What is mate vana tea? Uses & how to mix Yerba Mate right Argentina Style

With a strong traditional flavor, mate vana tea is the tea to enjoy representing the unique indigenous cultures of the South American people. Especially. This tea is also considered the “national moisture” number 1 of Argentina during the past 4000 years. Let’s explore this Yerba Mate Tea with Plan trip Cha!

This article contains:

  • What is mate vana tea? Where did Yerba Mate come from?
  • Yerba mate tea, the undisputed drink of many players
  • Instructions on how to properly brew Yerba Mate Argentina tea
  • Top best mate vana tea

What is mate vana tea? Where did Yerba Mate come from?

mate vana tea

mate vana tea is a famous tea featured in Argentina in particular and the Americas in general. Yerba Mate Tea is also known as “South American Green Tea” and is considered the national moisture – the national drink of the Argentinian.

Yerba Mate Tea is a unique, delicious, and nutritious tea that is trusted by many famous people such as Football Stars Messi and Suarez.

Yerba Mate is a traditional tea made from the leaves of the llex paraguariensis plant. After harvesting, Ilex leaves will be cleaned, then dried at high temperatures, and then crushed. Tea powder will be mixed with hot water and stored in empty gourds (known locally as Mate or Quam). To make the enjoyment process easier as well as filter out the pig’s tea residue, people will use a metal straw to drink tea. 

These special straws are usually made of silver, steel, bare metal, or hollow stem. The design of these specialized tubes is also very novel: some are straight in shape, as usual, others have extra springs or small holes to eliminate tea residue as much as possible.

As early as the sixteenth century, mate vana tea was used by the Guarani as a beverage, mainly used in ancestral gatherings and worship. Initially, this tea was only popular in Paraguay, but thanks to its seductive taste, Yerba Mate has become a familiar name in most South American countries, including Peru, Chile, … 

Thanks to the output With increasing consumption, Yerba Mate has been concentrated on plantations in Paraguay since the year 1250, creating fierce competition between traders and exploiters of natural materials. This unrest caused the Jesuit sect – who advocated bringing Yerba Mate to the factory – expelled from the country in 1700.

It can be said that Paraguay is the hometown of the original Yerba Mate tea line. However, the war that took place in this country in 1870 made the country’s economy severely damaged, and the labor force was also affected significantly. Seizing the rare opportunity, Brazil immediately jumped into the monopoly race, becoming a key producer and distributor of Yerba tea in the world. This one-way battle lasted until the 1930s. Later, when Brazil began to focus on coffee exploitation and export, the throne was passed on to neighboring Argentina to this day.

Up to now, Yerba Mate with its rich caffeine content is still considered a must-taste drink if you have the opportunity to set foot in remote South America. Not only is considered a specialty that represents Argentina and Uruguay, but this special tea has also become a fever in countless other countries, including Syria, Bolivia, Lebanon, Uruguay, …

Different from popular tea varieties, Yerba Mate possesses a cool but unforgettable taste. The bitterness of the tea is quite strong, but it does not last too long but is quickly occupied by the sweet after-tea. Likewise, tea has a very characteristic natural scent, making it unforgettable for anyone who has had the opportunity to taste it. Also, the way of storing tea in empty gourds and enjoying it with a straw is a fairly new experience, helping to increase the enthusiasm of the drinker as well as pop up the refreshing green grass flavor unique to Yerba Mate.

The use of mate vana tea has been scientifically proven

It is no coincidence that Yerba Mate still retains her charm to this day. Besides the irresistible taste, know that this tea contains a rich source of nutrients, helping to nourish and improve health significantly. Some of the outstanding effects of Yerba Mate tea can be mentioned include

Yerba Mate helps to energize the body

According to scientific studies, drinking Yerba Mate tea daily will help replenish as well as increase energy levels for the body, thereby increasing the ability to focus while working. Specifically, 150ml of Yerba Mate tea contains up to 78 milligrams of caffeine. This index is equal to that of coffee, but the caffeine in Yerba Mate is safer because it does not cause trouble sleeping or being too excited like regular caffeine. Therefore, it is completely possible to use Yerba Mate as a healthy daily drink, keeping the mind alert and clear.

