kettle / teapot for boiling water or making tea. Christmas decorations.
  • 【ENAMEL INTERIOR】 The material of the cast iron tea kettle is sturdy and protects the teapot from being damaged easily, which greatly extend the life of cast iron teapot. The fully enameled interior helps preserve the taste of the tea original and pure and allows for easy care.
  • 【NOTE】 Suyika cast iron teapot is professionally crafted by skilled craftsmen. Quality is the life of our teapot. If you have any pre-sales and after-sales problems, please contact us and we will respond within 12 hour. we will solve your all issues to meet your 100% satisfaction. Just have a try!
Bestseller No. 2
Tea Kettle, TOPTIER Japanese Cast Iron Teapot with Stainless Steel Infuser, Cast Iron Tea Kettle Stovetop Safe, Leaf Design Teapot Coated with Enameled Interior for 32 Ounce (950 ml), Light Green
  • 🍃 Cast Iron Teapot - Teapot FULL-LOAD CAPACITY: 32 oz / 950 ml, RECOMMENDED BOILING CAPACITY: 25 oz / 750 ml. The cast iron tea kettle allows gradual and even heating for stove top. It will help infuse the greatest amount of flavor from the tea leaves into the water. Cast iron teapot could break down the elements of Fe2+, which is beneficial to your body. Japanese cast iron teapot also has long heat preservation.
  • 🍃 Convenient to Store - SERVE for 2-3 people, 3-4 cups WHEN the teapot is FULL-LOADED. The material of cast iron tea kettle is sturdy and protects the teapot from being damaged easily, which greatly extend the life of teapot. The fully enameled interior helps preserve the taste of the tea original and pure and allows for easy care.
  • 🍃 Unique Design - The ACTUAL teapot LOOKS SMALLER and suggested NOT LOADING MORE THAN 25 oz / 750 ml of WATER for BOILING on stove top. The 18/10 stainless-steel infuser helps separate tea leaves from the water, which can be removed and cleaned easily. TO CLEAN TEAPOT – Dishwashing detergent is not recommended. Simply clean it with water is enough. Ergonomic fold-down handle and shortly curved spout allow easy grip and easy pouring. Stovetop safe, the small fire is suggested.
  • 🍃 Better Gift - The aqua cast iron teapot is crafted with a retro green leaf pattern on its surface, which is a symbol of natural simplicity and purity. Beautiful packaging has also been designed. An exquisite gift for Dad, Mom, Friends, Family, Wedding, Décor, Decorations, Party and Tea Lovers. Nice tea kettle for christmas gift.
  • 🍃 What You Get - Toptier stovetop cast iron teapot, welcome guide, and friendly customer service. To see how TOPTIER's stove top cast iron tea kettle can enhance your (or a loved one's) tea tasting adventure. Click "ADD TO CART" now.
Bestseller No. 3
PARACITY Cast Iron Teapot Japanese Tetsubin Coated with Stainless Steel Infuser, Stovetop Tea Kettle for Boiling Hot Water Tea, Mothers Day Gifts from Daughter/ Son 23.5 Oz /700 Ml
  • 【GOOD FOR HEALTH】The cast iron teapot will continuously release secondary iron ions (ferrous ions, Fe2+) during the heating process. It is absorbed by the body when eating and drinking. Iron is a hematopoietic element. Proper drinking can not only supplement the body's needs, but also prevent anemia.
  • 【INTERNAL CAPACITY】Tea Pot FULL-LOAD CAPACITY: 23.5 oz / 700 ml. RECOMMENDED BOILING CAPACITY: 18.5 oz / 550 ml. Suitable for 1-2 people, 2 mugs. The stainless-steel infuser helps separate tea leaves from the water, which can be removed and cleaned easily. Upgraded smooth Enamel Interior, stronger and safer, easier to clean.
  • 【NICE GIFT】Both the lid and the body are embossed, which can be used as a water boiler to keep the body healthy, or as a work of art to appreciate. A teapot with an infuser is a great gift for Mothers Day Gifts from Daughter/ Son.Also for wives, family and friends.Masterful collection for tea lovers.
  • 【USE AND CARE】PARACITY cast iron teapot is made of pig iron, hand-made by skilled craftsmen, durable. Do not fill the pot too full during use. After use, wash with clean water and dry with a clean cloth.
  • 【PACKAGE INCLUDE】 1* Cast Iron Teapot. PARACITY wants to give our customers happy purchase experience. If you have any issues using our products, please contact us, we will try our best to help you.
