The 15 Best Oolong Teas To Try In 2020 – Detailed Explicit Reviews And Thorough Buying Guide For Tea Lovers

The Best Oolong Teas are the most sophisticated beverages all over the world. Oolong teas often have strong flavor and fragrant aroma, which is loved by tea lovers around the world. Despite a complex making process, oolong teas are being produced by several companies hoping to gain customers’ affection. Therefore, today when you search for the best oolong tea, there are thousands of suggestions. I have been in that situation and I know how you feel. 

Here in this list by Talbott Teas, you will find the 15 best oolong teas with the most authentic and delicate taste to try. They are chosen by our editors - who love to try and experiment with every type of tea.

** You will find our detailed reviews of the best oolong teas below, also, click these following links to view the current prices and customer comments on Amazon.

Top 15 best oolong teas Reviews 2020

Alishan High Mountain Oolong Tea by Xiamen Fujian Teas

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China is where oolong tea was born with its unique making process. Taiwan is the island of tea-growing with peaceful hills and impressive mountain ranges as high as 8000 feet (2400 meters). Alisha Range is one of these stunning ranges which are crowded with tea farms, focusing on producing the best oolong teas.

Xiame Fuijian is one of the best oolong tea brands with its Seawall product line of oolong teas, has won many honors such as "China Time-honored Brand", "Fujian Famous-brand Product" and "Fujian Famous Trademark". It has exported tea to 58 countries all over the world and is loved by both domestic and foreign consumers.

Thanks to being grown on a mountain range, the Alishan High Mountain Oolong Tea by Xiamen Fujian Teas has these beneficial features: 

  • More organic, less pollutants. Alishan mountain range is far away from crowded cities, which reduces the pollutants absorbed by tea leaves. The thick mist and clouds will filter harsh sunlight and the occasional winter snowfall are said to enhance the flavour of oolong teas. Farmers living on Alishan mountain range use virtually no insect control at all, giving us a 100% organic free. 

  • Unique flavour: Oolong tea grown on the Alishan Range appears to have a sour-apple candy taste and an aroma of freshness. The one produced by Xiamen Fujian Teas has a grassy, nutty and earthy smell, which I personally love in cold seasons. Some of my friends also smell some floral fragrance, reminding them of wild azalea living on the mountains. However, in general, the aroma by Alishan Oolong Tea is soft and subtle, creating a chilling and soothing effect. 

  • Beautiful color: Alishan oolong teas are named as the “Champagne of teas” thanks to the yellow-amber color of the tea, which resembles the color of a liquor. 

All of these elements of taste, smell and ingredients come in  a delightful cup of tea that is suitable for any time in daily lives.

How to Brew?

We advise us to use the Gong Fu brewing method to fully enjoy this sophisticated  tea. The tea can be brewed up to 3 times while still maintaining its elegant taste and aroma. 

Here are the steps of GongFu method: 

  1. Warm up. Firstly, use boiling water in order to warm your teapot and teacups. Discard all water.

  2. Rinse. Fill the teapot with tea leaves in a 5g/150ml ratio. Pour  boiling water on tea leaves until the pot overflows and then quickly discard the water again. 

  3. Brew. Pour water into the brewing vessel. The key here is keeping the lower temperature for the greener and fresher the tea. To be more specific, 80C for green, 85-90 for oolongs, and 100 for black and pu-erh. The brewing time ranges from 10 to 30 seconds.

  4. Serve. You can serve the tea the way you like, however, we recommend using a set of Chinese tea cups. 

  5. Repeat. Re-perform steps 3 and 4, the later brews will need more time for better flavour. You can brew up to 4 times until the tea leaves lose its flavor.

Prince of Peace Organic Oolong Tea

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If you want to skip all these complex steps, we suggest opting for easy-to-use bagged tea. It can be stored as a backup plan when there is no time, no Chinese cups and no suitable hot water. 

Prince of Peace is a brand of tea owned by Prince of Peace Enterprises, which is associated with theChristian faith. The company was established in 1983 by Kenneth Yeung. The Prince of Peace Company (or just POP) has been satisfying customers for a long time with their budget-friendly tea products, including oolong tea packed in minimal tea bags.

