How To Make Black Tea Taste Good, But Still Contain Many Good Benefits For The Body

You are wasting time learning how to make black tea taste good. You want your tea to make quickly and fully taste the taste you want. You want to learn more about black tea’s origins and different types of black tea. My article will cover all that information to help you understand and find out any information about black tea you are interested in.

Black tea is a very special tea, besides, it contains many substances that are good for the body and keep your body awake and comfortable. In this article, I will show you the use of black tea and how to distinguish black tea from other teas to help you not get confused when choosing.

The information below is what I would like to provide so that after you have grasped this information you will know how to choose good tools and good ingredients to make great black tea and contain lots of prices. high nutritional value.

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Here are the ones I want to inform you of:

  • Origin of black teas and types of teas
  • Uses and benefits of black tea.
  • Step by step: how to make black tea taste good
  • Q&A
  • Conclusion

Origin of black teas and types of teas.

To know how to make black tea taste good you should learn the basics to understand this black tea.

Types of teas

In the world there are many different types of tea with many different names. The reason there are so many types of tea is that it is so crossbred or created like a different mating. The original teas are usually divided into 5 main types: green tea, white tea, black tea, Pho Nhi tea, and O Long tea.

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Green Tea

Green tea (green tea) is a tea that does not undergo the same oxidation process as black tea and oolong tea. 

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Green tea is processed right after picking tea leaves, going through only 4 stages: picking tea, wilting, rubbing tea and drying. The key processing technique here is to use heat to prevent oxidation. Drinking green tea every day not only helps you stay awake, but also helps to filter the kidneys, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, stabilizing blood pressure and preventing cancer.

White Tea

Called white tea because of the fur covering the tea bud, pure white, beautiful. The tea is pale yellow in color, very clear, with a delicate tea flavor and aroma. Because only tea buds are used for processing, the important medicinal ingredients in tea are very high, the price of finished tea is also more expensive than other teas (one ounce of dry tea must be picked a lot of tea buds to get).

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White tea has the simplest processing of all teas, simply withering and drying. The purpose of limiting machining is to preserve the white form of the white tea, the use of high heat can burn the sensitive capillaries. White tea is considered to have the ability to limit cholesterol, strengthen the immune system and prevent cancer cells.

Black Tea

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Black tea (Black Tea) is also known as red tea “red tea”. The tea leaves are completely oxidized, so the finished tea is black, fragrant, and the tea produced is reddish brown, and tastes stronger than other teas. While green tea only holds its scent for 1 year, black tea retains its scent for many years. That is the reason why in the old days, China traded black tea everywhere to Mongolia and Europe along the Silk route.

There was a time when there was a trend of drinking Lipton tea, a type of black tea with imported British brands. Currently, black tea is mainly found in the preparation of milk tea.

The tea leaves go through 5 steps of the tea making process respectively, and the tea is completely oxidized. Black tea is the only type of tea that does not use the yeast-killing technique. Oxidation of tea occurs with chemical reactions, polyphenol decreases by 90% and produces Theaflavin and Thearubigins. If the ratio of Theaflavin and Thearubigins is combined, it produces a bright red tea.

Black tea is known for its warming, digestive aid and especially cardiovascular function.

Pho Nhi Tea

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Puer Tea is a tea made into a cake form, made from the leaves of the ancient tea trees that grow in the mountains of Northwestern and Yunnan of China. Pho Nhi is the name of a town, the trading center of tea traders, from here tea is transported everywhere, from inland provinces, to Tibet, Europe, Vietnam, Burma …

Pho Nhi Tea has a simple way of processing, tea after being crushed is dried by sun drying, then baked; Tea yeast remains so the tea continues to oxidize during storage. Pho Nhi Tea is made from large tea leaves, thick leaves contain many micronutrients and high starch content, so the fermentation process takes place completely, creating many beneficial pharmaceuticals.

O Long Tea

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Oolong tea, collectively known as “bar tea”, is a large group of teas that are fermented about 20% to 80%. This level of oxidation is reflected in the color of the tea leaves as well as the color of the tea from green to yellow, amber, and reddish brown.

