Top 17 Best Coffee Roaster Machine For Small Business – Pro Tips

You have been forming an intention to have your own prominent local coffee brand among thousands of coffeehouse chains in a long time? The best coffee roaster machine for small business would give you an advantageous start.

In order to maintain your high-quality packs of coffee beans, a good coffee roaster machine is essential to bring the efficiency to your business, as well as to match the coffee taste and aroma that you expected.

In this post, we present to you Top 17 best coffee roaster machines for small business as a helpful instruction for your consideration.

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Best Air Coffee Roaster Machine

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Best Motorized Coffee Roaster Machine

Best Budget-friendly Coffee Roaster Machine

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Top 17 best coffee roaster machine for small business Reviews 2020

Hario Retro Coffee Roaster

Hario Retro Coffee Roaster, 50g, Silver
  • Practical capacity 50 grams of Green Beans
  • Heat resistant glass body
  • Hand cranked, elegant and functional
  • Made in Japan
  • Hario Retro Coffee Roaster

This Japanese manufacturer has a great reputation for their well-made high-quality materials and “classic" design, just like their brand name. Due to its specific design, this machine is completely manual which requires the skills and patience of every coffee artist, or even coffeeholics enjoying the process of slow roasting on the flickering flame.

Since it is manual, the heat sources of course come from natural gases, such as methanol or alcohol lamps. Temperature can be controlled by changing the rotation speed of the roller. The roasting component is heat-resistant and transparent to allow you observe the beans baking process. It just holds about 50g (1.8oz) coffee beans per batch and each batch takes 15 minutes plus. 

In short, this “retro" machine is elegant but reliable and functional.


  • Interesting design  
  • Coffee beans can be roasted evenly with patience
  • Best for skilled barista


  • It is manual and has small capacity, so of course it is not going to be very efficient. 
  • There are some complaints that its function is not worthy for its kind of price.

Fresh Roast SR540 Coffee Roasting Machine

Fresh Roast SR540
  • Real-Time Temperature Display
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Roast 4oz/ 120 Grams
  • 9 Levels of Heat and Fan Settings
  • US 120V Certified only for US and Canada

Well, one of the most high-rated coffee roasting machines on this list, the SR540 from Fresh Roast tackles all your considerations ranging from financial status to roasting quality. This brand is so well-known for its simple-design models packing with plenty of prominent features.

To begin with, the control panels include 9 levels of heat and fan settings, so your preference of roasting level is such a freedom of choices to bring out great coffee flavor. The most appealing thing is the flexible fan setting, you can set the highest fan speed first then slowly decrease it over time based on your evaluation of your expected roast. The baking part can contain up to 120g (4oz) per batch, which also takes a maximum of 9.9 minutes to finish. To continue, a Run/Cool button on the body gives you the ability to switch between blowing air to the cooling cycle, then override the timer so you don’t need to interrupt the roasting process. 

In terms of the design, it comes with a compact and small-sized shape, the lower body is porcelain-coated, a heat-resistant handle attached with the transparent glass to prevent you from burning yourself while touching the device. This is also appropriate for beginners due to clear and straightforward instructions. Just try to experiment several batches first then you will figure everything out quickly.


  • Multiple settings for different types of roast    
  • Compact design
  • Easy user interface
  • Bake fast and consistently
  • Rapid cooling process


  • The glass container can not be locked in firmly sometimes 
  • No smoke suppression feature equipped

Fresh Roast SR800 Coffee Roasting Machine

Fresh Roast SR800
  • Real-Time Temperature Display
  • Roast 8oz/ 226 Grams (Wet Processed)
  • Roast 6oz/ 170 Grams (Dry Processed)
  • US 120V

Fresh Roast SR800 is the upgraded version of SR540, which has the same design and features but a larger container. Roast capacity is 226g (8oz) of wet-process beans and 170g (6oz) of dry processed. 

On top of that, all adjustments are made by pushing the knob and turning to adjust the heat, fan, and time. There are also 9 levels of heat settings, starting from Low then rising to High adjustment.  A quick turn of the knob to the right will display the current temperature. 