Though not using handpicked ingredients from China, Prince of Peace use a USDA certified process which give their products certain advantages: 

  • Organic and 100% safe for your health. The tea is processed in the US, which is under strict supervision and no additives, chemicals are added in the tea. 

  • The taste, as a whole, is light and floral with a smoky and earthy smell. You can brew it longer to get a stronger taste. You can add sweeteners without losing oolong unique flavor.  Milk, cream, honey and sugar works well with this tea, upgrading the taste to a new level. 

  • Rich in antioxidants and naturally low in caffeine (30 mg per 8 oz cup, on average)

I always have a box of Price of Peace oolong tea in my cupboard when I do not have enough time. It is one of the best oolong teas considering the price and benefits. 

How to brew?

  • Hot brew: Place one tea bag in a 6-8fl. oz cup, add hot water and wait from 3 - 5 minutes to drink. 

  • Cold brew: Pour 2 cups of water over 6 tea bags in a quart container. Let it steep for 10 minutes then remove the tea bags. Add 2 cups of cold water and ice cubes as you like.

Rishi Tea, Jade Oolong (Four Season Spring)

Rishi Tea was founded by  Joshua Kaiser in 1997, prides itself on being independently owned, direct trade importer of organic teas and botanicals. Inspired by tradition and culinary arts in China particularly and over all the world in general, it has been a reliable name when it comes to the best oolong teas. 

The company sends their own experts to work with the Chinese tea farmers to hand pick tea leaves based on the quality. Thus, the quality of Rishi Tea is consistently higher than the average tea on the market. 

Below are some key features of Rishi Oolong Tea: 

  • Premium ingredients: Rishi Tea’s experts help farmers change their process into 100% organic growing with no insect control or harmful chemicals. Rishi Tea’s Jade Oolong are grown on the mountains of the Mingjian village of Nantou, Taiwan. The tea leaves are harvested twice a year and exported to the US in airtight bags. They are stored in cool, dry warehouses for producing the best tea. When you receive your box of tea,  you will see excellent-quality oxidized, tightly rolled, ball shaped tea leaves. 

  • Health benefits: Thanks to high-quality ingredients, the oolong tea is said to be able to strengthen teeth, prevent cavities, increase metabolism ,etc. They also do wonders in losing weight. 

  • Delicate flavor: With the first cup, you will feel a subtle, floral, buttery flavor that encourages you to take another cup. It tastes like a strange yet nice combination of orchids, jasmine, and honeysuckle on a summer night. The aroma is soothing and relaxing for any time you want a cup of tea. 

Another advantage of Rishi Tea is that the leaves can be steeped several times (up to 7 times in my personal test)  without losing flavor and texture. You can have a very strong tea or subtle tea based on your choice of amount of tea leaves and water. 

  • Packaging: With an airtight package and shiny yellow cover, the package gives me a feeling of classic traditional tea.  

How to brew?

This tea gives the best taste when brewed with hot water. If you have time, we recommend using the Gong Fu brewing method (check the Alishan Highland Oolong tea section for detailed guidance).  This method requires warm-up, rinse and brew with hot water several times along with balance between tea leaves and water. 

If you do not have time, you can brew directly with hot water in 5 - 7 minutes.

Oolong Tea - Tie Guan Yin - Monkey Picked - Caffeinated - Loose Tea - 1oz by Chinese Tea Culture

Chinese Tea Culture Oolong Tea, Tie Guan Yin, Monkey Picked Oolong, caffeinated, a truly noteworthy tea, it is wonderfully clear and smooth, mellow in flavor, and has a light sweet feeling as an after-taste, Loose Leaf Tea - 1oz
  • Caffeinated Oolong Tea
  • A truly noteworthy tea. The unfurling leaf of this exquisite oolong produces a clear, clean, and refreshing, the taste is light and naturally sweet, brings forward an earthy aroma.
  • After drinking the leaves can be used as a facial mask by placing the individual leaves on the face for 15 minutes then rinsing with warm water.
  • Ingredient: Oolong Tea or Tie Guan Yin or Monkey Picked Oolong
  • 1oz tea makes approx. 18 cups of 8oz of Water

Chinese Tea Culture is a young yet beloved tea producer aiming to create the best oolong teas. Being established in 2007, the company  aims to bring healthy as well as tasty products to customers. The ingredients are completely organic, grown on the hills and mountains of China and picked carefully by their experts . 