Bestseller No. 4
3 Piece Set Green Japanese Cast Iron Teapot, Loose Leaf Tetsubin with Infuser and Trivet (18 oz)
  • Cast Iron Teapot Set: Steep and serve warm loose leaf tea to up to 2 people with this classic green tea pot that features a beautiful spotted design
  • Loose Leaf Tea Infuser: The japanese cast iron teapot features a stainless-steel infuser to help separate tea leaves from the water while brewing; ideal for green tea, herbal, detox or medicinal tea
  • Easy To Clean: Rinse the cast iron teapot set with warm, clean water after use; do not clean the japanese tetsubin with detergent or dish soap
  • Reliable Quality: The loose leaf tea pot is made from heavy-duty cast iron that offers superior heat retention, ensuring your tea will stay hot for hours of enjoyment
  • Capacity: The japanese tea set has a capacity of 532ml (18oz); please note: this tea pot is not for stovetop use, we recommend to boil water in a separate vessel first
Bestseller No. 5
Japanese Teapot Kyusu Tokoname Youhen Clay Teapot 11.8 Fluid Ounces Fusen L161 (1)
  • Capacity: 11.8 fl.oz.(350cc),(This will be 80% at the time of full capacity.)
Bestseller No. 6
Black Tea Pot Kyusu Tea Maker with Infuser for Loose Tea Ceramic Japanese Teapot with Side Handle 11.8 oz. 350ML for Office,Home, Tea Drinker Gifts
  • 【Safe and High-quality Materials】 This assian style tea pot is made is made of a high-quality lead-free, non-toxic ceramic. What’s more, porcelain ware keeps the original flavor of tea and not absorb them.
  • 【Simple Japanese Style Teapot】The appearance of the teapot is simple and stylish . It’s not only an appliance but also an art. The teapot with stainless steel infuser is perfect for loose tea, tea bags or herb blend, easy to separate tea leaves and tea soup.
  • 【Durable and Functional 】 Suitable for brewing black tea, Pu-er, Oolong, Green tea,ect. Good choice to give as a gift to your friends and family, especially suitable for tea lovers. Ideal for home, office, party, travel, outdoor and restaurant use, it‘s unique and practical.
  • 【Ease to Use and Clean】 Put the amount of loose tea leaf you need into the infuser and pour boiling water through the infuser into the teapot, wait few minutes then you can enjoy your tea time. The filter is easily detached and makes for easy rinsing and cleaning.
  • 【Small and Exquisite】5.9”W x 3.5” H, 350 ml capacity teapot with small occupying small space.
SaleBestseller No. 7
KIYOSHI Luxury 7PC Japanese Tea Set."Midnight Blue Koi" Cast Iron Tea Pot with 2 Tea Cups, 2 Saucers, Loose Leaf Tea Infuser and Teapot Trivet. Ceremonial Matcha Accessories
  • HANDMADE KIYOSHI - Perhaps it’s the unique shapes, prints, and 2-Tone Colors we use for each Tetsubin that makes them the preferred Japanese tea pots for things like Corporate, Anniversaries, Weddings, or Engagement Gifts. Or maybe it’s because we treat tradition with esteem, (2 cups instead of 4 which is bad luck). Either way, Kiyoshi Luxury is only for those who “know” and honor special tea.
  • THE MIDNIGHT BLUE KOI - Kiyoshi Luxury Tea Sets come in different designs, each one individually molded, and hand-painted in a labor-intensive two color process that produces the most stunning finish you’ve seen on any similar pot. They’re not a cheap Japanese teapot, which is great news for anyone frustrated with mass-produced clones. This design is Midnight Blue Koi, symbolizing good luck, strength and abundance
  • WHAT'S IN THE SET? Contains one solid cast iron teapot weighing 3.2lbs that holds 27.05oz of your best quality Japanese Green Tea or brew of choice. 2 teacups with dotted design and matching ‘donut’ trivet, leaf shaped saucers and stainless steel tea infuser. Rust-Proof enamel inside, with a hand painted and glazed exterior, which makes this “tetsubin”, a tetsu kyusu! Made for brewing tea but not for boiling.
  • NEED MORE CUPS? In Japanese Tradition, gifts in sets of 4 are bad luck. So instead of 4 small 2oz cups, we give you two large 4oz cups. And if you need more, you’ll find them here by searching Kiyoshi Luxury. Also of note, Kiyoshi Luxury comes with follow up service to solve any shipping problems. Plus, a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee for risk free ordering.
  • FOR SPECIAL TEA - You may know that Iron is the traditional element for 6th Anniversary Gifts for Men or Women, and special tea sets are adored by those who respect the stillness of ceremony. So if you’re looking for something a step above “just a cuppa” or can’t bring yourself to gift loved ones a bad-luck set with 4-cups, check out the Kiyoshi Luxury Collection and choose now the right color for you.