It produces a nice roast, quickly and without much fuss. Larger roasting container is a big plus, but the time to bake the coffee beans would take longer and it does generate more smoke because this device is not featured with ventilation systems like the previous one.


  • Multiple settings for different types of roast    
  • Compact design
  • Easy user interface
  • Bake fast and consistently
  • Rapid cooling process


  • The glass container can not be locked in firmly sometimes 
  • No smoke suppression feature equipped

JIAWANSHUN Drum Type Manual Coffee Roaster

No products found.

The drum type does look unusual, but this model from JIAWANSHUN is indeed unique because of its construction and other specific features. A convenient extraction observation allows you to carefully observe the change of the bean’s color and shape so you can visually measure your roasting level. Moreover, the sturdy construction consists of a heavy drum made of imported stainless steel forged and polished in order to hold a strong temperature while roasting, and two asymmetrical stainless steel low dialers to mitigate dead corners, so the raw beans can easily roll in the baking room to be roasted evenly.

One of the most prominent features of JIAWANSHUN drum type coffee roaster is that it is amazingly silent while functioning due to its selected low-decibel drive motor. Smoke during the process of roasting can be smoothly discharged and the beans would cool down quickly because of a stainless steel cylinder. Its average roasting time varies from 10 to 20 minutes, and it depends on you and how dark the beans you want them to be


  • Small-sized, well-built, specific design  
  • Good for home coffee roaster
  • Quiet and minimal assembly


  • The motor can be junk sometimes 
  • Needs external heat sources, such as gas cans and alcohol

JIAWANSHUN Household Coffee Bean Roaster 

Home Coffee Roaster Machine Electric Coffee Bean Roaster for Home Use (220V)
  • There are 220V and 110V
  • Certification:CB,CE,CSA,RoHS
  • Power (W):1200W
  • Model Number:SCR-301

Another candidate from JIAWANSHUN, this household coffee bean roaster provides convenience and efficiency to small coffee business owners. It accommodates up to 28 oz,  spacious enough to roast about 500g of coffee beans per batch and each roasting batch takes only 15 minutes. 

Everything is pretty straightforward, the operation is easy and anyone can adjust the temperature they want by twisting the stainless knob on the body of the pot and a switcher to turn on and off. The cover lid is not attached to the body of the roaster, you can also watch the process through the cover lid. The inner pot can be disassembled easily to clean.

LUEUR Electric Coffee Roaster

LUEUR Electric Coffee Roaster Machine Coffee Bean Baker Roaster Household Coffee Bean Roasting Machine for Home Use 110V
  • 【Premium Quality】110V and 1200W. This machine comes with non-stick chassis, and there is a stirring rod in the bowl, the beans will be stirred by this rod during the baking process. Professional thermostat automatic constant temperature heating. Can adjust the temperature freely to bake different cereals.
  • 【Honeycomb Non-stick Bottom】The baked bean chassis designed with honeycomb shape and a black food grade Teflon layer that is safe, easy to clean and more uniform heating.
  • 【Professionally designed】Heat-Resistant Cover, the transparent cover is heat resistant, durable, with a top four-hold ventilation system, and you could see the process and change of coffee beans easily all the time.
  • 【Large Capacity】It is equipped with a big tank with 800G capacity, could hold a lot of coffee bean, you could bake a lot of coffee bean at one time, fast and convenient. The best amount of roasted coffee beans is 300g-500g.
  • 【Multifunction】The machine could be used not only for roasting coffee beans, but also for baking other beans, peanuts, chestnut, barley, dried fruit, popcorn, etc. It could be used for home, a coffee shop or a restaurant. You could use it to create your unique coffee flavor to your preference.

Let’s take a look at another product from the brand named LUEUR. This comes with the same design as the model from JIAWANSHUN but has larger capacity, which is able to contain 800g of coffee beans (however, LUEUR recommends that the best amount of roasted coffee beans should be from 300g to 500g to bring out the best roasted quality). The device works on electricity, there is a twisting knob to adjust the temperature freely to your wish and a professional thermostat that can maintain a certain level of heat.