Key features of Oolong Tea Tie Guan Yin by Chinese Tea Culture: 

  • High-quality ingredients: When you put the tea leaves in hot water, do not forget to see the unfurling process and enjoy the refreshing aroma of this tea. All the ingredients are picked and processed in China using an ancient 5000 year-old method. The leaves are then packed in resealable bags before shipping to the USA. Thus, the prices are higher than other teas (mostly processed and packed in the US). 

  • Health benefits: Owing to the excellent quality of tea leaves, several customers have noticed improvement in their physical conditions. Some signals include relaxing stress, improving digestion and losing weights. Some long-term benefits include enhancing metabolism, reducing aging speed and preventing diabetes. 

  • Classic taste: The taste is a nice balance of sweetness. Of course, the tea is not bitter (even after drinking) and has a natural flavour of sweetness. The aroma is fresh and soothing. 

  • Easy to prepare: With the premium tea leaves, we expect only the Gong Fu brewing method can work with this tea. However, with a simple process as below, you can still have an amazing cup of tea for your morning, afternoon or night. 

Here are the some tips to make the best oolong tea by  Chinese Tea Culture: 

  • The recommended ratio between tea leaves and water: 2 TSP per 8oz of water. 

  • Pour boiling water over tea leaves and let them steep in 2 minutes. 

  • The tastes are in their best quality the first 3 times. 

  • After drinking, you can use the leaves to make a facial mask by putting the leaves on the face for 15 minutes then rinsing with water. 

Jade Oolong Tea (150 Cups) Fresh Harvest Natural Loose Leaf Tea by Oolong Tea Collective

Oolong Tea Collective is a wholesale company which specializes in providing the best oolong teas. Their products have a high level of diversity:  the tea leaves are harvested in different regions and in processed methods. However, they are consistent with one principle: deliver only natural, organic tea. 

We summarize the most outstanding features of Jade Oolong tea below: 

  • Premium tea leaves: The ingredients are usually harvested in spring in the Nantou region of Taiwan at the height of 1,300ft. The teas are grown with no insect control and the processing method requires no artificial flavorings. Thus, you do not have to worry about any harmful effects to your body. 

The tea leaves are oxidized at 25% and subtly roasted, giving a soft smoky flavor. 

  • Delicate flavour and aroma: This is a typical oolong tea with rich Jasmine flavor and soothing aroma. Once brewed, the smell of sweetness will stay for a long time, especially relaxing for a cup of tea at night. 

This tea goes well with honey if you want to add some sweeteners. 

  • Health benefits: This is the best oolong tea for weight loss. It is suitable for detoxing bodies and improving metabolism. 

  • Convenient packaging: You will receive your tea in a vacuum sealed bag, accordingly, you do not need a jar to store your teas. The bag is also multi-layer foil, preventing the tea from humidity and light.  

How to brew?

Jade Oolong Tea is recommended to be brewed in a teapot. Here are some suggestions from the producer: 

  • Put the tea leaves in the tea pot with 2120F (1000C). 

  • Steep the tea leaves for 3 - 5 minutes. 

  • Serve the tea in tea cups.

Ten Ren King's Oolong Tea Loose Chinese

Ten Ren King's 103 Green Ginseng Oolong Tea, 300g/10.6oz
  • Blended with a touch of ginseng to create an incredible aftertaste
  • A light green-yellow hue, sweet flora aroma, fresh initial flavor, and a sweet floral aftertaste
  • Use about 2 teaspoons (3 grams) of tea leaves for about every 5 ounces (150 milliliters) of water
  • The quality of the product is certified by CNS national standard

Ten Ren Tea Company, established in Taiwan in 1953, is known for distributing the best oolong teas all over the world. It has more than 100 retail stores on global scale and more than 20 stores in North America only. Former President H.W. Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush even visited their factories and tasted their teas. Out of their six oolong tea, we highly recommend the King’s Tea version. 

Their outstanding features are listed below: 

  • Quality of ingredients: The tea leaves are grown in the central mountains of Taiwan and harvested in Spring and Winter, which are the premium seasons to harvest. These seasonal and geographical factors are chosen so that the picked tea leaves are the finest ones. You will be amazed when brewing the tea: the rolled leaves will gradually unfurl in hot water, giving out a floral aroma. 

