Top 15 Best Tea Strainer Without Leaving Any Residue

The tea strainer is especially suitable for those who are busy but still want to keep the habit of drinking tea every day. With this tool, you can make tea directly into a cup without holding the teapot or other support equipment. The best tea strainer will give you the experience of the best taste as well as the easiest and most convenient to use.

The tea strainer is compact in size and convenient but still holds the amount of tea to meet the needs of users. A tea strainer is a kitchen tool that anyone can own because of its affordable price and environment friendly. Currently, tea strainers are produced by many brands with diverse models. Therefore, in this article, TalbottTeas have selected the best tea strainer extracts so that you can easily choose them to suit your needs. Besides, we will give all our best tips for selecting the best tea strainer.

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Top 15 best stainless steel tea kettle Reviews 2020

K BASIX Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Strainer Set

[amazon box="B07BTQHN81" ]

For an affordable price, you can buy a set of 3 strainers that meet all your needs. K-Basix's fine-mesh strainer is made from high-quality stainless steel that is very durable and does not affect your health.

The fine mesh allows the essence to be drained out of the tea quickly with maximum ease without the tea leaves escaping. In addition, this strainer is very suitable for washing, rinsing, or draining other foods. It is designed for ease of use and ease of handling with an ergonomic handle. Besides, the long handle is suitable for many types of cups.

A strong corrosion-resistant steel frame enhances the thickness of the mesh and strainer strength.

The cleaning and storage of the K Basix Strainer Set are also very simple. Just rinse under the water, all the dust is gone. Storage the strainer by hanging so it stays within your reach and saves your precious space.

Bodum Yo-Yo Set Mug and Tea Strainer

[amazon box="B00BTAKP8W" ]

This set includes a glass mug and a tea strainer with a lid. First of all, let's talk about the mug. The glass mug is sturdy but not too thick or heavy making it very easy to use. This mug is also not too hot when poured boiled water in.

Next about the strainer.

This strainer has a fine mesh that fits any leaf tea without worrying about leaves leaking out.

A large number of holes help the tea leaves diffuse faster. In addition, the strainer also has a lid that holds heat well to help preserve the flavor of the tea.

You can use it with many different types of cups or mugs. The bottom of the strainer is a solid plastic with holes in it instead of the fine material used to help it stand firmly in any short cup or mug. However, the lid is quite tight so opening the lid will be tricky because the tea is hot.

Schefs Premium Tea Strainer

[amazon box="B012T8SX1I" ]

Strainer from Schefs has precision laser engraved holes. This means a better cup of tea with fewer flakes and smoother flavor. These bottom holes are larger than the one on the side, but it can be used for all teas without the tea leaves escaping.

Cleaning and preserving are also very easy. Just keep it under running water and wash and hang the handle for storage.

A large serving is ideal for your tea to fully expand. You can even use it in the teapot or kettle to brew more than one cup. It can reduce the residue in the cup and the unwanted leaves floating in your cup.

It is quite large in size for the tea leaves to fully expand and ensures that you get the real and full flavor of your favorite leaf teas. Tons of holes allow for optimal water flow. It comes with two side handles that make it easier to use. This handle design helps to minimize the transmission temperature.

The tea strainer is well-designed and easy to clean at an affordable price.

OXO Good Grips 3-Inch Mini Strainer

[amazon box="B001713L84" ]

One of OXO's stunning designs, the Good Grip Mini Strainer is the best seller on the web. It is made of stainless steel that is safe for health as well as does not affect the taste of the tea. The anti-slip soft handle has a double bar construction that is convenient for use.

This tea strainer is easy to clean and safe to use in a dishwasher. Its smooth mesh makes it suitable for filtering tea without leaving residue in your mugs. It can filter out road dust very well thanks to its small mesh. The handle also has a small hole for hanging that makes storage easier.

Angel tea strainer Gold By Takakuwa

[amazon box="B005J157OE" ]

Made in Japan which is a country famous for its tea ceremony, it is no surprise that this gold-plated stainless steel gradient tea strainer is on the list of the best tea strainer. The holes are small enough to catch any tea leaves and prevent all the small tea leaves from entering your tea. It has angel wings that bring more elegance.

It has a very nice and classy look, elegant to suit royal tea parties. Since it is gold plated, the price is quite high. With the material of this strainer, it does not affect the flavor of the tea.

Empress Tea Strainers

[amazon box="B07VNHBL7C" ]

This tea strainers from Empress is one of my favorites for the best tea strainer. Made entirely from premium stainless steel, odorless and non-toxic. It has an elegant look that elevates your tea service style. It is lightweight but not flimsy. The mesh is small so you can filter out any tea leaves without any residue coming out. The filter is a fine mesh that catches the smallest leaves.