The interesting feature of this model is the inner part. The coffee beans will be stirred by a rod in the pot which has a honeycomb non-stick bottom and a black food grade Teflon while being roasted, so cleaning is no longer a big deal. The transparent lid is very durable, heat resistant and also equipped with a top four-hold ventilation system to let the smoke discharge and you can check the roasting degree at any time.

Besides coffee beans, this model can also be used to bake other types of nuts, beans, peas, dry fruit and make popcorn.


  • Suitable for home coffee roasting and small business  
  • Easy to control the heat
  • Simple design so no complex assembly requires


  • There are some complaints that this coffee roaster has no instruction manuals.

Angelloong Coffee Bean Roaster

Coffee Bean Roaster, Coffee Roaster Machine for Home Use Nut Peanut Cashew Chestnuts Roasting Machine 110V
  • ☕High Efficiency: 110V coffee bean roaster has a powerful agitator, roast 750 grams (1.65lb/26.45 ounces) green coffee beans in 25 minutes, larger roasting chambers for big volume roasting.
  • ☕Good Design Electric Roaster: Waffle-shaped internal structure for even and quite roasting. Upper holes let you listen to the popping sounds to gauge the coffee roasting process. Transparent lid lets you see the roasting color easily. Adjustable temperature from 100-240℃(212-464℉) let you get exactly the roast you’re looking for. Nonstick finish makes it easy to clean. Heat resistance grip protects your hands, but it's wise to wear gloves to protect from heat.
  • ☕Home Coffee Roasters: The smoke reduction system for this commercial coffee roaster significantly reduces smoke and odor, pleasant indoor roasting experience, and smell the coffee flavors of baked beans.
  • ☕Easy Use: Automatic coffee roaster is great for beginners who are just starting to roast coffee at home. Very easy to use, greater operability, just choose the desired temperature for different roasting requirements,the thermostatically controlled roasting elements make sure the roasted beans evenly and reached the desired roast level.
  • ☕Multi-function: Affordable coffee been roaster machine for home use can be used to roast many kinds of beans including peanuts, popping popcorn, raw melon seeds and so is a dual-use Baking Machine that does the job well.

Angellong Coffee Bean Roaster is a very budget-friendly machine for small coffee business owners. It brings high efficiency thanks to a 750g capacity for a big volume of roasting (the ideal amount of coffee beans should be also 300g-500g per batch) and each batch takes about 25 minutes to complete roasting. There is a switch to turn the device on and off and a knob to adjust the temperature from 100-240℃(212-464℉), which gives you the exact roast you desire. 

Waffle-shaped design inside the pot can help the coffee beans bake nicely and evenly, the upper holes on the transparent lid let you hear the popping sounds to gauge the coffee roasting process and you can see through the lid to observe  the color of the beans changing whenever you want to. The porcelain-coated grid is heat resistant but you should actually wear gloves to protect your hands in case you want to move the machine to ,say, a safer place, since it would be very hot and heavy during the roasting process.

This device is also a multi-function coffee roaster (for roasting beans, peas, seeds), as well as is a good baking oven to bake certain types of meat.


  • Very multi-tasking 
  • Pleasant for indoor roasting 
  • Easy to operate and maintain


  • There are some complaints that this coffee roaster has no instruction manuals. 
  • Do take a longer time to function compared with all the models mentioned below.

Mingfuxin2020 Upgrade Coffee Roaster Machine

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This is another small-sized coffee roasting machine you can use for your small business, designed as a black mug-like shape. It does have small capacity roasting, which is maximum 80g of coffee beans per batch, but it is, in fact, very common and versatile. This is an air roaster, the coffee beans are baked by the heat efficiently transferred from a fan blowing upwards, so the beans can be cooked evenly.

Mingfuxin coffee roaster features an automated chaff collector so it is unnecessary to use a fan or a good breeze to remove all the chaff. Five regulated buttons on the porcelain-coated body are for adjusting temperature, time, roasting level and an automated cool function to help the beans cool down rapidly but still maintain the original flavor.