  • Benefits for our health: This oolong tea is best for skin. It detoxes our bodies and reduces fat. Other benefits include reducing heart diseases risks and  improving bone density. 

  • Amazing aftertaste: Of course, when you enjoy your cup of tea, you will love its fresh flavor and its floral aroma. What will make you a loyal customer is the naturally sweet aftertaste. 

How to brew?

This tea should be brewed with hot water with the recommended ratio: 2 teaspoons (3 grams) of tea leaves and 5 ounces (150 milliliters) of water. 

The suitable water should be about 185-195°F (85-90°C) and we should wait for about 3-5 minutes. If you increase the temperature of the water or the amount of leaves used, the steeping time will be shorter. 

We also recommend traditional Chinese Yixing teapot. Fill half of the tea pot with leaves and wait for 45 seconds to 1 minute. For each following steeping, add 15 seconds waiting time.

Revolution Tea Dragon Eye Oolong

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Revolution Tea has produced and distributed tea in the US market since 1998. With the goal to bring premium, full-leaf teas to every consumer, its Dragon Tea Oolong tea with 16 servings (16 bags with no strings) deserves to be in this list. The flow through, pyramid-shaped tea bags allow customers to see the ingredients unfurl in hot water. 

Key features of this affordable oolong tea: 

  • Satisfactory quality of ingredients: In one bag of tea, you will find Se Chung Oolong tea leaves, Egyptian Marigold Flowers and Safflower Petals. Sechung tea leaves are carefully oxidized and lightly roasted to give a clean and fresh flavour. The dried flower petals will bring a strong floral aroma when you brew the tea. This tea also includes peach & apricot flavorings (5% of total ingredients). No complaints have been recorded about the flavourings, however, if you prefer something 100% organic, you may want to skip this tea. Considering the price, we believe this is the best level any tea bags product can reach. 

  • Better taste than expected: With price under $10, all of our editors were surprised with the quite strong taste. When fully brewed, the cup of tea is smoky and fruity with the aroma combined among  safflower, peach and apricots.

  • Health benefits: The tea leaves are completely organic, thus, it keeps all the benefits of normal oolong tea including enhanced metabolism, reduced risks of heart diseases and diabetes and detoxing our bodies. 

How to brew?

This tea bag can be brewed either with hot or cold water depending on your preference. 

For hot tea, you will need to wait for 3-4 minutes. For iced tea, only after 5-7 minutes can you remove all tea bags and add ice cubes.

Numi Organic Tea Ti Kuan Yin Loose Leaf Oolong Tea

Numi Organic Tea Ti Kuan Yin, 16 Ounce Pouch, Loose Leaf Oolong Tea, 200+ Cups, Packaging May Vary
  • Iron Goddess of Mercy: From the Fujian province, China, the dark emerald green leaves that are 50 percent oxidized are tightly wound and unfurl imparting a smooth body and sweet finish
  • The Perfect Balance: A smooth halfway point between green tea and black tea, our oolong teas have intricate layers of flavor ranging from lush and floral to sweet and savory
  • Loose-Leaf Tea: Numi's organic full-leaf quality teas come in convenient, resealable pouches to keep your tea fresh for every steep; Great for use in tea infusers, french presses, or tea balls
  • Numi's Organic Teas and tisanes bring you the flavor and health benefits of full-leaf tea in a variety of styles, flavors and brewing methods from tea bags and loose leaf teas to flowering teas, iced teas, and bottled teas
  • Premium Organic Full-Leaf quality teas and herbal teasans blended with only 100 percent real fruits, flowers, and spices; Try our black, green, white, Pu-erh, rooibos, herbal, and turmeric teas

Numi Tea, established in 1999 by a pair of brother and sister, aims to bring the best oolong teas to heal as well as transform people. They constantly do research to improve the quality of their teas and propose new products into the market. 

The Ti Kuan Yin Loose Leaf Tea by Numi Tea is highly rated by our editors regarding the below features: 

  • Excellent tea leaves: The tea leaves are USDA certified, carbon-free, vegan and gluten-free. The ingredients are thoroughly rolled and processed to reach the semi-oxidized state. The tea leaves are imported from the  high elevation gardens on the mountains of China and India. 

