Our Story

From Shane Talbott, Founder of Talbott Teas:

With my background in the spa and salon industry, I’ve got a passion for pampering. And if you’re on this page, you deserve to be pampered.

My unique blends of super-premium tea leaves, herbs, fruits and spices are as accessible as they are extraordinary, priced so that everyone may savor a lifestyle of extravagance, sophistication and elegance.

By taking a classic comfort and infusing it with my talent for care and attention, I’ve created a line of teas with uncommon depth and drama, alive from the first sip.

The fabric of a great tea is its ingredients. I select the most sensuous textures and striking shades of flavor, and weave them into beverages that dazzle and inspire in your treasured moments of everyday indulgence. In living that philosophy, Talbott Teas has steadily gained attention and influence.

With encouragement and support from Ms. Winfrey herself, I developed custom blends of South African rooibos tea for The Oprah Store. This very special relationship resulted in a few of my most popular blends, including Berry Peach Passion, Luscious Lemon Meringue and Orange Crème Dreams.

As fans of the ABC reality show “Shark Tank,” partner Steve Nakisher and I were in search of a creative way to win the support we wanted to grow our business to the next level. And that’s how we won the chance to pitch to the “sharks.”

Our creativity paid off big-time with a deal offered by “Shark Tank” panelist Kevin O’Leary. That led to an introduction to Jamba Juice, who matched their interest in our product and our business with an offer to buy the company.

Now Talbott Teas is available in Jamba Juice stores nationwide, and we are thrilled to be a part of the Jamba Juice family. Jamba Juice continues to help us with distribution so we can reach all of our tea lovers. As an expression of our creative inspiration, our super-premium tea blends have redefined the tea drinking experience. There is a thoughtful blend for every occasion. I invite you to discover your own favorites, and immerse yourself in the indulgence of Talbott Teas.