In addition, the upper part of the machine can be detached to wash easily, and it is a high heat-resistant glass, so it would deliver you a better view to check the roasting level that you prefer.


  • Simple operation  
  • Decent design
  • Multiple buttons for certain uses


  • Inappropriate for large batches 
  • The glass part can not be assembled tightly sometimes

KALDI Home Coffee Roaster

No products found.

Well, let's dive into this mechanical coffee roaster from the Korean manufacturer named KALDI. This device has an amazingly firm and durable instruction despite its complex exterior. It weighs about 4.1kg, the maximum capacity is 250g of coffee beans per batch (the recommended amount is 200g) and it takes approximately 20 minutes to finish roasting ỏn batch.

There are several accessories included like a thermometer, a hopper, a probe Rod, and a chaff holder. This machine needs outer heat sources from stove flame. The procedure is not difficult and it is just like functioning any motorized coffee roasters, by rotating the chamber to bake the beans. Though it is still manual, all of these additional attachments will help you control the heat and time to harvest a perfect batch.

The only quite disappointing trait of this machine is that cleaning would be troublesome due to its big size and weight. Make sure to let it cool down completely before cleaning if you do not want to hurt yourself.


  • Maintain the quality of the coffee beans well.  
  • Wide hopper to pour in the beans quickly
  • Deliver consistent roasting


  • This device is difficult to control for a newbie 
  • It is not portable due to its significant amount of weight.

Behmor 1600 Plus Customizable Drum Coffee Roaster

Behmor 1600 Plus Customizable Drum Coffee Roaster
  • Roast upto 1 pound per batch, five customizable roast profile settings, and manual roasting override

This is the only microwave oven kind in this list of coffee roasting machines. The Behmor 1600 Plus performs a very powerful output, roasting up to one pound of coffee beans at a time, which takes around 40 minutes from the starting of the baking process to the end of cooling down the batch.

One of the advantages of this roaster is that since it is designed as a microwave oven, it keeps the smoke inside the container while functioning due to the smoke suppression systems installed inside, the smoke will be discharged after you open the oven. It has both manual and automatic settings by pushing regulated buttons so it is suitable for beginners as well as skilled coffee artists. The roaster has a built-in chaff tray attached to the roasting drum. It collects most of the chaffs from the roasting drum.

The Behmor 1600 Plus does have several downsides. The first thing is that you would need a wide space to place this machine in your kitchen and it is not very portable. Moreover, it  is not intended to roast Vienna, French, Italian or darker beans.


  • Easy to clean  
  • Consistent roasting
  • Lots of setting options


  • Must be preheated, even for light roasts 
  • The smoke suppression system does not work well, and the beans may have the “microwave oven" smell after being cooked.

Gene cafe CBR-101 Coffee Roaster

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Don't let this sophisticated look fool you, because this model CBR - 101 from Gene Cafe is a surprising pack of miracles. This device has been around on the market for a while but it is still high-ranked and one of the top options for householder and coffee enthusiast. 

In order to guarantee even roasting batches, CBR - 101 is designed as a drum type, with an off-axis rotation. There are two color choices for this machine (red and black), the glass container is a transparent glass giving you the view to evaluate the roasting degrees, which is also assembled with the sturdy, stainless steel-coated body.

As for the operation, this works on electricity with a standard 120V of power. The roasting capacity is up to 250g per batch with an average time of 15 minutes. Twisting the knobs on its body to fully adjust the temperature and time you want. This comes with simple automatic as well as manual settings to satisfy any user.

When it comes to the ease of use, its motors are indeed silent, and the popping sounds from the coffee beans would amuse your ears. However, you should let this product operate outdoors because there is no smoke reduction system featured.