  • Eco-friendly packaging: The tea leaves come in a recyclable and biodegradable bag. The bag is also air tight, making sure the tea leaves can not get ruined by humidity. 

  • Strong flavor: Only being oxidized at 50% level, the taste is impressive and fresh. The aftertaste resembles toasted rice and lasts for a long time. 

  • Caffeine: This tea has an average level of caffeine, making it suitable for a robust cup before going to work. 

  • Health benefits: It gives you both long-term and short-term benefits such as reducing extra fat, reducing risks of heart attacks and type 2 diabetes. 

How to brew?

We recommend a ratio of 1 teaspoon of  tea leaves and 12 oz. hot water, steeping for 2 minutes. 

For iced tea, you can reduce the water and wait for 3 - 5 minutes before adding ice.

VAHDAM High Mountain Oolong Tea

VAHDAM, High Mountain Oolong Tea Leaves from Himalayas (100g/3.53oz) 50 Cups - Strong & Robust Loose Leaf - Brew Hot, Iced or Kombucha - Loose Leaf Tea
  • EXCLUSIVE LOOSE LEAF TEA - A high grown oolong tea loose leaf from the mystical plantations of Darjeeling, India which is popularly known as the 'Champagne of Teas' & is known to produce the world's finest loose leaf teas. Relish a light and floral-fruity Oolong tea from the premium tea plantations in the Himalayas renowned for its subtle flavor.
  • DELICIOUS OOLONG TEA LOOSE LEAF FROM THE HIMALAYAS, INDIA - Indulge in a well-rounded and medium-bodied cup, beginning with a succulently sweet palate and hints of hyacinths and lavender before tapering off into lingering grapefruit notes.
  • A BRAND WITH A BILLION DREAMS - VAHDAM India is one of India's largest digitally native, global wellness brands, shipping to over 3 million customers across 130+ countries. Founder & CEO, Bala Sarda's vision to take India's finest teas, superfoods, brew ware, spices, and herbs to consumers across the world under a home-grown, sustainable label, led to what is now a successful 7-year-old business with a strong commitment to people and planet.
  • ETHICAL, DIRECT & FAIR-TRADE? - Our innovative supply chain model ensures you get the freshest cup of tea and our farmers get a better price for their produce. 1% of our revenue is redirected towards the education of our tea growers' children. Our farmers, like any other parent, wish for their progeny to have a better life than their's. We at Vahdam Teas with our social initiative, TEAch Me, simply wish to honor this aspiration?.
  • WE CARE FOR PEOPLE & PLANET - We are now a proudly certified Carbon-Neutral & a Plastic-Neutral brand. We measure our overall carbon & plastic footprint & offset it via our investments in environment sustainability initiatives in India.

Vahdam Teas is a family-owned firm with over 80 years operating in India and all over the world. Vahdam Tea is exported to 85+ countries globally and famous for exotic loose leaf oolong tea. It is the name any Indian will suggest you for the best oolong teas. 

Below are the outstanding features of this tea: 

  • Exotic, unique flavor: Being grown and handpicked at the foothills of the Himalayas, the flavor is slowly built up through seasons. When you steep the rolled tea leaves in hot water, you will be impressed by the charming aroma of this tea.

  • Rich in natural antioxidants: 100% organic ingredients bring you several benefits including lowering heart diseases risk, detoxing the whole body and reducing fat excess. You can feel the positive effect in just a few days. 

  • Packaging: The tea leaves come in a vacuum two-layer zipper bag to make sure the leaves are in their best states. 

How to brew? 

The suggested ratio from the producer is 1 teaspoon of tea leaves with 220 ml hot water and 2-3 minutes waiting. 

Nevertheless, you are free to increase the amount of water, particularly if you prefer a softer flavor.