This tea is very popular today for its wide variety of flavors. Tea becomes much sweeter than green tea, the acrid taste is very soft. It can have a woody, chestnut, floral or fruit scent, honey flavor … which is very attractive.

Oolong Tea undergoes the most complex processing of all teas, with all 5 stages. During the stamping and oxidation stages are repeated to produce the desired flavor. A successful batch of oolong tea takes at least 32 hours of continuous processing.

Oolong Tea with reactions from oxidation also produces many beneficial pharmaceuticals. Drinking oolong tea every day is noted to have the ability to improve resistance, prevent kidney failure, reduce the risk of oral disease and support weight loss and obesity.

Origin of black teas

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Black tea is considered to originate in China. But it is the delicate, delicious green tea that has become ubiquitous in Eastern society and is considered the cornerstone of tea culture today. As tea culture spread and tea was commercially processed, exported to neighboring countries and eventually carried across the oceans, it was discovered that more oxidized black tea retained its strength. Fresh and tastes better on long trips than less oxidized green tea. 

In the early days of cross-border trade between China and its neighbors, tea was fermented, dried and pressed to use as a substitute for currency. To this day, most black tea produced in China is still processed this way. The Dutch first brought tea to Europe in 1610, tea to England in 1658 and then it became popular in British colonial fish such as America during the 1700s.

Above I have outlined the popular teas and characteristics, images of each tea. From there, this will help you easily recognize the difference and the use as well as the benefits of each tea.

Uses and benefits of black tea.

Before learning about how to make black tea taste good, you should read about the uses and benefits of black tea to our human body. From there, we know how to take advantage and use of black tea. Check it out now.

Health Benefits Of Black Tea

1. Beneficial for health

Maybe you already know the great effects of green tea, but many people will not know the effects of black tea. In fact, in addition to the effects of green tea, black tea also has many effects that when you know you will no longer want to drink green tea.

The same is from the Camellia sinensis tea tree, so the black tea effect not only retains the inherent effects of the tea, but on the other hand also cures many diseases: diabetes, heart disease, stress reduction …

2. Cancer Prevention


Many studies over the past few years show that antioxidants like polyphenols and catechins from black tea can help prevent some types of cancer. That is the reason why the girls’ association drinking black tea may prevent the risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer lower than those who do not.

3. Improved immune system better

Black tea contains alkylamine antigens that help boost the immune system. Besides, it also contains tannins that are able to fight viruses and help prevent diseases that often appear in everyday life such as flu, gastritis …

4. Reduce stress

The amino acids L-theanine found in black tea can help you relax and focus a lot better. In addition, black tea has also been shown to reduce stress from stress hormones when consumed in moderate amounts on a regular basis.

5. Help strengthen bones

Phytochemicals (phytochemicals) found in black tea work to help strengthen bones and reduce the risk of arthritis.

6. Maintain a healthy digestive system

In addition to improving the immune system, tannins are also effective in treating diseases of the stomach and intestines, and at the same time better regulate digestive activity.

7. Increase energy

Unlike beverages that contain high levels of caffeine, black tea contains only a small amount, so it can help increase blood circulation to the brain without stimulating the heart. In addition, it stimulates metabolism and the respiratory system to support the heart and kidneys to stay healthy.

8. Reduce the risk of diabetes

According to the results of a study conducted on elderly people living in Mediterranean islands, those who drink black tea in moderation regularly (1-2 cups per day) have a better chance of up to 70% lower risk of type 2 diabetes

Step by step: how to make black tea taste good

To know how to make black tea taste good so as not to lose tea’s nutrients, I will introduce you to a basic and easy way to apply in everyday life.

Each country or region has different tea brewing styles. For example, in the UK and the rest of the UK: Black tea is used primarily with milk or sweeteners such as added sugar or honey to enhance flavor. In the US, black tea is quite common in the microwave for cold water. However, in the US people prefer to use pure black tea in loose leaves, not black tea bags.