  • Budget-friendly, trustworthy, high-rated coffee bean roasting machine  
  • It performs well and quietl
  • Easy controlling systems


  • Challenging to detach the container to clean after using

Dyvee Coffee Roaster Gas Burner

DYVEE Coffee Roaster Gas Burner Coffee Roasting Machine Coffee Beans maker Peanut Roaster For Home Use
  • KAKA-G400 Using Quartz glass drum, 304 s/steel frame, 201 s/steel base, wooden handle
  • Our coffee roaster Design for 400grams, better for roasting200-300grams one time
  • Quartz glass drum, direct heating, by gas burner, you can see coffee bean clearly during the whole roasting process
  • 12V electrical motor working, more safe than 110V motor (power adapter included)
  • Coffee roasting machine Size: 43 x 21 x 21.5cm Package: The Coffee Roaster Set x1, Funnel x1, Power adapter x1, Manual x1

Another top-rating coming from Dyvee brand, this gas burner type has a nice look and delivers efficiency for your small coffee business. This coffee roaster has an amazingly durable construction, including the glass and transparent roasting chamber that allows you to watch the ongoing process of heat circulation going as soon as you start spinning the hand roller. The unit is entirely “hand-cranked” and is an excellent device for all who want to learn how to manually roast coffee beans.

The container can roast up to 400g per batch. Because it is completely manuals, you should experiment with a 200g-300g batch first to assure your expected roast and calculate the time of roasting. The dark roast may take an hour plus to finish.

Cleaning the device is also quite easy and doesn’t require much of an effort to be put into maintaining it. The wooden handle will protect your hands from being burned while in operation.


  • Suitable for coffeeholics who patiently like enjoying the slow roasting process  
  • Maintain the coffee bean quality
  • Classic and decent design


  • Gas burner is not included  
  • No chaff holder.
  • It would burn lots of gas

iCOFFEE Home Bean Electric Coffee Roasters Machine

[iCOFFEE]Coffee Roaster Home Bean Electric Roasters Machine icoffee N-905CR 220V & Exclusive English Quick User Guide
  • Safe roasting-Lock to hold the lid securely.If user opens the lid during operation,it stops working for accident prevention.
  • Equal roasting-During roasting,rotating S wing keeps regular mix for equal roasting.
  • Simple & Delicate Control-Easy to use even for beginner with 9 level roasting dial.
  • Don't worry about smoke-It can remove smoke 80~90% by smoke control device.
  • After roasting, Neat Cleanup is available.

At this stage, we will introduce to you several models priced above $500, beginning from this electricity type for a Korean manufacturer named iCOFFEE. This particular coffee roaster comes with an AC power input of voltage of 220V and the recommended capacity is 150g of coffee beans per batch to assure they can be baked evenly. The rotating S wing inside the container keeps a regular and steady mix for equal roasting and the container also allows visible roasting process through glass lid.

Its construction is very durable and it has a stylish-looking design. This device is easy even for beginners with a 9 level roasting dial, however, if users open the lid during operation, it stops working for accident prevention, so make sure to lock the lid securely. Discharged smoke is not a big deal thanks to the smoke control device equipped under the chamber.


  • Stylish design   
  • Easy to function
  • Multiple buttons for certain uses
  • Easy to clean


  • It is an expensive buy compared to its competitors 
  • Not appropriate for dark roast

BOCA BOCA Coffee Bean Roaster

BOCABOCA Coffee Bean Roaster 500 Home Roasting Machine with Cooler Nuts Barista Home Kitchen Cafe 220V & JISAM TRADE Simple English User's Guide.
  • JISAM TRADE Can customize Voltage difference. We will Send 110V to US,Japan and will send 220V to Europe Country. We will also send English Manual.
  • BOCABOCA 550 COffee Bean Roaster Roasting Machine Home Roasting Machine
  • Noiseless, Easy to Confirm Roasting Process as its made of transparent glass
  • Roasted Evenly, Adjust incense of beans easily, Heat Resistant glass
  • Large Capacity, Efficient Electricity Consumption and Rapid Cooling, Durability, Uniformity.

BOCA BOCA Coffee Bean roaster from JISAM TRADE collaborates both electric and drum type, and its wooden construction would give your kitchen or your coffeeshop an organized look.

The first attractive feature of this machine is the quart glass chamber, so you can enjoy the coffee beans being roasted and the color change as well as know when to stop. The roaster has a great capacity varying from 100-500g of coffee beans, but it is suggested to bake a smaller amount of 300-350g per batch to avoid spilling the beans out. You get all the controls by 2 adjustable knobs on the side of the device, then set the temperature as your wish and rotate the drum to begin the process.