Super Organics Metabolism Oolong Tea Pod

Super Organics Metabolism Oolong Tea Pods With Superfoods & Probiotics Keurig K-Cup Compatible Weight & Metabolism, Slim Tea USDA Certified Organic, Vegan, Non-GMO, Natural & Delicious Tea, 10ct
  • BETTER BREW, BETTER YOU Upgrade your daily brew to Super Organics’ natural, organic, non-GMO delicious teas. Our brew cups are filled with only wholesome, good-for-you ingredients that are also vegan and gluten-free for a difference you can taste and feel!
  • CONSCIENTIOUSLY CRAFTED Super Organics puts thought and care into everything we create; that’s why our coffees and teas are made to benefit both you and the environment. All Super Organics products are free from chemicals and artificial ingredients, and are proudly made using recyclable and eco-friendly materials, with biodegradable grounds and filter, so you can feel even better every time you fill your cup.
  • INDESTRUCTIBLE PROBIOTICS: High temps and a harsh gastric system—our probiotics survive it all! Each Super Organics pod contains heat-resistant Bacillus coagulans probiotics that are designed to survive the hot temperatures of your daily brew and digestion to provide you with lasting probiotic goodness.
  • TUMMY-TAMING INGREDIENTS Our Metabolism Oolong Tea contains natural tummy-taming ingredients like Yerba Mate, Orange, Garcinia Cambogia and Rose Hip for easy weight management support and a healthy metabolism. Looking and feeling your best is just a sip away!

Being founded in 2007, Superfoods targets to provide customers with the most nutritional and beneficial products. Its oolong tea contains oolong tea, Yerba mate, orange, Garcinia cambogia and rosehip, 100% organic, vegan and gluten-free.  The ingredients are USDA certified and non-GMO (Non- Genetically Modified Organisms). 

Some key features of this tea: 

  • Mixture of health tea leaves and herbs: As mentioned, the ingredients are not 100% oolong classical tea. The combination of different herbs make the flavor more unique and increase health benefits. 

  • Strong distinctive flavour: When brewed with hot water, this tea gives me a surprising strong aroma. The herbs and tea leaves have a clear, smoky taste, which is still strong after a few brews.  

  • Health benefits: The most noticeable feature is to boost metabolism. The herbs do wonders when it comes to detoxing bodies and reducing fat inside your body. 

  • Affordable: At the price around $10, Superfoods give you 12 pods, which can last for 2 weeks or so if you are a strong drinker. 

How to brew?

You can brew whatever way you want, either hot or cold! It tastes good regardless of brewing methods.

The Tao of Tea, Black Dragon Oolong Tea

The Tao of Tea, Black Dragon Oolong Tea, Loose Leaf, 3.5 Ounce Tin
  • Handcrafted oolong tea
  • Toasted aroma with a sweet, strong, grain aftertaste.
  • Loose leaf tea
  • Item Package Weight: 7.0 pounds

The Tao of Tea is a tea producer based in Portland, Oregon and claims to always use the best tea leaves (camellia sinensis) for their products. Take Oolong tea for example, their tea comes Anxi in Fujian, China - a region known for producing the best oolong teas. Anxi oolongs are also known as “Se Zhong,” meaning a mixture of several oolongs tea leaves. 

Here are some remarkable features of this tea: 

  • Dark and strong flavour: The darker 40% oxidized oolong tea leaves give out a strong toasty and lightly floral aroma when brewed and the aroma often lingers for a long time. The taste is naturally sweet and earthy, with a grainy aftertaste. 

  • Package: This is one of the few teas coming in a tin, easy to maintain and guarantees the freshness of the leaves. 

  • Sophisticated ingredients: The Black Dragon oolong is one of  the most intricate tea types to make. The tea leaves need to go through several processes (traditional rolling, roasting to get 40% oxidation and strong taste. 

How to brew?

The Tao of Tea gives us a recommended guide to make a nice cup of tea. With 80-190°F (82-88°C) water, 2 teaspoon and 16oz of water, you only need to wait for 3 - 4 minutes for your cup. 

Nevertheless, steeping time and the amount of tea leaves may vary based on your preference.

Teamonk Tapas Oolong Tea Loose Leaf

Teamonk Tapas Imperial Himalayan Oolong Tea Loose Leaf (50 Cups) - 3.5 oz Bag| 100% Natural Tea | Oolong Tea Leaves | Slimming Tea for Boosts Metabolism | No Additives
  • 100% NATURAL - Our oolong teas are 100% Natural. No Additives, No Oils and No Essence. Non-GMO, 100% Vegan and Gluten Free
  • PREMIUM HIMALAYAN OOLONG TEA LOOSE LEAF - The finest of Loose Leaf Oolong Teas fresh from the Indian Gardens.
  • Tapas Oolong Tea Benefits: This Tea is Best Suited for Weight Care as It Aids your Metabolism, thereby accelerating weight loss.
  • BRAND WITH A DIFFERENCE - Teamonk Sources the best of teas from select gardens in India and delivers fresh tea across 20 countries. We continue to stay true to our 100% Natural Tea commitment. No added Flavors, oils and essences.
  • Try Teamonk's Exclusive Range of Loose Leaf Tea and Pyramid Teabags from a wide range of Green, Oolong, Black, White and Herbal Teas.