Bestseller No. 8
Ufine Koi Fish Cast Iron Teapot Set Stove Top Tea Kettle with 4 Cups Japanese Style Tetsubin Tea Gift Set, 26 oz with Stainless Steel Infuser
  • 【Affordable Gift Set for Tea Lovers】Come with trivet and lid holder as well as four 2 oz cups, heavy cast iron teapot with stainless steel mesh strainer; elegant bronze color and exquisite koi fish design; a great gift idea for someone or for self
  • 【Make a Delicious Cup of Tea on the Stove】This tea kettle can be heated on various types of stoves like gas stove, wood stove, electric stove; heats up evenly and quickly meanwhile releasing ferrous ion to water; enhance the taste of tea and retains heat better
  • 【Enamel Coating & Curved Spout】Finished with black enamel lining for rust protection and easy clean even if you accidentally left some water in there overnight; well attached handle and curved spout enable smooth pouring without driping and splashing
  • 【Pretty and Functional】Fine workmanship with delicate koi fish design makes this teapot set a centerpiece of any counter or table; a cute decoration to your stovetop and kitchen; removable fine mesh strainer for any tea brewing needs, 26 oz capacity serves several cups of tea
  • 【STURDY & DURABLE】Healthy and environment-friendly paint on the outside, with good heat and water resistance, effectively extend the appearance and service life of iron teapot; heavy duty for daily tea brewing; solid and durable to replace the glass or porcelain one
SaleBestseller No. 9
RekRang Longevity Crane Cast Iron Teapot Set Japanese Style Tetsubin Tea Kettle With 4 Cups,Removable Infuser and Trivet Antique cast Iion Teakettle For Stove 800ml 28Ounce…
  • 【HANDMADE DESIGN】:Our teapot is made of cast iron, the inner wall adopts a safe high temperature oxidation process of 1200 degrees to form a natural oxide layer, which prevents rust and shine, increases the delicate feeling, and also ensures the safety of drinking. The pot body is hand-designed with a pine crane pattern,meaning prolonging life. The 4 cups are made of double-layer stainless steel, which is strong and durable. The matching iron trivet can better protect your desktop from damage.
  • 【SUITABLE FOR VARIOUS STOVES】:The cast iron teakettle can be heated in a variety of stoves such as gas stoves,alcohol stoves, electric stoves, candle warmers, etc. If you are camping, you can also bring the iron teapot, use the campfire to boil water, and enjoy tea tasting outside. The bottom of the pot is flat and enlarged to increase the heating area, so that the water will boil faster. The most suitable water capacity is 600ml, suitable for 1-2 people.
  • 【PERFECT TEAKETTLE SET】:The cast iron teapot set includes an 800ml iron teakettle, stainless steel infuser, heat insulation triver, 4 60ml tea cups and a copper fork. It can entertain 3-4 guests, enjoy tea with the family, or enjoy tea alone. In time, this iron kettle is not only a practical boiling device, but also a set of exquisite crafts.
  • 【BE HEALTHY】:Cast iron kettle contain high carbon content, are hard, wear-resistant, and have a long heat preservation time. When boiling water, iron teapot can remove chlorine in the water and release divalent iron ions to supplement the iron required by the human body and prevent anemia. The combination of the iron ions released by the iron kettle and the fluoride ions in the water can make the tea softer, sweeter and more flavorful.
  • 【BEAUTIFUL & PRACTICABLE】:The exquisite craftsmanship and the exquisite hand-painted pine and crane patterns make this iron teapot become a decoration for the dining table and living room. It can be used as a gift for family, friends and tea lovers on Thanksgiving, Christmas and other festivals. At the same time, the iron teakettle can also be used Collect and watch as a collection. If you are a person who likes to be quiet or like to meditate, use this tea set to accompany you every quiet time.
SaleBestseller No. 10
Old Dutch Cast Iron Sapporo Teapot, 20-Ounce, Black
  • The heat-retaining properties of cast iron allow our tetsubin teapots to keep tea at the proper serving temperature for up to an hour
  • The glass enamel interiors keep the taste of the tea pure and allow for easy cleaning
  • Infuser included
  • Rinse out with warm water and hand dry
  • Warranty not included

Tea is frequently served free of charge at restaurants and is always cherished, whether with a traditional Japanese breakfast, a varied bento box, or a selection of sushi/sashimi from a conveyer belt. The Japanese pride themselves on their customer service, and nothing is more welcoming than a warm cup of comforting green tea.

Finally, whilst visiting Kyoto, we stayed in a traditional hotel called a “Ryokan”. This was a uniquely Japanese experience, with no bed in sight upon entering your bedroom. Instead, a small Japanese table stands in the center of the tranquil tatami room, at which the hosts welcome you with an iced cup of tea and a selection of sweets. A kimono-wearing woman then brought us our “in-room kit,” which contained numerous useful items, including a tea set and a selection of green teas for later in the evening.

We can confirm that tea is the most commonly consumed beverage in Japan and plays an important role in Japanese culture.

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