The second appealing thing of BOCA BOCA is the wooden exterior. The wooden chaff collector attached under the chamber is spacious enough to hold the mess hidden. In addition, the upper box that contains the roasting chamber is heat and electric-resistant to completely keep you safe from electric shocks. 

Yet, it does not come with a cooler, you may need to buy one separately or let the batch cool down naturally (make sure to move it to a safe place and keep it out of children’s reach, because the glass container may be still very hot).


  • Does an excellent job to deliver a nice and even roast  
  • Simple heat and time settings
  • Interesting and organized look


  • The container is quite hard to clean, and sometimes can not be attached tightly 
  • No cooling down feature included

Sniper M2 Pure Electric Heating Coffee Roaster

Sniper M2 Pure Electric Heating Coffee Roaster for Home or Coffee Shop (Black)
  • Pure electric heating system, no gas heating, plug and play, fully functional coffee roaster.
  • Roasting and cooling integrated 800-watt energy-saving compact and convenient coffee roaster.Independent cooling system, rapid cooling within 2 ~ 3 minutes.
  • Electronic air damper, touch screen to adjust the air volume. Full touch screen operation, without any industrial buttons.
  • The baking degree includes extremely light baking, light baking, medium baking, Italian combination and so on. Can roast wet coffee beans , various types of dry coffee beans, hard beans, aged beans.And it has an automatic silver skin collection system, no traditional silver skin collector.
  • The best capacity for single baking is 50g-300g, the maximum is 400g. Single baking time is 4-15 minutes. Bake up to 1600g in one hour.

In spite of a pretty complicated construction, Sniper M2 Pure Electric Heating Coffee Roaster features the most cutting-edge technology. This is a fully functional coffee roaster and works completely on electricity. All settings can be done on the touch screen without any industrial buttons. Its construction is very unique, durable and also porcelain-coated. 

This machine has a large capacity of roasting, which roast up to 400g of coffee beans per batch, and the ideal amount ranges from 50g to 300g. Single baking time is 4-15 minutes and it is able to bake up to 1600g of beans in one hour. There is also a sample collector to take out the beans at any time to judge the roasting level.

It can efficiently serve the purpose of your busy coffee shop due to its multiple settings such as heat, time, cooling process, and last but not least, certain types of roast. The roasting degree consists of, light baking, medium baking, Italian combination and more, as well as wet-processed coffee beans, dry coffee beans, hard and aged beans. The rapid cooling fan will let you roast continuously.


  • Serve many different coffee roasting purposes  
  • Advanced technology featured
  • Suitable for big batches


  • Several users say that it has vibration problems  
  • Not very durable
  • This is indeed an all-in-one machine, so it is certainly quite expensive

HUKY 500T Coffee Bean Roasting Machine

HUKY 500T Coffee Bean Roasting Machine

It looks quite scary, isn't it? And you may skip this device just because of its intimidating look? You definitely shouldn't. This is the best advanced coffee roasting machine that you have ever seen on the market. If you have a stable financial status, and consider to establish your own particular mark for your coffee business, this roaster is for you, and it is customized to your order.

HUKY is built by a talented retired machine teacher from Taiwan named Kuanho Li. He will design and equip all the necessary features for a coffee roaster according to your demand as well as advise you several modifications for how to improve the roasting quality. The ordering job is quite complicated and you may need to wait for 3 to 4 weeks, but I believe that you will be satisfied with the final outcome. 

In terms of operation, it is totally manual, so the machine requires your skills and experience to adjust the flame, time, fan speed and ventilation. It can roast up effectively to one pound at a time. You can also order extra accessories as you wish, like a cooling tray, an exhaust hood, a digital probe for precise temperature measurement.

To put it in short, this coffee roaster is the dream of every serious coffee hobbyist. It take much of an effort to understand how it functions completely but it would satisfy the curiosity of those who love to dig in a complex roasting process.