The Chinese way of drinking black tea is mainly for those who practice with intensity, they drink black tea to help blood circulation, or burn calories better. In addition, they often add fragrances like jasmine …

Step 1: Boiling: 

The first step is also very important. You need to boil water to make tea. Do not use tap water. You boil the water and let the water reduce a bit of temperature to more than 90 degrees and is suitable for making black tea.

Step 2: Warm up the pot: 

When the kettle is close to boiling, pour the water into the kettle, cover it with a lid. When the teapot heats up, pour out the water, the teapot and glasses.

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Step 3: Measuring tea: 

Put the tea in the kettle, the amount of tea is more or less depending on the type. Usually 1/5 to 1/2 teapot.

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Step 4: Wake up: 

Fill the tea with hot water and pour it so fast.

When you pour water into the tea, pour it slowly so that the evil is gradually awakened. Then you should immediately close the lid to avoid evaporation and loss of the scent of the tea. You should pay attention.

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Step 5: Warming tea: 

Fill the kettle with hot water, cover the pot and set the tea for 10-40 seconds depending on the type of tea. This is the most important stage. Make sure the water temperature and setting time are right for the tea type.

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Step 6: Pouring tea: 

After step 5 is pouring tea into the cup. Be sure to pour it slowly into the cup to avoid splashing the tea out. At the same time, the gradual pouring also helps protect the yeast of the cup better because the tea is very hot.

You should pour more than half a cup of tea so that there is room to hold the cup. The reason the tea is always very hot. You should do this so that the people who enjoy the tea can even smell the scent of the tea.

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Step 7: For the next cup of tea: 

Repeat step 5 and step 6 for subsequent brews. The next braking time usually takes longer than the previous one.

This last step is not necessary. However, if you also want to taste the taste of black tea on a lighter and more serene level, repeat the steps to enjoy it. Note should not add too much water because it will dissolve the nutrients in the tea. Please note.

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After detailed information about black tea and how to make black tea taste good. I think there are still a few questions you’re wondering. Therefore, I have gathered a few typical questions and answered them in detail below. Let’s read on!


1. What to note when using black tea?

  • Do not drink tea right after a meal because it adversely affects the digestive system. Tea contains a large amount of tannic acid, an acid that reacts with the iron in food, to produce new compounds that are difficult for the digestive system. The best time to drink tea is about an hour after a meal.
  • Do not give feverish patients tea because theophylline can be the culprit of increasing body temperature. Patients with stomach ulcers should also not drink tea because the caffeine in tea will make the ulcer worse.
  • When the “red light” should not drink tea.
  • Elderly people should drink tea in the morning. Drinking tea in the morning will help the mind become clearer, not affect the digestive organs, and is able to effectively purify the body.
  • Can add a little sugar when drinking tea, making tea tastier without adversely affecting the effects as well as the composition of the tea.
  • Do not drink black tea with milk. Although milk combined with tea will not harm the body, milk will reduce the protective effects of black tea health, namely its ability to reduce blood vessels.
  • Pregnant women should not drink black tea because there will be a risk of vitamin B deficiency (helping the fetus develop brain and memory).

2. When making tea, which important factors should be noted in order not to lose nutritional value and still taste good?

The secret to making a good tea lies in three factors: water temperature, tea quantity and the setting time.

Temperature of water

Black tea is the most popular tea in Europe. Many people believe that the word “black” does not refer to color, but to describe the strength in flavor and long-time preservation of this tea. It is interesting that few people know that black tea is black tea (hong cha), this name is Chinese based on the red color of tea.

Most black teas need a full boiling point, 100 degrees Celsius, to reveal all their aromas and flavors.

The amount of tea

Black tea is a type of tea that is quite rich in flavor and flavor. So you can add about 1/5 or 1/3 of the pot. Depending on your needs, to have the most delicious and delicious black tea.

Note: Do not give a large amount of black tea because this will make the tea water very thick and difficult to drink. You need to be careful.