In some cases, people also use Yerba Mate as a type of “energy drink”, helping to improve physical performance and more vigorously.

Yerba Mate Tea increases concentration

mate vana tea

As mentioned above, thanks to the healthy content of caffeine at a moderate level, regular use of Yerba Mate tea will help clear your mind, increase your ability to focus while repelling sudden sleepiness.

Yerba mate tea lowers cholesterol

Some experiments have shown that regularly drinking Yerba Mate for 30-40 days will help to purify the body while reducing the bad LDL cholesterol in the blood. This is also the “key” to help enhance the health of the cardiovascular system, prevent blood pressure diseases,…

Yerba Mate Tea Supporting safe and effective weight loss

Using mate vana tea before and after a meal will help reduce insulin sensitivity, inhibit and repel appetite, enhance metabolic activity as well as burn excess calories, thereby supporting effective weight loss.

Also, drinking Yerba Mate tea every day brings some other great uses such as anti-aging, prevent cancer, enhance the body’s immunity, … However, it is necessary to adjust the amount of tea. Use during the day so that it is reasonable to avoid causing undesirable effects. Drinking too much Yerba Mate tea can cause miscarriage, increase the lipid index in the blood, a sudden increase in blood pressure, …

Yerba mate tea, the undisputed drink of many players

“No matter how far, near and far, hand-held tea gourd everywhere” has become the motto of many players. The tea that does not separate them is yerba mate: the traditional “delicious, nutritious, cheap” drink of South America.

What is Yerba mate, how fever is it?

Yerba mate (or “mate” for short) is a very popular herbal tea in South America. Going to Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, or Paraguay, it’s easy to see people drinking mate every day. In it, Argentina is considered the hometown of a mate. Mate is consumed the most in Argentina and Argentina is also the world’s largest exporter of a mate. Mate is considered the national moisture of Argentina. Argentine players often introduce to their teammates at European football teams: “If you come to my hometown, the first thing that you are given by the host is mate tea”.

South Americans in general and Argentinians, in particular, were accustomed to mate as their undivided drink. Argentine players and South American players are also accustomed to “exporting mate culture” to European football teams.

In Barcelona, ​​Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez (when the Uruguayan striker has not yet moved to Atletico) are the clues to “spread” the culture of drinking mate to other members. At Man United, South American players like Marcos Rojo and Sergio Romero turned European teammates like Paul Pogba into “addict” mates. At PSG, there was a time when the group Angel di Maria, Edinson Cavani, Presnel Kimpembe, Alphonse Areola formed a mate.

Antoine Griezmann said he had a crush on mate since he was playing for Sociedad. Sociedad’s former Uruguayan coach Martin Lasarte said: “Our two fitness coaches, Carlos Bueno and Pablo Balbi, were the ones who introduced the mate to Griezmann. Almost from the first try, Griezmann was “addicted” to mate. Knowing the story, my wife and I bought Griezmann a mate tea set at a craft market in Montevideo. As for Bueno, every time I go back to Uruguay I remember to buy Griezmann a lot of mates”.

Lasarte mentioned a mate tea treat. The “utensils” here include a gourd of tea (also known as guampa) and a straw (or called bombilla) to drink tea. How to make mate tea is quite quick and simple. The guampa and bombilla set is quite neat and convenient, very easy to carry with you. The mate drinker does not have to sit at a table but can take it while walking, sitting on a bus, or traveling by plane.

The image of players who “go anywhere with handheld tea” is becoming more and more popular. On one hand, they can both hold a gourd and can hold a small kettle of water. After drinking it, they can make more hot water to drink again very conveniently.

Delicious and nutritious

mate vana tea

Why is mate increasingly becoming a trend in the world of players like that? Why is the country of Argentina, which is the cupboard of South American players, that mate quickly becomes the drink of separation from many players outside of South America? Why do carefree teams comfortably let their players “addict” mate and “spread the addiction to mate” all over the team?