  • Very advanced device 
  • Made individually to your order


  • Expensive and may not be very productive

Nesco CR-04-13 Coffee Bean Roaster

No products found.

Coming with a compact mug-like design, the Nesco CR-04-13 is a professional coffee roaster machine that has many outstanding features. First off, this small-sized design is able to roast up to a quarter pound of raw coffee beans which takes around 10 minutes, or if you want a darker roast, it would take at least more 8 minutes. Besides, the manufacturer also included regulation buttons for medium and dark roast as well as an automated “cool-down" feature. This is pretty useful and impressive in case you have no time to wait for the batch to finish roasting.

This model is also very handy and convenient by having a cool touch lid and a safety handle to protect your hands from being burnt. Adjusting knobs can be easily controlled to your favorable temperature and you can view the roasting process through the glass window on the cover.


  • Budget-friendly  
  • Compact design
  • Ideal for small batches, individualize your roast flavors


  • Not very efficient, since it is quite small, and can not roast a great amount of coffee beans at once

Purchasing Guideline: Key Considerations To Choose The Best Coffee Roaster Machine For Small Business

Nowadays, coffee drinkers gradually become very sensitive and dedicated to coffee taste, and they no longer appeal to glossy and flowery advertisements from famous roasters and major brands. You are one of them! You are a coffee hobbyist and now you want to take your daily habit to another level - having your own unique and outstanding coffee brand.

Opening a business is never a piece of cake, even a large or a small one, especially in the F&B industry (and in this case, coffee business), because there are thousand brands of coffee chains and local coffee shops on the market. In the society, nearly half of the stores we can see on the streets provide cafe service, since this is one of the common sections that brings the most revenue, thus it is essential that you should spend time understanding what it takes to run a successful cafe. 

best coffee roaster machine for small business

Now, you come to the part where you consider buying the best coffee roaster machine for your small business, which is the stage taking big investment in both time and money. Coffee roasting machines range widely in price and complexity. Therefore, rather than just do your own research on the Internet, we also recommend you to seek advice from skilled roasters or those who work in major brands.

Whether you are just a newbie for this job or already took several courses to prepare for your coffee business, you wouldn't want a machine that’s too complicated. A combination of online information and personal opinions from coffee roasting experts will be a huge support for you to select the best coffee roaster machine.

best coffee roaster machine for small business

That being said, here we will give you a guide to find the best coffee roaster machine to serve all your goals of an ideal and outstanding coffee shop.


The first and the one of the most significant factors. Defining a budget is easier said than done since it is not just simply writing down a number on your paper note. A budget should include necessities like permits, installations, power source costs and so forth. Besides, you should also do some research on the prices of additional accessories because some models do not have those included, such as pollution-control equipment, ventilation machines and natural gas burners.

best coffee roaster machine for small business

Keep in mind that the quality of your roast plays a crucial role as it forms part of your capital. Cheap machines doesn’t mean they have low roasting quality, and expensive ones have features that offer an accomplished roaster to completely manipulate them. 

Prices are also categorized according to the types of the coffee roasters. We will break it down into smaller segments to give you a better visualization of certain roaster device types right below.

Classifying Different Types Of Coffee Roaster Machine

Air Roaster

best coffee roaster machine for small business

Prices ranges from $100 to above $500 (on average)

These machines use hot air pushed through the roasting chamber, all the coffee beans are touched by heat evenly. Besides, they are energy-efficient by recirculating a portion of the roasting exhaust air back through the burner and roasting chamber and they are also featured with modern smoke suppression systems.

Most models on the market these days work on electricity, so their designs are all small to medium-sized, which conveniently matches well with your home and your small coffee shop. Controlling the device is pretty straightforward as temperature, time and cooler are  automatically adjusted by a series of button or knob settings. These air roasters are better for roasting beginners.

best coffee roaster machine for small business

The only downside of this kind while the ventilation systems reduce the smoke discharging out, the flavor of coffee may be polluted with some smokey components.

Drum roaster

They are mostly manual, several models combine with automatic adjustments as well.