With 4 decades of tea expertise, Teamonk prides themselves on an intensely meticulous process whether it is choosing or processing the tea leaves. Teamonk is based in India and their ingredients are grown in Darjeeling, Nilgiris, Arunachal and Assam. This tea manufacturer cooperates  with the Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade certified plantations. This oolong tea has blended beautifully the taste of black tea and the earthiness of green tea, creating a distinctive flavor. 

Here are some noteworthy features of this tea: 

  • Weight Loss benefit: This Tea is the best oolong tea weight loss since it boosts your energy and detoxes the body. 

  • 100% pure ingredients; : Teamonk uses a Indian traditional process with no oils, no flavourings. The tea leaves are Non-GMO, 100% Vegan and Gluten Free. 

  • Nice color and soothing flavor:  It has a light reddish color and a naturally sweet taste. The flavor is smooth, relaxing, especially during mid morning and evening. You can feel the aroma right from the moment you open the tea box, it is fragrant and floral.  

How to brew?

You can brew this  tea with either hot or cold water. For a cup of hot soothing tea, you need to wait for at least 3 minutes. For a cool chilling cup, just let the tea cool in a glass with ice cubes.

Avant Grub Full-Flavored Oolong Tea Bags

Avant Grub Authentic Restaurant-Grade Oolong Tea Bags, Premium Chinese Tea Sachets for Hot or Iced Caffeinated Drinks, Semi-Fermented Drink for Detox, Health, Diet and Energy, 9.3 Ounce (Pack of 150)
  • STRONG, FULL-FLAVORED TEA. The most authentic tasting restaurant-grade oolong tea.
  • TRADITIONALLY CRAFTED FOR THE BEST TASTE. Made with classic methods used by traditional Asian tea farmers.
  • GUARANTEED FOR LIFE. If at any point you're not 100% happy, just send us an email, and we promise to make it right!
  • THE PERFECT TEA TO START YOUR DAY. Our energy boosting drink is a gentle alternative to the high caffeine levels in coffee.
  • STOCK UP & SAVE WITH OUR BULK PACK. Buy more and save with our 150 count wholesale pack!

Avant Grub is a new name in the oolong tea market. Thus, it is fairly affordable for everyone and the oolong tea leaves come in tea bags, which is a highly convenient product. One box contains 150 tea bags, which is more than enough for a tea lover. 

Some of its remarkable features are listed below: 

  • Strong, full-flavored tea. It has a smooth, traditional flavor which may remind you of old Chinese restaurants. 

  • Traditional processing method: The firm uses the traditional way of drying the leaves in the sun, shaking them in baskets and then drying again. Afterwards, the leaves are heated in woks to prevent the fermenting process.

  • Affordable, economical choice: 150 tea bags in a simple package box saves you a lot of money. 

How to brew? 

You can use 2 - 3 tea bags for a strong cup of tea. Any type of sweeteners (sugar, milk, honey) goes well with this tea.

Teatulia Organic Oolong Tea

Teatulia Organic Oolong Tea Bags (50 Pyramid Tea Bags) | 100% Compostable | Sustainably Grown In Bangladesh
  • ORGANIC OOLONG TEA BAGS: Toasted with a mellow, smooth finish. Shade-grown for nutrient-dense leaves at our own regenerative tea garden in Bangladesh.
  • 50 PYRAMID TEA BAGS: Each premium tea bag is filled with whole leaf tea for the same quality as loose leaf, in a pre-measured bag.
  • EARTH FIRST TEAS: Plant based tea bags are free from micro-plastics, with no strings, tags, and staples to cut down on waste. Tea bag and pouch are commercially compostable! We own our own regenerative tea garden in the Himalayas of Bangladesh.
  • NATURALLY CAFFEINATED TEA: Contains about 1/2 the caffeine as a cup of coffee. Oolong tea contains l-theanine, which when combined with caffeine, can help clear the mind while increasing concentration, with no afternoon crash.
  • TEATULIA DIFFERENCE: We started our garden with the goal to restore the land and improve the lives of the people of Bangladesh. We send the women who work in our garden to school, build childrens schools, pay 50%+ above industry average to our garden workers, and provide life-changing opportunities to community members. Thank you for supporting our mission.