Tea incubation time

You need to pay attention to the brewing time to help the tea get the best taste and flavor. Don’t wait too long or too little time. If left for a little while, the tea is not absorbed and not ripe. The water you enjoy will be pale and fragrant. If you let the tea brew for a long time, the smell will no longer be fragrant and the taste will be less frugal.

This stage is very important, so you need to pay close attention to the time in each minute.

3. Is there any tea making tips to maximize the nutrients in black tea?

  • Starting with small pots and thin walls, everything will be much easier. If you are just starting out, choose a glass pot or a ceramic pot to make your tea. These two teapots will faithfully reflect the taste of the tea, and leave no smell, so you can make a wide variety of teas.
  • Tap water cannot ferry tea. The simplest is to use bottled water (but not mineral water).
  • No thermometer needed to measure temperature. You can reduce the water temperature by boiling and letting it cool gradually. The water boiled in the super speed pot, after 5 minutes will decrease to about 83 ° C
  • Tea fibers are small, thin, and spongy with low temperature. Large, strong tea fiber with high temperature. Green tea brews at a lower temperature. Oolong and black teas need a higher temperature.
  • If you want a stronger flavor, increase the amount of tea, not increase the temperature or soak for longer.
  • There is not a completely accurate answer for the water temperature, brewing time and quantity of tea for each type of tea.

4. When making black tea, add other ingredients to add more appeal to the tea? If so, what ingredients?

The answer is yes. Because there are so many good ingredients that are the catalysts that add flavor and flavor to the tea. At the same time, the nature of many ingredients also has beneficial effects on the drinker’s health.\\


Black tea is also known as black tea or red tea so you can add milk to diluted black tea to create a delicious dish called Black Tea Milk. This is a fairly popular beverage for students and students. Full of nutrients and has a sweet taste that is easy to drink.


In addition, you can add a little honey to the warm black tea to create more warmth for the tea and add a moderate sweetness to the black tea.

Mint leaf and orange 

Plus, if you like to drink fruit but want to combine with tea, don’t worry. This can be done. You can add peppermint leaves and orange juice to diluted black tea to create a refreshing drink called Mint-Orange Black Tea for hot sunny days.

5. Can black tea be used in beauty?

My answer is yes. Have a lot of. Below I will list some home beauty treatments that use black tea or black tea bags.

  • Treat puffy eyes, dark circles: Eye swelling caused by staying up late, lack of sleep will make dark circles appear around the eyes, making your face less bright.
  • Acne treatment: There are many ways to treat acne at the root, but treating acne with black tea is considered the most effective and simple. Use a warm tea bag to cover the affected area, note that it is applied directly for 5-10 minutes. Regularly doing it this way helps to reduce the risk of skin getting inflamed, eliminating acne quickly.
  • Treatment of sunburn: Carelessness in the sun or lack of sense of protection in the sun will make your skin prone to darkening, sunburn, and damage to the skin. When your skin is sunburned you have to endure a painful, unpleasant sensation. To soothe this feeling, use four black tea bags to make water, let it cool, then use gauze to soak the tea on the skin for about 15 minutes.
  • Soft lips: Dry lips will make your girlfriend lose their charm and attractiveness, in dry weather, dry lips will become worse. To maintain your lips, lie down and relax and place a warm tea bag on your lips for 5 minutes.
  • Shiny black hair: A smooth, smooth, jet-black hair is always a dream of many people. Actually, it is not too difficult to make this dream come true. Hair experts believe that using black tea shampoo regularly will achieve this wish.
  • Eliminate foot odor: The tannins in black tea have the ability to stop the bacterial activity, limit the production of sweat on the feet, keep the feet dry and no unpleasant odors.


Through the detailed information above, I believe you already know and remember the steps and know how to make black tea taste good. I also believe that information about the use or introduction of black tea is also important information to help you learn more about this tea. From there, help you choose the right tools to make the best black tea.

Below I will give you a better look at how to make a good black tea cup.

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