It is suitable for cups or mugs with mouth sizes from 2.5 to 4 inches. The handle is a beautiful lace design. It comes with a matching drip bowl that looks elegant so you won't get messy. However, it is only 1 inch deep.

U.S. Kitchen Supply - Set of 3 Premium Quality Strainers

[amazon box="B01M2CD1G8" ]

The product set includes 3 tea strainer with different sizes at an extremely affordable price. All 3 tea strainer is designed with a chinois cone for high performance and is perfect for filtering teas. All sizes feature a sturdy wide bezel design with long handles and securely attached resting ears. 

They are made of a stainless steel ultra-fine mesh with a durable double criss-cross thread allowing the fine mesh to resist dents and capture fine particles.

It is easy to clean and store. You just need to cage the tea filters together to hang to save storage space. The sealed steel rims also prevent the tea leaves from getting caught between the mesh and the rim.

Kitchen Craft Strainer

[amazon box="B0001IWXCO" ]

This is a good option if you are looking for a tea strainer set that includes a drip. About this small tea strainer. It has a fine mesh that allows the tea to submerge while holding the leaves tightly to prevent them from escaping for a smooth soft drink.

With a design with a long handle and a hanger, it will sit firmly on the rim of most regular size cups or mugs.

The strainer is quite small so the crossbow is only suitable for a single cup and small tea.

The included drip bowl helps minimize the mess after you're done making the tea. Cleaning and preserving them is also very easy. All products are made from high-strength stainless steel and are safe for the user.

MSC International 48222 Joie Bumble Bee Strainer

[amazon box="B07B2MCRMX" ]

The Joie Bumble Bee Tea Strainer has a traditional ball design but has a hard plastic bee hanging from the cup giving it an adorable look. With that look, it's great for both kids and adults and can be a gift.

This strainer is made from odorless, non-toxic material such as 18/8 BPA-free stainless steel, silicone, and plastic which are approved by the FDA. So you do not need to worry about taste or health effects.

It is easy to use and clean. With its small size, this strainer is only suitable for filtering small leaf tea. The small mesh helps to minimize the leaves residue escaping. This product also has 4 adorable characters for you to choose from.

RSVP INTERNATIONAL Tea Strainer with Bowl

[amazon box="B000F7DT2Y" ]

With the large size of the handle, this tea strainer is suitable for a wide variety of cups or mugs. Made from brushed stainless and brackets with a hard metal mesh, this tea strainer is very durable, does not affect the flavor of the tea, and is very safe for use. 

Even though the tea leaves were stuck under the rim, it was no big deal. It can purify tea residue without any residue escaping to make your taste experience better. This tea strainer is a good choice in your best tea strainer list thanks to its functionality and its affordable price.

Home Hero Mini Tea Strainer

[amazon box="B082X4NDR6" ]

Home Hero tea strainer is designed to be simple, compact, and very convenient during use.

It has an ergonomic design with a long handle, a filter section with small holes. These small holes make it possible for you to use it for a variety of teas without worrying about the tea leaves escaping. With its ultra-fine mesh ensuring maximum retention of small particles, your teacup will be free from sediment.

The long handle has moderate weight so it can withstand loads without the risk of tipping or bending. It fits any kind of cup or mug.  In addition, you can use it to hang to save storage space, bringing a clean and neat appearance to your kitchen.

Products made from high-quality stainless steel are safe for food and health for users. It also works great for other things. You can clean it by hand or in a dishwasher according to your preference.

HIC Harold Import Co. HIC Tip Tea Strainer

[amazon box="B000UT68XY" ]

The tip tea strainer is made entirely from 18/8 with a comfortable, curved handle. High-quality material makes this strainer very durable and will not affect the taste of the tea or your health. However, the hook can tilt or "swing" when you pour the tea into the cup. The fine mesh has small mesh ants so that no tea leaves can leak out. 

This tea strainer also has a tray attached to help catch unwanted water droplets and prevent unsightly clutter on the table to make it easier to clean.

Royal Albert Blessings Tea Strainer Designed by Miranda Kerr

[amazon box="B00K6794Z4" ]

The Miranda Kerr for Royal Albert collection is sophisticated and interesting. This strainer is Inspired by Miranda’s love of nature. The Blessings pattern is a green design decorated with a combination of Miranda's signature peony and butterfly forming a heart-shaped flower. 

This tea strainer works well for all cup sizes. Made of fine bone porcelain, this tea filter has a wide edge that sits on top of your teacup, completely covering it. The material is safe for health. This tea strainer helps to purify the tea grounds, enhancing the flavor and color of the tea. You will enjoy the delicious and beautiful cup of tea.