The answer is mate is both delicious and nutritious. Mate is easy to drink. Anyone can drink it. But mate has many uses. Mate helps drinkers be more lucid, able to concentrate and sleep more easily. Mate also has the effect of losing weight. No player has yet complained about mate side effects.

And another very important detail, mate is purely a natural product and is never on the doping list. This means that the player can comfortably drink mate as much as he wants without having to worry if he has to go through the doping procedure.

The doctor of Olympique Marseille and France Tel, Franck Le Gall shared in Le Parisien: “There is no reason to ban players from drinking mate at all”.

A player who is addicted to beer and alcohol is also worrying. But a player who is addicted to mate is addicted all the time, no one grunts a word.

Instructions on how to properly brew Yerba Mate Argentina tea

3 basic elements in how to make good tea you should know

Tea drinking is one of the very long-standing cultural features of ancient customs, from the past up to now, tea has always been considered and used as a beverage for refreshment. The feeling of sitting with friends and relatives sipping a cup of tea and discussing stories will make life more meaningful. However, how to make delicious tea? How is mixing properly? Please refer to the content of the 3 basic elements, as well as how to make a tea that our article points out. Applying in practice, you will feel all the deliciousness that the cup of tea brings.

For making tea, there are 3 most important factors that you need to understand and strictly follow are the temperature of the tea making water, the amount of tea, and the time of keeping the tea. So what is the requirement of those three factors? We will all answer in the following content.

The temperature of the tea-making water

When making tea, we will have to use hot water to make it, but each type of tea will have its requirements with different water temperatures. In which you note:

With freshly boiled water, it is only suitable for making black tea or making old oolong tea. If you make a tea that is dry tea or fresh tea, you need to use boiled water that is hotter than freshly boiled water because it needs to have a high temperature, helping to break down the bonds as well as spread the flavor. taste.

Remember, the temperature of the tea is not too hot, because it will make the tea “burn”, thus losing the delicate flavor as well as making the tea bitter. But you also do not use too cold water, the tea will not be able to secrete all its flavor and the compounds in the tea buds cannot dissolve.

The amount of tea

When brewing, you need to have harmony between the amount of tea with water. This means that you should not take too much tea and less water, the tea will be very bitter and costly water. But you should not take too little tea but mix it with a lot of water, it will weaken the flavor of tea, but enjoy it without feeling its deliciousness.

Accordingly, depending on the type of tea that you will make different amounts of brew. If you do not know which ratio to brew, you can apply the ratio of 8g tea, you will use up to 300ml of water. If you find it too thick, you can reduce the amount of tea, if too light, reduce the amount of water. You can adjust it yourself so that the taste matches your taste.

Tea brew time

We often have a habit of making tea to “steep tea”, meaning that after pouring hot water into tea, we will let it drink for a long time. The concept of making tea in this way is because, if you want to have time for the tea to be ripe enough, the tea will be delicious. But that is a completely wrong opinion because this way only makes the tea you drink more bitter and fragrant.

Accordingly, also with the temperature of the tea-making water, the tea brewing time will also have a certain level. With making black and oolong teas, the soaking time is longer, while green tea is faster. This means the time for you to make tea only needs to be in seconds, not in minutes.

Even though you have taken the right steps to make tea properly, if you want to have a better cup of tea, please refer to a few tips that we outline below. Applying it, surely the results will be as expected.

The first thing you should do is to prepare yourself a small pot, with a small wall, everything will become a lot easier. Accordingly, it is best to choose for yourself a porcelain pot or a glass pot, the tea will be better. The reason we tell you to choose these two materials is that you want to show you that they will faithfully reflect the taste of the tea, as well as leave no smell and you can use it to mix with more. different teas.

Next, you do not take tea maker water. It is best to use bottled water, not mineral water to make tea.

With the temperature when brewing tea, you do not need a thermometer to measure anything, the best way is with boiled water and very hot let it cool down. Remember, the hot water you boil with a super-speed kettle, after boiling for 5 minutes, will only decrease to about 80 degrees Celsius.

If the tea you are brewing has thin, thin, and spongy fibers, make low-temperature water. As for big tea, strong tea leaves, make hot water at a higher temperature. If it is green tea, the water temperature is the lowest, while oolong and black tea have a higher temperature.