Teatulia sources most of its garden in Bangladesh which supports women there and uses a eco-friendly sustainable method to grow its ingredients. 

Some of its key features: 

  • Refreshing taste: The flavor is rich, full-bodied with a refreshing finish which is suitable for any time of day. The ingredients contain some extra herbs, which brings  a grassy and toasty aroma along with a sweet floral taste. 

  • Economical affordable 50 premium pyramid tea bags: Each oolong tea bag contains 2 grams of whole-leaf, organic oolong tea leaves. The tea bags are made of premium corn silk and USDA-certified organic.

  • Clean and eco friendly tea: If Napa Valley is known for wine, Bangladesh is one of the best places for tea. The teas are grown and processed with a sustainable mindset, creating the most organic tea and supporting the society as well. 

How to brew?

For hot teas, you need to steep the tea bags in hot water in 3 - 5 minutes. 

For cold teas, you should let the tea bags steep for 10 minutes to fully enjoy the flavor.

Cha4TEA 36 Oolong Tea

Cha4TEA 36 Oolong Tea Pods for Keurig K-Cup Brewers
  • Contains 36 single serving pods for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, Made in Taiwan
  • Use with any Keurig brewers (compatible Keurig 2.0)
  • Made from high quality 100% natural tea leaves
  • Slightly sweet and roasted character, rich antioxidants source
  • Ingredients: Green/Black Hybrid Tea

The Cha4TEA oolong tea pods (36 pods) is another affordable choice for someone who wants to save a few bucks. The package is simple, the manufacture is a young one compared to others; nevertheless, it is a very economical and worthy-to-try product.

Below are the list of its features: 

  • Rich, roasted oolong flavor: It tastes best when brewed with hot and a bit of sugar. It tastes just like the one served in Chinese restaurants with a slightly sweet flavor. . 

  • Can be brewed again: The tea pods can be brewed for 2 times without losing any flavor. If you prefer a subtle taste, the third time brewing is enough for you. 

  •  Cost-effective choice: With a price less than $15, it is just much more than our expectation. 

How to brew?

Just use your favourite method and experiment with the ratio! However, we highly recommend making it with hot water.

Things To Consider To Choose The Best Oolong Teas

Processing Methods

best oolong teas

Though most oolong teas are processed using traditional processes, there are still differences among them. Darker teas are more processed, thus having a higher level oxidation and a stronger taste. 

You also should check if there are any additives, flavourings or chemicals being added to the tea leaves during the process. The best oolong teas should have no artificial additions. Some oolong teas do not use 100% oolong tea leaves but mix green tea leaves, herbs together to create a more distinctive flavor. If you prefer classic, traditional flavor, you may not want them

Brewing methods

best oolong teas

Certain teas will require a specific method of brewing. Some taste good with a simple basic method, some will need the Gong Fu brewing method. Gong Fu method or any Chinese method will require a different type of pots and cups. If you are a tea lover, it’s necessary to invest more to fully enjoy oolong teas. 

However, if you prefer something quick and convenient, tea bags may be the best choices for you.

Nutritional Content

best oolong teas

What people often miss is the nutritional table on the side of the packaging. Most oolong teas are good for your health, however, if you are losing weight, you may want to check the calories as well.

Another figure to check is the level of caffeine. Most oolong teas have some caffeine but the level varies considerably. If you are used to coffee, we recommend choosing darker tea leaves with a higher level of caffeine.

Conclusion best oolong teas Top Pick For The Best

In summary, to choose the best oolong teas, it is important to consider your own preference and budget. Everyone is different and you don’t have to choose the same (expensive) tea as your neighbors! 

We recommend trying with 2 or 3 types of oolong brands if you are completely new to the world of tea. If you are a strong tea lover, we believe you already have one in your mind. 

Here is our quick summary of the best oolong teas to help you decide:

  • Don't forget to share your thoughts about best oolong teas at the comment box below!

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