Manual drum roaster

Prices ranges from $300 to above $500 (on average)

The drum roasters are more of a serious machine, they are for trained roasters as well as coffee roasting learners. These devices need indirect heat, and there is a round chamber that rotates inside the machine. Power sources mostly come from gas or methanol burners. 

best coffee roaster machine for small business

This type of roaster is really for first-time coffee beans roasters, since they are learning how to evaluate the degree of roast (light, medium or dark) and calculate roasting time, totally through their eyes and, say, instinct! Generating high-quality coffee bean batches is a patient but enjoyable process. Besides, it often takes several experimental coffee batches to produce the ultimate one you want.

The drum type demands the art of coffee roasting, so if you love to spend time watching the beans being cooked slowly to bring out solid batches, this type is perfect for you.

best coffee roaster machine for small business
Automatic drum roaster

Prices ranges from $800 to $2000 (on average)

This class would solve literally all of your consideration! Efficiency, quality, your personal skills. Drum normally warms up quickly, and advanced units restrict the job down to a simple touch, or a simple twist. They provide cleaner roasting ambient since this method constantly absorbs and uses clean air. Based on your personal preferences, you are also able to switch from automatic to manual settings at any time.

Construction And Size

best coffee roaster machine for small business

Take a serious note! The capacity written on the instruction manuals of every roaster is normally the “maximum" amount. You should dig in into more information to figure out the suitable roasting amount of a certain capacity, or maybe risk some bean batches (but it’s good for the training).

Drum type comes with larger size and stronger construction while the opposite is true for the air roasters. If you want to roast a few small batches of different coffees each week, you might prefer for a smaller air roaster. For one big batch can be used up for a week or more, you might need to go for a drum roaster instead.


Temperature control

best coffee roaster machine for small business

It depends on the roaster's personality. Roasting as different roast types vary in the required temperature to get the ideal roast. From our views, drum type machines are typically more appropriate for darker roasts, and this type is easily operated to regulate different levels of roaster to meet your expectation.

Air roasters are quick and productive if you like to bake light roast and small batches at a time.

Additional assembly

best coffee roaster machine for small business

Chaff collector: This is indeed necessary. You are already caught up in the job of a coffee startup so don’t let cleaning be another troublesome and time-consuming task. Let’s be productive and effective instead.

Ventilation systems: All air roaster machines are equipped with smoke control units, while you may need to purchase a smoke suppression machine, or do the roasting job outdoors while using drum type.  Smoke is inevitable in coffee roasting because of the natural oil inside the green coffee beans. It would be a big issue when producing light roast, but if you’re making a dark roast, the oil comes out and causes lots of smoke.

best coffee roaster machine for small business

Cooling control: You will need your batches to cool down quickly to check the quality then grind them, make sure if there is a cooler included in your device. It is essential to prioritize safety, since in a busy coffee shop, you and your employees may accidentally touch the hot roaster in functioning. 

If you need a detailed visualization of how each type of roasters operates check this video to answer your question:

Conclusion best coffee roaster machine for small business Top Pick For The Best

That about sums up our list of the best coffee roaster machines for small business. What is in your mind now after reading all the reviews below? Have you selected the best one for your business?

Startups may go on forever figuring our modern or classic, budget-friendly or high-end and elaborate roasting equipment. This is an overwhelming experience and the best coffee roaster machine would display well on your home-based or coffee store.

The table below will show you our top 4 pick of the best coffee roaster for small business and we are definitely sure that these model will never disappoint you to any extent:

Fresh Roast SR800 Coffee Roasting Machine 1
Dyvee Coffee Roaster Gas Burner 1
KALDI Home Coffee Roaster 1
JIAWANSHUN Household Coffee Bean Roaster 1

Best Air Coffee Roaster Machine

Best Manual Drum Coffee Roaster Machine

Best Motorized Coffee Roaster Machine

Best Budget-friendly Coffee Roaster Machine

We really hope that this article will be a minimal useful guideline for you to achieve your aim of being a successful local coffeehouse owner. 

Happy roasting, and tell us if you have any questions or wonders by commenting under this post!

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