If you want your tea to have a strong flavor, increase the amount of tea when brewed, not increase the temperature of the water or soak the tea for too long.

Finally, find yourself a perfect solution for tea temperature, tea brew time, and tea quantity each time you make the tea to get the perfect result with your wishes.

Yerba mate is traditionally used in a gourd (called a Guampa) and sipped with a metal straw (called a Bombilla) – this straw has a filter on the bottom to decant the leaves.

mate vana tea

Step 1: Put 3-4 grams of tea in a Guampa (teapot) or teapot.

Step 2: Add a sufficient amount of boiling water to absorb the tea leaves in the pot/kettle, wait 1 minute for the tea to expand. Pour 250ml of boiling water at 90-95 degrees Celsius (if you do not have a watch, you can use boiling water to cool for 2-3 minutes) into the pot / warm and let it sit for 4-5 minutes. If you use boiling water, the tea will easily burn, losing some of its inherent flavors.

Step 3: Use Bombilla (metal straw, filter nozzle) to enjoy Yerba Mate Tea by Argentine standards. If you do not have Bombilla, you can use tea filters to extract and then separate them to enjoy.

Step 4: Repeat step 2 many times to have more wonderful Yerba Mate teapots.

mate vana tea

Top best mate vana tea

Teavana MateVana Yerba Mate Tea, 2oz

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Broiled imbuement with rich chocolaty suggestions It’s not espresso, is it tea? Taste this espresso like maté and red rooibos mix. Improved with cocoa and chocolate chips, this mochaccino enlivened mix imbues smooth, dim rich tastes that are delicate and strong. Utilize 1.5-2 tsp of tea for every 8oz of water. Warmth water to exactly at bubbling (208 degrees/98 degrees Celsius) and steep for 5-6 minutes. For a more grounded flavor, utilize more tea leaves.

Roasted Cocoa Yerba Mate – Chocolate Tea with Carob, Chicory & Almond

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Broiled Yerba mate and chicory make a roast mixture like espresso, while cocoa nibs, carob, and almonds are suggestive of hot cocoa – with just about zero calories! It’s normal energy without a caffeine crash, making it the ideal espresso elective. 

Yerba mate is an extraordinary decision for wellbeing and weight reduction. Cancer prevention agents may help support your digestion, resistance framework, and heart wellbeing. Mate likewise contains magnesium, pantothenic corrosive (nutrient B5), nutrient C, calcium, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 

Organic Yerba Mate Tea Bags – Variety Pack – Mate Cocido – Natural Detoxifier

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This heavenly Yerba Mate is 100% natural Brazilian Mate comes in 4 flavors green mate, green mate with mint, green mate with lemon, and simmered mate. 

Yerba fills in as a characteristic stomach related that upholds a sound gut and gives a jolt of energy. 

This product has a particular, marginally harsh flavor. The vigorous flavor and incredible jolt of energy make this solid, tea-like refreshment an extraordinary option in contrast to espresso. 

It contains significant degrees of cancer prevention agents, nutrients  that give an amazing jolt of energy. It additionally contains caffeine, cell reinforcements.

Yerba Mate Tea 1LB (16Oz) HI-CAFFEINE 100% CERTIFIED Organic SUPER-GREEN Yerba Mate

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Mate is super green and the vast majority of psychoactive mixtures are safeguarded. It is substantial on CAFFEINE however it additionally contains THEOPHYLLINE fundamentally found in tea (less in espresso) and THEOBROMINE (a non-addictive energizer which, similar to chocolate, it contains in more noteworthy amounts than one or the other espresso or tea). As a result of its low corrosiveness, Mate is simpler on the stomach than espresso and doesn’t leave individuals with the unsteadiness and aggravation that many whines of with their morning espresso. 

Restricted daylight through the rainforest covering, animates the Yerba Mate plant to create more chlorophyll to ingest the scant light. The absence of light makes the chlorophyll gathered in the leaf making it. This is the reason our Yerba Mate has a too green tone and it likewise delivers a better taste profile no manor collected Yerba can at any point accomplish. A few contenders utilize Argentinian Yerba, which has a severe taste profile and a yellow tone gave the absence of shade. Consider it likeness Gyokuro Japanese tea (that is misleadingly concealed to create sweet taste). 