The Gold Banding pattern makes the strainer look very luxurious and has a royal feel. It is very nice to use with the matching Royal Albert tea sets on formal tea parties.

Homestia Fine Mesh Strainer Stainless Steel

[amazon box="B07J66QP6Z" ]

Made of high quality 18/10 stainless steel, this strainer is very durable and will not affect the taste of the tea or your health. The long handle is easy to use and fits a wide range of cups or mugs. In addition, the handle is designed to minimize the absorption of heat from the hot water so it is easier to take the tea strainer out.

Personally, I prefer to use the tea strainer with its pointed tip design, giving it a streamlined flow feel. The holes are slightly large, making it suitable for medium to large-sized leaf teas. Includes 4 colors for you to choose from to enhance the beauty of your home kitchen or bar.

Yoassi Extra Fine 18/8 Stainless Steel Mesh Strainer

[amazon box="B01LQ7NQTW" ]

This tea strainer's design is simple but modern with a sturdy look. Made from 18/8 Stainless Steel, this tea strainer will not affect your health or the taste of the tea. It has tons of holes that make filtration faster thanks to the faster contact with water. These holes let water to flow more freely. In addition, these holes are so small that no tea will be leaking out even with small tea leaves like Rooibos. 

Given its sizable size, it allows the leaves to have more room to expand. Also with its wide wings, it can be used with any cup or mug. It also has a lid for better heat retention as well as to preserve the flavor of your tea. 

The only drawback like other tea trainers made entirely of stainless steel is that it is hot on the sides of the handle. Hence, it is quite tricky to get the tea strainer out.

Buying Guide - Tips For Choosing The Best Tea Strainer

We have created a buying guide to make sure you can get the best tea strainer that suits your needs. Before buying, here are 5 criteria that will help you make the right choice when buying the best tea strainer.


best tea strainer

Choosing the size for tea strainer does not depend on the large or small kitchen space, but most importantly, it depends on the needs of the user and the size of your cups or mugs. Some tea strainer has a small, compact, adorable design, but the handle can easily cause heat, burning your hand because the handle is too short.

In addition, the choice of the tea strainer size depends on the size of the tea leaves.

With a large-sized tea, you should choose a tea strainer with a large diameter so that the tea leaves won't spill out making it difficult to use as well as lose their aesthetics.

Fine Mesh Strainer

best tea strainer

The reason you buy the best tea strainer is that it allows you to remove the residue and tea leaves from the teapot. So choosing the best tea strainer with a fine mesh filter is essential to increase your taste experience without causing discomfort while enjoying your tea.


Which material is good?

The material greatly affects the quality and deliciousness of the tea, even your health.

  • The most popular on the market are tea strainers made from stainless steel. Consumers prefer it because it's shiny, easy to clean, and durable. Although also made from stainless steel, the price between tea strainer products of the same type, with the same use, can vary from 5-10 times depending on the material and the manufacturer's brand. 

best tea strainer

Tea strainer products from stainless steel with insulating plastic-coated handles, plastic-coated with insulating paint are usually more expensive than wood-coated products or only colored paint. 

For a stainless steel tea strainer, choose the one made from high-quality 304/316 or 18/8 stainless steel because it does not contain 18-20% chromium. A cheaper, unbranded tea strainer can have a low amount of chromium, which means it will more easily rust.

best tea strainer
  • One popular material is plastic. For plastic tea strainers, you should choose products that are BPA-free. BPA resin can damage the body's hormones, causing many dangerous diseases such as cancer, affecting the nervous system, hypothyroidism ... and other dangerous diseases. BPA-Free is simply understood that there are no dangerous BPA chemicals contained in a tea strainer.  It must be certified in accordance with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval or similar authority.

  • The tea strainer also is made of porcelain. Good porcelain is impact resistant and has a good appearance. You should choose a tea strainer with smooth enamel, clear white, glossy, little black dots, no wrinkles, patterns with scratch-resistant, waterproof paint protection. Be careful with a tea strainer that can ferment glued or painted patterns only at low temperatures to preserve the color, so it won't remove the lead toxin.

When finding the best tea strainer, make sure that you buy a good quality product.

best tea strainer


With the wide variety of tea strainers on the market, selecting and combining them into sets requires a delicate observation so that kitchen utensils become decorative items that show the ingenuity of the modern kitchen owner. In the list of the best tea strainer we give above, there are full styles so it can be suitable for your specific occasion.