The best tasting Yerba Mate is developed in concealed zones. Very green Yerba Mate demonstrates the plant endeavored to retain accessible light. This implies the leaves will be better and more extravagant in numerous dynamic mixtures.

Teavana Peach Tranquility, Herbal Tea with Chamomile

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At Teavana, we join premium tea, leafy foods, long stretches of ability, and smart practices to create delectable tea mixes with layered flavors for your tasting joy. We endeavor to utilize the best superior teas, leafy foods from locales known for their greatness. In this mix, delicate peach sparkles close by tropical pineapple with sensitive homegrown notes of lemon verbena and a chamomile finish. It’s a succulent interpretation of tea that is brimming with organic product, aroma, and flavor. 

Unwind with this reviving and soothing mix of peach, tropical pineapple, natural notes of lemon verbena, and chamomile 

All Teavana teas are mixed by our tea specialists who build up our delectable teas and test each tea, products of the soil for quality 

This request incorporates 4 bunches of 15 sachets for a sum of 60 Teavana Peach Tranquility sachets

Bigelow Tea Benefits Wellness Teabag Variety Pack

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This tea set incorporates a blend of sans caffeine and jazzed natural tea choices. Incorporates Stay Well, Sleep, Calm Stomach, Refresh, Radiate Beauty, and Balance tea mixes 

Independently Wrapped: Bigelow Tea consistently comes exclusively enclosed by foil pockets for top flavor, newness, and smell to appreciate wherever you go! 

There’s a tea for the morning, early afternoon, and evening time unwinding. Attempt our English Breakfast, Vanilla Chai, cancer prevention agent Green Tea, decaffeinated teas, natural teas, and an assortment of our homegrown tea sacks

The Republic of Tea, Double Dark Chocolate Mate, 36 Count

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It’s a match made in paradise: cancer prevention agent rich, natural, simmered Yerba Maté mixed with natural dull cocoa powder in a righteous, full-bodied sweet tea 

Dim Chocolate likewise overflows with cell reinforcements, in addition to polyphenols – intensifies known to bring down circulatory strain 

Organic India Tulsi Sleep Herbal Tea – Stress Relieving & Relaxing

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Experience the characteristics in this remedial, yet invigorating imbuement. Formed with our unmistakable pressure mitigating mix of many kinds.

Intense when burned-through as a tea, Tulsi is an amazing rejuvenating spice that has adaptogenic properties. Tulsi is wealthy in cancer prevention agents and helps support the safe framework 

With extraordinary regard for manageability, we are developing and collecting our spices morally, cooperating with little family ranchers to reestablish dynamic wellbeing to the networks and place that is known for India 

Yogi Tea – Peach DeTox (6 Pack) – Healthy Cleansing Formula – 96 Tea Bags

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We have faith in utilizing the greatest flavors and botanicals for their normal goodness, supplementing them with captivating, magnificent flavors – characteristics that make the entirety of our teas exceptionally Yogi. Our cycle starts sometime before these fixings advance into some Yogi tea. By carrying out profoundly specific sourcing guidelines, thorough quality testing, and a pledge to make items that limit our ecological impression, we guarantee the greatest items for you while regarding our planet. We expect that this decency radiates through in each Yogi item. 

Yogi Peach DeTox tea is an intriguingly flavorful natural tea mix made with “trikatu,” a warming, Ayurvedic mix of flavors that incorporate Ginger, Black Pepper, and Long Pepper Berry. Dandelion adds notes of rich, simmered flavor and assists with supporting sound purging. Appreciate a warming cup of Yogi Peach DeTox tea as a component of your eating routine and exercise program to help you feel revived and renewed.


With higher amounts of polyphenols and antioxidants, this tea can promote health. They also contribute a moderate amount of energy caffeine without the need for strong cups of coffee. However, if we overdo this herb, we can end up with some unnecessary health problems. When other health supplements, moderation, and moderation are key to our perfect overall health.

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