Use and storage

All tea strainer, whether made of stainless steel, ceramic or insulating plastic, limit strong hand washing. The peeling of the coating, scratching the surface of the product not only makes the tea strainer get worse but also makes the tea easy to cling to. After using you should clean it and keep it dry. Depending on the design of the tea strainer, you can hang it neatly on the shelf.

best tea strainer

If your plastic or wooden tea strainer has broken or peeled, you should replace them with a new one, because if you use these flakes, they can fall into the tea and cause harmful effects.

Regarding storage, follow the manufacturer's instructions for use and storage to extend the shelf life of the best quality product.


What Is The Difference Between A Tea Strainer And A Tea Infuser?

best tea strainer

Tea strainers are used after the tea has been brewed to separate the tea leaves and tea leaves to help you enjoy your tea without residue or tea leaves. Tea infusers are a tool used to brew or soak tea in water. Tea infusers also have a mesh filter but it has more designs and designs than a tea strainer.

What Tips To Make Delicious Tea With Full Taste And Aroma?

The four main factors are the water temperature, the amount of tea, the brewing time, and the best tea strainer.

  • Water temperature

Of course, making tea must use hot water, but how hot it is, each type of tea is suitable for a different temperature. Boiled water is only suitable for black tea or old oolong tea. It needs high heat to break down texture and disperse flavor. But cooler water must be used for teas with a subtle taste, such as green tea, oolong tea.

Water too hot will "burn" the tea, causing the tea to be bitter and lose its delicate flavor. But the water is too cold will also weaken the flavor of the tea a lot because the compounds in the tea are not dissolved.

best tea strainer

Small, thin, and spongy tea leaves need to use low-temperature water. Large, strong tea leaves need to use high-temperature water.  Green tea brews at lower temperatures. Oolong and black teas need a higher temperature.

  • The amount of tea

Too much tea will make the tea too bitter (and expensive). But with too little tea, the taste will be very weak and not enough to enjoy. Depending on the type of tea will have different amounts. One rate you can start to try is 8g tea per 300ml kettle. Then you can reduce the amount of tea to suit your taste.

  • Brewing time

 The most taboo in tea making is "soaking" tea. Keeping tea for a long time will make the tea too bitter and has a bad smell. Like the water temperature, each tea is suited for a certain set time. Black or oolong tea can take longer, but green tea is much faster.

best tea strainer

If you want a stronger tea flavor, increase the amount of tea without increasing the temperature or steeping for longer.

  • The best tea strainer

In order to get the best experience with a cup of tea that does not contain tea leaves or residue, choosing your best tea strainer is necessary.

How To Make Tea Properly With The Best Tea Strainer?

best tea strainer
  • Boiling: Most teas are brewed under boiling temperature, between 75 ° C - 98 ° C depending on the type.

  • Warm up the teapot: When the teapot is close to boiling, pour water into the teapot, then cover it. When the teapot heats up, pour the water out into the cup or mug.

  • Measuring tea: Put the tea in the teapot. The amount of tea depends on the type. Usually is 1/5 to 1/2 of the teapot.

  • “Wake up” tea: fill the tea with hot water and pour it away as quickly as possible.

best tea strainer

This is not water to drink. It has the effect of "awakening" so that the tea leaves begin to expand. The hot water that wakes up the tea is not the boiling water.

  • Warming tea: Fill the teapot with hot water, cover with a lid, and set the tea for 10-40 seconds depending on the type of tea. This is the most important stage. Make sure the water temperature and setting time are right for the tea type.

  • Pour tea: place the tea strainer on the cup and pour the tea into the cups. The best tea strainer is now very important, helping you to stop the process of keeping the tea in the teapot immediately. You should quickly pour out the tea on the teapot.

Make sure the tea in the teapot is poured out completely, without leaving excess water in the teapot.

You can reuse the tea leaves for the next brewing time. But make sure you open the lid of the teapot after pouring the tea out so that the tea leaves do not "overheat" due to the high temperature in the teapot.

  • For the next brew: Repeat step 5 and step 6 for further brews. The next brew time is usually longer than the previous one.

You can refer to the short video given below to know some tips and tricks to brew loose leaf tea with the best flavor.

Conclusion best tea strainerTop Pick For The Best

I chose the tea Strainer from RSVP INTERNATIONAL as the best tea strainer overall because the design can be used for all types of cups or mugs and has a very good filtering ability along with a small bowl attached to avoid messiness.

I hope this article will be of some help to you to select the best tea strainer. If you would like to comment or require further information, please use my contact form to get in contact.

What you need to do now is just choose your favorite loose leaf teas for full enjoyment!

  • Don't forget to share your thoughts about best tea strainer at the comment box below!

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